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In Search of the Holy Grail – A Workshop on Selective College Admission.

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1 In Search of the Holy Grail – A Workshop on Selective College Admission

2 A few important notes : Our priority in the college counseling program at Minnetonka High School – helping the student to find the right fit! College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won! Every student is encouraged to follow this rule: “You apply for admission to a college because you want to go there!”

3 Categories of selectivity Most selective (Harvard, Stanford) Highly selective (Duke, Carleton) Moderately selective (Boston University, Skidmore) Selective (Hamline, Drake)

4 Most selective Harvard University – freshman class of 1,646 Applicants22,796 Admitted2,096 (9%) SAT Verbal690-790 SAT Math700-800 Top 10%95%

5 Stanford University – freshman class of 1,657 Applicants22,333 Admitted2,465 (11%) SAT Verbal670-770 SAT Math680-780 Top 10%91%

6 Highly Selective Duke University – freshman class of 1,578 Applicants19,386 Admitted4,101 (23%) SAT Verbal680-770 SAT Math690-780 Top 10%89%

7 Carleton College – freshman class of 503 Applicants4,457 Admitted1,408 (32%) SAT Verbal650-760 SAT Math660-740 Top 10%78%

8 Moderately Selective Boston University – freshman class of 4,200 Applicants31,827 Admitted17,900 (58%) SAT Verbal570-690 SAT Math590-690 Top 10%53%

9 Skidmore College – freshman class of 695 Applicants6,055 Admitted2,622 (44%) SAT Verbal580-670 SAT Math570-660 Top 10%49%

10 Selective Hamline University – freshman class of 461 Applicants1810 Admitted1457 (78%) SAT Verbal560-660 SAT Math530-630 Top 10%31%

11 Drake University – freshman class of 782 Applicants3,480 Admitted2,906 (84%) SAT Verbal520-640 SAT Math510-650 Top 10%29%

12 A few national statistics (reality check!) Enrollment in US colleges and universities Public 4-year institutions6,837,600 Public 2-year institutions6,184,229 Private 4-year institutions4,161,815 Private 2-year institutions 303,825

13 Enrollment at Minnesota colleges and universities Public 4-year institutions 130,529 Public 2-year institutions110,324 Private 4-year institutions 115,510 Private 2-year institutions 5,338

14 Other key data items: 6-year graduation rate (in USA) at 4-year institutions56% 6-year graduation rate in Minnesota58% Percent of students who attend college in their home state88% Percent of students who applied to three or fewer colleges/universities58% Percent of students who are attending their first or second choice college90%

15 Resources for research on selective colleges Fiske Guide to Colleges Princeton Review: The Best 361 Colleges Barron’s Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges

16 Fiske Guide – “the top rated guide to the Best Colleges” (about 300 schools) 19up to 25% acceptance rate 63from 26 to 50% acceptance rate 109from 51 to 75% acceptance rate 112from 76 to 99% acceptance rate

17 Ten Tips for Selective Admission 1.Take an appropriately challenging course of study 2.Visit the campus – a great measure of demonstrated interest 3.Be nice to the admissions representative who comes to MHS (get their business card and send them an email!) 4.Whenever it’s offered, do the alumni interview 5.Take special care with the “why us?” essay, or the “what would you add to the Class of 2012?” essay

18 Ten tips continued 6.Beat the application deadline by a month – if it’s due on January 1, send in your application by Dec. 1 7.Pick teachers who know you well for your recommendations – and talk to them early on! 8.If your college requires SAT Subject test scores, commit plenty of study time as you prepare for the exams. 9.Extend your college list to include both “competitive” options and “likely” options. Be realistic with your list!! 10.If you have a first choice school, let them know it!!

19 Final thoughts The goal of the college admission office is to enroll a well-rounded class – a community of individuals who add a unique talent or characteristic to the class. The operative question in selective admissions is: “What will this student add to our college?” Make your case – why is this college a good match for you?

20 In America, people succeed because of the quality of their character, not the fame of their college. Know that what you do in college is a better predictor of future success and happiness than where you go to college. (from the Education Conservancy.) Phillip Trout College Counselor Minnetonka High School 952-401-5746

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