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CLASS OF 2017 Freshman Mrs. Moody 9 th Grade Counselor.

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1 CLASS OF 2017 Freshman Mrs. Moody 9 th Grade Counselor

2 Graduation Requirements To graduate from FHS with a standard diploma, there are certain state requirements that must be met. These requirements include your grade point average (GPA), course requirements, FCAT and other testing requirements. Your experience at FHS should be fun and exciting. Participation in clubs, athletics, and other activities will ensure this. Your high school experience is what YOU make of it!

3 Freshman Responsibilities Develop good study habits. Show Up! Take charge of your own learning. Do your best on FCAT. Seek advisement. If you are struggling, ask for help. Look at admission requirements for universities, colleges & programs. Build your resume.

4 My GPA What is your GPA? GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Your GPA is cumulative, which means it includes all 4 years of high school!!! A 2.0 GPA is required for many things including: –Participation in Athletics and ROTC –Participation in Clubs –Participation in Prom –Participation in Graduation!!!

5 What’s my GPA? Your GPA is calculated like this: A=4Example: Class 1 A=4 6 20 = 3.33 GPA B=3 Class 2 B=3 C=2 Class 3 C=2 D=1 Class 4 A=4 F=0 Class 5 B=3 Class 6 A=4 20 * Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA *

6 24 Credits Required 4 English 4 Math 3 Science 3 Social Science (World History, American History, Government, Economics) 1 Fine Art (Ex. Speech, TV Production, Band, Chorus, Drama, ROTC, etc.) 1 HOPE 8 Electives One of these courses must be taken online.

7 Use CAUTION … Online Courses Dual Enrollment “Your INBOX matters….” An ‘F’ is FOREVER. ** Even if there is grade forgiveness, the F remains on your high school transcript forever. **

8 Graduation Requirements are determined by the year you ENTERED high school. The 2013-14 School Year is the year you STARTED high school.

9 Testing Requirements 10 th FCAT 2.0 Reading- You must get a Level 3 or higher to graduate. Algebra EOC- You must get a Level 3 or higher to graduate. Geometry EOC and Biology EOC exams- affect grades, not graduation.

10 Use technology to your advantage; not just entertainment. Student Portal Forest Website Email Teachers

11 Here’s to a great FHS experience! I believe in you ! I want you to succeed! You are important to me. -Mrs. Moody

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