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*Word of the Day* Accentuate– To give prominence to; emphasize or intensify. [Part of speech- Verb] “Shadows lay over his face and accentuated the lines.

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Presentation on theme: "*Word of the Day* Accentuate– To give prominence to; emphasize or intensify. [Part of speech- Verb] “Shadows lay over his face and accentuated the lines."— Presentation transcript:

1 *Word of the Day* Accentuate– To give prominence to; emphasize or intensify. [Part of speech- Verb] “Shadows lay over his face and accentuated the lines of his cheek and jaw.” ~Chaim Potok

2 *Word of the Day* Alliteration-- Repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginnings of words. [Noun– part of speech] In the poem “Acquainted with the Night,” Robert Frost shows an eloquent use of alliteration with the lines “I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet.”

3 *Word of the Day* Analogy– Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise unlike. [Noun part of speech] "Memory is to love what the saucer is to the cup,” is a beautiful analogy from Elizabeth Bowen’s The House in Paris.

4 *Word of the Day* Antibody-- A protein produced in the blood or tissues in response to the presence of a specific toxic, foreign blood cell, or other antigen. [Part of speech- Noun] Antibodies protect us from disease.

5 *Word of the Day* Aspire- To have great ambition. [Part of speech– Verb] Ed aspired to be a mortician.

6 *Word of the Day* Bamboozle-To trick or deceive. [Part of speech- Verb] The con artist bamboozled the old lady.

7 *Word of the Day* Bizarre-- Unconventional or odd. [Part of speech– Adjective] The book had a bizarre twist in the final chapter.

8 *Word of the Day* Boisterous- Noisy, loud, wild. [Part of speech- Adjective] The boisterous sounds from the cafeteria gave the teachers indigestion.

9 *Word of the Day* Boycott- Avoid, reject. [Part of speech- Verb] The Olympic Games were boycotted by 62 nations in 1980. Boycott- A protest or ban. [Part of speech- Noun] In 1980, there was a boycott of the Olympic Games.

10 *Word of the Day* Camouflage– Cloak, conceal, disguise. [Part of speech- Verb] The lizard camouflaged itself into the bush. Camouflage- [Part of speech- Noun] Protective covering or disguise. Protective covering or disguise. The soldiers wear camouflage in battle.

11 *Word of the Day* Chronology – The arrangement of events in time. [Part of speech– Noun] The history teacher gave the class a chronology of the Vietnam War.

12 *Word of the Day* Commemorate-- to honor the memory of. [Part of speech– Verb] We will commemorate the Martin Luther King’s birthday in January.

13 *Word of the Day* Cower-- to crouch back in fear. [Part of speech– Verb] I cower when I see a soccer ball flying towards my face.

14 *Word of the Day* Decorum-- proper behavior or conduct. [Part of speech– Noun] She displayed proper decorum at the funeral.

15 *Word of the Day* Deduction– The act of subtracting. [Part of speech– Noun] Jose’s mother made a deduction from his allowance to pay for the broken lamp.

16 *Word of the Day* Deign-- to be willing to do something that one considers beneath one's dignity. [Part of speech– Verb] Prince William deigned to attend the wrestling match.

17 *Word of the Day* Despondent– Feeling discouraged or depressed. Part of speech– Adjective Chicago Bears fans were despondent after their team was trounced by the New England Patriots.

18 *Word of the Day* Divulge– To reveal or make public. Part of speech– Verb A good friend will not divulge a secret.

19 *Word of the Day* Eclectic-- Choosing elements from various sources. Part of speech– Adjective The playlists on her I-Pod revealed an eclectic blend of genres including jazz, heavy metal, hip-hop, and classical.

20 *Word of the Day* Ellipse- A figure that forms a closed curve shaped like an oval with both ends alike. Part of speech– Noun The clouds formed the shape of an ellipse as they moved across the horizon.

21 *Word of the Day* Embargo- A government order prohibiting merchant ships from entering or leaving its ports. Part of speech- Noun There is an embargo on goods shipped in and out of North Korea.

22 *Word of the Day* Enthusiastic- To have great or lively interest. Part of speech- Adjective Yvette’s voice was enthusiastic as she described her trip to New York.

23 *Word of the Day* Exponent- A number right of and above a number, symbol, or expression indicating that it is to be raised to that power. Part of speech- Noun An exponent requires When I see the exponent 3 next to the number 3, I have to multiply 3 x 3 x 3, which equals 27.

