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Freshman Academy Exam Preparation January 2007. Exam Schedule: Thursday, January 17 Block A Exam7:30 – 9:30 Late Bus Run (E.Lyme/ Niantic Only) at 9:30.

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1 Freshman Academy Exam Preparation January 2007

2 Exam Schedule: Thursday, January 17 Block A Exam7:30 – 9:30 Late Bus Run (E.Lyme/ Niantic Only) at 9:30 Block B Exam10:00 – 12:00 Regular Bus Run at 12:00

3 Friday, January 18 Block C Exam7:30 – 9:30 Late Bus Run (E.Lyme/Niantic Only) at 9:30 Block D Exam10:00 – 12:00 Regular Bus Run at 12:00


5 Tuesday, January 22 Block E Exam7:30 – 9:30 Late Bus Run (E. Lyme/Niantic Only) at 9:30 Block F Exam10:00 – 12:00 Regular Bus Run at 12:00

6 Wednesday, January 23 Block G Exam7:30 – 9:30 Regular Bus Run at 9:30 Make-up Exam10:00 – 12:00 Late Bus Run (E.Lyme/Niantic Only) at 12:00

7 Thursday, January 24 Block H Exam7:30 – 9:30 Regular Bus Run at 9:30 Make-up Exam10:00 – 12:00 Late Bus Run (E.Lyme/Niantic Only) at 12:00

8 Other Bus Info EAST LYME STUDENTS There will be a 4:30 p.m. late bus run on Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – January 17, 22, 23 and 24. SALEM STUDENTS There will be (1) regular bus run at 12:00 noon on Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, January 17, 18 and 22 and (1) regular bus run at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday & Thursday, January 23 & 24. There will also be a late bus run at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, January 17, 22, 23 and 24.

9 Friday, January 25 Quarter 3 begins Regular DAY 1 New semester classes start

10 What are the exam policies at ELHS? All exams are two hours except C-Level classes where exams are 1 hour. All students remain in their exam room until the conclusion of the exam period. No teachers or students are allowed to unilaterally reschedule an exam. Administration approval (Mr. Roberts) is necessary (739-1521)

11 Very Important! If absent due to illness, parents MUST call the team office the AM that the absence occurs (739-1413) If you do not have an exam, you do not need to be in school Any student who comes to school and doesn’t have an exam will be required to stay in the Commons- “exam quiet” is strictly enforced during this time! (no one allowed to roam or to go up onto the second floor)

12 Policies, continued No student may be absent from an exam without permission from the principal. Students who are not excused from the exam will get an “F” in the course. No students will be admitted late to an exam- be on time! In the event of a snow day, whichever exams were scheduled for the snow day will be held on the next school day.

13 Study With a Buddy Program 6:00 – 8:00 PM at ELHS Wednesday, January 16 Thursday, January 17 Monday, January 21 Tuesday, January 22 Wednesday, January 23

14 ..more on Study With a Buddy Purposeful nights! Not for those who want to hang out (you will be asked to leave) For study groups and working with individual teachers

15 Preparing For a Test Find out what kind of questions will be on the test. Ask if teachers do not offer this info! Pay close attention to everything your teacher says about the test. Many teachers will give out study sheets- use them. Don’t leave all your studying until the night before the test. List all questions that you think will be on the test. Review all past homework, worksheets, and class notes that relate to the test.

16 Test Taking Arrive to the exam 5 minutes early so that you can get yourself settled and ready Skim the entire test before beginning, judge which questions are easy and which are difficult. Create a time budget for taking the test as part of the plan. Read all directions and test questions carefully. Answer all questions on the test, guessing if necessary, unless there is a penalty for wrong answers.

17 Test Taking, continued Use a process of elimination for multiple- choice questions. If you have time, review your answers, but don’t change any answer unless you are certain you answered incorrectly the first time. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and be on time to school

18 EXAM FORMATS What can you expect? What will the individual exams look like? Several content areas have departmental exams and others do not, such as English. Exam content in these areas is up to the discretion of the individual teacher.

19 Mathematics All are free response- not multiple choice All are modeled after quizzes and tests taken during the year All are representative samples of the problems that were done throughout the year There are one or two CAPT-like problems on each exam

20 Science Combination of objective questions, essays and performance testing Questions tend to be CAPT-like The performance test is a lab activity Some classes include a research/paper project as part of their exam

21 Helpful Advice from Mrs. Blank (Science) Integrated Science B: I do a review sheet which contains 85% of what will be on the exam and can be used when they take the exam. 15% of the test questions we have done in class that they should remember—like a lab or a project or a movie that they should be able to explain or describe—this is not part of the review sheet. Part of their final exam is putting together a portfolio of the work I have been asking them to keep as the year goes by.

