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CDO Freshman Class Presentation

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1 CDO Freshman Class Presentation
Oh The Places You’ll Go!

2 Welcome to High School IDENTIFICATION Student ID #- Memorize it!
Student ID - Wear it! Access to computers, library services, CDO events, testing, and more

3 Academic Calendar Academic system based on 2 semesters- Fall & Spring
Grades posted in December and May on your Transcript

4 Grades 4 ½ and 9 week quarter grades are for eligibility purposes- At 4 ½ weeks you can earn back eligibility with passing grades and GPA 2.0 or above. At 9 weeks you could lose your eligibility.

5 Who’s Your Counselor? Ms. Paula Evans 9-12 A-E Ms. Pati Mapp 9-12 F-L
Ms. Julie Cota M-P/JTED Ms. Michelle Barcanic Pre IB IB Ms. Jessica Dale Q-Z

22 credits to graduate- Passing AIMS- reading, writing & math Developing your ECAP- Educational Career Action Plan- Online portfolio *starts with class of 2013 High School diploma 4 year college(16 core credits) English Math (above algebra 1) Science (Lab science) Social studies 3 2 CTE/JTED 1 0 Fine Art * 1 1 Electives PE 1.5 Foreign Lang years same language TOTALS

7 Earning Your Diploma General Diploma
Pass all classes required to graduate Pass AIMS ECAP submitted Honors Same as general requirements 12 credits of advanced placement classes Must have a 3.5 GPA or better IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) complete specific IB required courses

8 Registering for Classes
Starts Early Spring Classes are a year long commitment Sections are set based on your course selection- limited sections Talk with your Parents/ Guardians Talk with your counselor Honors/ Advanced/ Pre AP & AP courses

9 How Do You Contact Your Counselor?
Come into counseling (D Building) and make an appointment. Send your counselor an .

10 School Days to Drop Class!!!! Must be completed in person NO Specific teacher requests will be made Changes will be considered on a first come first serve basis

11 Drop/Add Policy Spring Semester
5 days of the semester to adjust your schedule Level changes must occur within the first 5 weeks of the Fall semester Any and all schedule changes require a signature from both teachers.

12 ATTENDANCE POLICY Attendance is essential to your success. At 10 consecutive absences, whether you are excused or not excused, a student will be automatically withdrawn from school. Seat Time is used to calculate whether you have spent enough time in the presence of a teacher to earn credit. Soporadic absences may not result in withdrawl from class but you could lose credit.

13 What to do if you are absent?
Many teachers have websites, where they post their homework and classroom lessons. If your teacher has one, CHECK IT! If you are absent past 3 days you can make a “homework request” by having your parent call the counseling department. Your teachers will send your work to counseling to be picked up and/or arrange for homework via . is best! You are solely responsible for requesting, completing, and returning all missing assignments in a timely manner.

14 Advocate For Yourself Self directed learning Attend tutoring
Ask for help from: Use school websites Teachers Homework schedule Parent/Guardians Friends Use a planner Counselor Librarian Advocate Nurse Security Administrators Other staff

15 CAMPUS SAFETY 696-5564 Using the Silent Witness Hotline to report :
bullying vandalism violence of any kind drug use suicidal behavior and /or depression

16 ECAP Educational Career Action Plan
Goal is to create an accessible on line portfolio used to develop a post high school plan through a variety of exploration tools and resources Your ECAP begins by opening up your Arizona Career Information System account AzCIS AzCIS This is where you keep track of YOUR online ECAP. You can explore your post high school options at any time. You will be working on your ECAP at school in some classes. You are expected to also work independently on your ECAP.

Your ECAP will assist you in: Exploring your interests, getting to know yourself Trade school, Junior college, Military, University choosing a major/career Finding the right college program Exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities Getting you through the college application process Writing and building a functional resume And much more

18 Work Time: Please review your transcript for errors, circle these, explain the error thoroughly, and pass it in after you’ve completed your ECAP card Use the transcript to enter any grades for last year, activities, and future plans. Please enter your current courses under Grade 9 Please raise your hand, if you have questions

19 FRESHMAN CHECKLIST Start selecting college prepartory courses based on your abilities Acknowledge your weaknesses and work to improve these areas now Start working on your study skills Participate in extracurricular activities you enjoy-Get connected Begin building your ECAP Talk to your Parents/Guardians about your plans for college so they can support your dreams Enjoy your first year of high school- make new friends, get involved and get to know yourself!

20 VOCABULARY Quarter Semester Credit GPA-unweighted/weighted Transcript 16 core credits ECAP Pre AP courses AP courses IB diploma Honors Diploma NCAA CTE JTED Fine Art Extracurricular Activity Jr College Trade School University Scholarship Financial Aid Credit deficient PSAT/SAT/ACT ASVAB

21 Useful Sites CDO counseling page – for everything from PSATs to the link for AzCIS Google “WUE schools” for great deals on out-of-state universities Visit the web sites for universities you want to attend…

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