24 *Word of the Day* Exult- To rejoice greatly as in triumph. Part of speech– Verb Teachers will exult when all of our brilliant students pass the writing test.

25 *Word of the Day* Fallacy- A false idea or notion. Part of speech– Noun A good essay should not be based on a fallacy.

26 *Word of the Day* Flourish- To grow well; thrive. Part of speech– Verb The children flourished under the care of their grandparents.

27 *Word of the Day* Formidable Formidable – A person or thing that arouses fear or dread. Part of speech– adjective Sugar Ray Leonard was a formidable opponent.

28 *Word of the Day* Gargoyle– A figure with grotesque features in the form of man or animal. Part of speech-- Noun The gargoyle jutted from the eves of the cathedral.

29 *Word of the Day* Guerilla-- a member of a band of irregular soldiers that uses guerrilla warfare, harassing the enemy by surprise raids, sabotaging communication and supply lines, etc. Part of speech– noun The guerilla fighter hid in the mountains until darkness cloaked the village.

30 *Word of the Day* Guru – Any revered teacher or mentor. Part of speech– noun Jeff’s father was considered a mountain climbing guru.

31 *Word of the Day* – Something passed down from preceding generations. Heritage – Something passed down from preceding generations. Part of speech– noun Tony was proud of his Native American heritage.

32 *Word of the Day* Hieroglyph -- A picture or symbol in ancient Egyptian writing using pictures and symbols. Part of speech – Noun The tourists were anxious to see the hieroglyphs etched into the cave wall.

33 *Word of the Day* Hologram – The photographic record of an image produced by holography. (Look it up.) Part of speech – Noun The hologram was projected onto the stage.

34 *Word of the Day* Hypocrisy-- The practice of saying one thing and meaning another. Part of speech– Noun ~The sad clown showed his hypocrisy during the circus performance. ~My dad told me of the hypocrisy found in politics.

35 *Word of the Day* Immune -- Exempt or resistant. Part of speech – Adjective She was not sleeping well, so her immune system was not working well.

36 *Word of the Day* Impertinent Impertinent – Intrusive and rude. Part of speech – Adjective The young man’s comments to the principal were loud and impertinent.

37 *Word of the Day* Introspection – The act of looking within oneself. Part of speech – Noun (Abstract) Some people are more prone to introspection than others.

38 *Word of the Day* Jaunty – Having or showing a carefree, self-confident air; stylish or smart in appearance. Part of speech – Adjective Ed wore a jaunty hat that reflected his individual style.

39 *Word of the Day* Jovial – Full of fun and good cheer. Part of speech – Adjective Her raucous laughter was evidence of the girl’s jovial nature.

40 *Word of the Day* Inference Inference – A conclusion based on reasoning. Part of speech – Noun (Abstract) While reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, the students made an inference about Lt. Kotler and Bruno’s mother.

41 *Word of the Day* Kilometer Kilometer – A unit of length equal to 1,000 meters or.62 of a mile. Noun Part of speech – Noun (Abstract) The American was confused when the Irishman told her that the Writer’s Museum was a kilometer down the road.

42 *Word of the Day* Labyrinth – A complex structure of passages through which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze. Noun Part of speech – Noun (Abstract) The San Francisco streets seemed like a labyrinth to the girl from La Grange, Georgia who had lost her way.

43 *Word of the Day* Laconic – Using few words; terse; concise. Part of speech - Adjective Tim gave a laconic reply when asked to explain the meaning of life.

44 *Word of the Day* Lichen Lichen – An organism that consists of a fungus and an alga growing in close association with each other. Noun Part of speech - Noun (Concrete— Thank You, Joy!) Lichens often grow on rocks and tree bark.

45 *Word of the Day* Light year – The distance that light travels in one year, about 5.88 trillion miles. Part of speech – Noun “I think we’ve traveled a light year,” Elizabeth complained, after the long car ride.

46 *Word of the Day* Maneuver – (Noun) A movement or procedure that involves skill or cunning. (Verb) To make controlled changes in movement or direction. After the soccer player’s skillful maneuver of the ball, the goalie maneuvered in front of the goal and blocked the shot.

47 *Word of the Day* Marsupial – Any of various mammals, such as the kangaroo, opossum, or wombat, whose young continue to develop after birth in a pouch outside the female’s body. Part of speech – Noun Female marsupials have built in baby carriers.

48 *Word of the Day* Metaphor – A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that is ordinarily associated with one thing is applied to something else, thus making a comparison between the two. Part of speech – Noun

49 *Word of the Day*

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