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Picture of TVHS Twin Valley High School Elverson, Pennsylvania.

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1 Picture of TVHS Twin Valley High School Elverson, Pennsylvania

2 Physics First “Grassroots Initiative” Patsy Meyers (Science Department Chair) “Frustrated Biology Teacher” Became aware of Physics First movement through work of Dr. Lederman. Lobbied successfully for science sequence reform initiative at Twin Valley. Driven to do... “what is best for the kids.” Picture of Patsy

3 Twin Valley’s Entry Into Physics First How to bring Physics First to the High School? How to teach physics to freshmen? Find a third member for “Team Physics.” 2001-2002 Teaching E&S Science in both 8 th and 9 th grades. School visitations – NJ & Clayton HS, MO Cathy Harne

4 Modeling Physics - Arizona State University “Team Physics” Profiles Cathy Harne Grove City College – BS Ed. Physics 1st full year of teaching Matt Watson Univ. of Rochester – BS Ed. Physics 9 years St. Thomas Aquinas HS in Ft. L., FL Team leader Doug Mountz West Chester Univ. – BS Ed. Comp. Science Post graduate work at Immaculata University 30 years at Twin Valley, MS and HS science Training in: Modeling Methodology, Equipment Usage, Team building

5 What is Modeling? Constructivist Approach to Teaching Freshman Physics Begin with Idea – Pre lab What can you see? What can you measure? What can you change? Give It a Name velocity, acceleration, etc. Multiple Representations, i.e. x-t, v-t, a-t graphs motion maps an equation motion detector Application lab practicum

6 Whiteboarding “... is a teacher directed process designed to probe a student’s prior understanding, and to construct strategies to bring the student to a more complete comprehension.” – Don Yost (Contributor to Modeling LISTSERV) Contains just information to demonstrate understanding. Motion Map Sketch of Graph Mathematical Model x = mt + b x t m = Δx / Δt b x

7 How Can You Know What Students Understand? Socratic Dialogue “How do you know?” “Did you mean...?” “Why did you answer that way?” “How do your results compare to the first group?”

8 Physics for All Freshmen? Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Mountz! Modeling Physics Conceptually “Wow” Factor in equipment Laboratory (shop) atmosphere Process oriented HS freshmen are social learners

9 Course of Study for Freshman Physics 2002-2003 Tools of Physics Measuring, estimating, unit conversions using dimensional analysis, curve recognition, graphing data sets, linearization Modeling CASTLE (Capacitor Aided System for Teaching and Learning Electricity) Modeling Physics Kinematics and Dynamics

10 Freshman Physics Concept Assessment 2002-2003

11 School Board Renovated science classrooms Complete financial commitment to equipping rooms Committed to training three teachers in modeling at ASU Administration Encouraged school visitations Common planning for physics teachers. Good class size Learning Support commitment Support from Twin Valley School District

12 Work in Progress 2003-2004 Resequence the course of study. Develop pre- and post- assessments appropriate for freshmen in both Mechanics and CASTLE. Develop a better and consistent whiteboard assessment. Adjust pacing to better maximize class time through the school year. Add electrostatics to end of year prior to chemistry in tenth grade.

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