22 Social Studies/History All exams contain multiple-choice questions, essays, a CAPT-like question, and a map assignment Bring 2- #2 pencils to the exam Review all review sheets

23 English There is not one format for the English exams Each teacher will discuss specifics with their classes However, some Grade 9 English teachers did include some advice…….

24 English: Mr. Beale The majority of the exam will be essay on themes, characters, motivations, author styles and techniques Questions on poetry where students will have to define, use and identify terms Compare and contrast question with themes of To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as identification of significant quotes and characters Opinion piece: develop a strong thesis and support it based on information from the text

25 More helpful advice from Mr. Beale (English) “Oftentimes, kids ignore the study guides…lots of the exam is right on the sheet - easy points; they just need to follow through. Sometimes I will give them a chance to bring in a note card, I would say 50% follow through. I think attention to detail is a big thing with the frosh. Students lose points because they simply don’t follow directions - that is the case with exams and tests: read the directions! Essays: think and plan first. Ask yourself what is the question asking, then follow through.”

26 English: Mrs. Hallowell The exam will cover- Poetry Literary devices Romeo and Juliet You will also be asked to demonstrate your reading and writing skills *You will get an exam study sheet in class with specifics

27 English: Mrs. Sablone Students will read a short story and tie it to Romeo & Juliet in a short essay respond to two more essay questions regarding theme, characterization and the research paper answer short questions regarding literary techniques used in Romeo & Juliet put biblical allusions into sentences *Jan 14- study guide will be given out in class- review will occur tions regarding theme, cha

28 English: Mr. Buchan Poetry analysis: be able to explain what and how poems mean Film evaluation: look at film terms to be able to analyze what happens in a film and how it is presented Romeo and Juliet: One section will contain a short reading to summarize and analyze One section will ask you to consider themes and characters Biblical allusions: look over the lists in your notebooks

29 English: Mrs. Rand “My exam will focus on the students' ability to Read, Write, and Think.” written; short answer and short essay Group presentations will serve as a detailed review *Tuesday, Jan 15 (review)

30 English: Mr. Ainscough Memoir writing: Questions and vocab terms drawn from memoir writing lessons/ a short essay judging the strengths and weaknesses of a sample memoir To Kill a Mockingbird :short answer questions that address themes of the book and call on them to use specific details to back up their responses. Poetry: terminology (matching) /short analysis/interpretation of a sample poem

31 Foreign Language All foreign language exams have 7 parts: 1.Listening section (MC) 2.Reading section (MC) 3.Vocabulary section (MC) 4.Culture section (MC)

32 Foreign Language, continued 5. Written section: a fill-in-the-blank section with vocabulary and grammar and a mini-composition 6. Speaking section: oral interview with students 7. A CAPT-like question

33 Advice from Mr. Hibbard (Foreign Language) Keep an organized notebook and recopy notes before the exam Ask questions during review sessions- take advantage of this time! Do not leave studying to one hour the night before the exam. You will never remember a semester’s worth of work with one hour of study. Plan and schedule study time leading up to your exam.

34 Advice from Mrs. Lorince Create flashcards for all vocabulary Highlight all those they don’t get right & try again. Ven Conmigo textbooks- use the grammar tutor or go to for internet Read the culture section in each chapter French textbook Allez Vien has the same capabilities as Ven Conmigo

35 PE/Health : Freshman Academy Freshman Academy: exams vary based on the teacher and include multiple choice, T or F, short answer, or final presentations (2 hour)

36 Technology Education Recall questions- defining vocabulary or processes commonly used in the course (25%) May be asked to develop a product generic to the course Be familiar with software used in the course CAPT-like question : involves higher order thinking, making a decision, or solving a problem related to the topics covered in the course

37 Birth-to-Three Playgroup 3 types of questions on the exam: 1.An individual question 2.A question answered in a group 3.A question done with a partner All students must bring their completed portfolio to the exam.

38 Intro to Art and Design 5 parts: 1. Realistic Pencil Drawing 2. Color Drawing/Design 3. Written Critique 4. Abstract Color (Take home portion of the exam) 5. Vocabulary- matching test on art elements and principles of design * Mr. Warykas will give out copies of his exam a week in advance.

39 In closing….exams are a part of life here at ELHS Learn to organize your time Plan ahead for studying- do not cram! Ask questions during classroom review times Read review sheets Come to Study With a Buddy Get a good night’s rest Eat a good breakfast Take your time, work steadily, and do your best work! Good luck!

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