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New Student Survival Guide

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1 New Student Survival Guide
Sue North Quincy High School Guidance Department


3 Welcome to your first year at North Quincy High School
Agenda: Freshman Orientation Day Bell Schedule & Schedule Example Grading Information & Report Card Promotion & Graduation Requirements Attendance & Tardy Policy Guidance Department Information Clubs & Sports Lunch & Lockers Important Names & Places Other Important Information Sue

4 Freshman Orientation Day
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Only freshman attend school Report to the auditorium for assembly Meet with homeroom teachers in auditorium & be escorted to homeroom Free lunch` Lockers are assigned Student handbook & agenda are given out Sue

5 Bell Schedule Homeroom 7:45 – 7:51 AM Period 1 7:55 – 8:48 AM
Lunch A (freshman lunch) 10:36 – 11:02 AM Period 4/5 10:36 – 11:24 AM Lunch B 11:24 – 11:54 AM Period 5/6 11:06 – 11:54 AM Period 6/7 11:28 – 12:16 AM Lunch C 12:16 – 12:46 AM Period 7/8 11:58 – 12:46 AM Period :50 – 1:38 PM Period :42 – 2:30 PM **There are only 7 periods and a half period of lunch. Ginny

6 Example of student schedule

7 Grading Information and Report Card
Numerical grades 63 is passing grade, 99 is highest grade 4 terms a year Midterms & Finals Standard, Honors & Advanced levels John

8 Example of a Report Card


10 Promotion & Graduation Requirements
Promotion Requirements Most high school subjects are worth 5 points each 20 points (4 classes) to become a sophomore 45 total points to become a junior 70 total points to become a senior Graduation Requirements 4 years of English 4 years of history 3 years of science 3 years of math 2 years of a foreign language 4 years of PE Pass Math, ELA & Science MCAS 100 total points to graduate SFP


12 4-year college requirements
4 years college prep English 3 – 4 years college prep math (algebra I, geometry & algebra II) 2 – 3 years lab science (biology, chemistry & physics) 2 years social studies 2 – 3 years of the same foreign language 2 college prep electives SFP

13 Attendance & Tardy Policy
Tardies Students are allowed three tardy notes per marking period. Five tardies before 8 a.m. result in a mandatory detention, six tardies before 8 am results in a mandatory suspension. After 8 a.m., one tardy result in a detention and 2 tardies result in a suspension. Attendance All absences require a parent/guardian note to the homeroom teacher. After the 6th absence during a marking period, students are required to bring in a valid professional note (i.e. doctor) to excuse the absence. Students who have 7 or more unexcused absences during a marking period shall fail for the term with a 62 or less. Chrisom

14 Guidance Counselors Mrs. Skinner, Department Head
Mrs. Farren, School Psychologist Mrs. DeCoste: A – C Mrs. Peng: D – F Mrs. Nutley: G – K Miss Lee: L – M Mr. DeCristofaro: N – Q Mrs. Cushman: R – T Mr. Perkins: U – Z Helena

15 Guidance Information Individual/Group Counseling
Post-graduate and College Planning Career Exploration and Evaluation Crisis Intervention Academic Support/Monitoring Parent Information Student Scheduling Testing Administration and Interpretation Naviance Website Helena

16 Guidance Groups Anger Management for boys Anger Management for girls
Boys to Men Dating Safely Grief & Loss Immigrant Group New Beginnings Reviving Ophelia Study Skills Surviving Transition to High School Peggy

17 Clubs & Activities Interact Club Academic Decathlon International Club
Knowledge Master Leo Club Literary Magazine Math Club Mentoring National Honor Society Operation Days Work Peer Education Peer Mediation Philosophy Club Photography Pride Committee Robotics Rugby S.A.D.D. Science Club Select Choir Spectrum Student Council Thomas Jefferson Forum United Nations Club Yearbook Academic Decathlon Air Force Jr. ROTC Alliance Against Racism Anime Club Art Club Art Gallery Asian Culture Club Band Book Club Break Dance Team Calculus Team Cheerleading Chess Club CCG Club (Collectible Card Game) Computer Club Concert Choir Dance Team Drama Club Environmental Stewardship Club Film Club Foreign Language Honor Society French Club History Club History Book Club Hip Hop Club Rick & Ryan


19 NQHS Athletics Baseball – boys Basketball – boys/girls
Cross Country– boys/girls Football – boys Golf – boys/girls Hockey – boys/girls Indoor track – boys/girls Lacrosse – boys/girls Sailing – boys/girls Soccer – boys/girls Softball – girls Spring Track – boys/girls Swimming – boys/girls Tennis – boys/girls Volleyball – boys/girls Wresting – boys/girls Rick & Ryan

20 Lunch Freshman usually have A lunch, which takes place after third period at 10:32 a.m. You can sit where you please at lunch. Just remember to clean up after yourself. There is a hot lunch line, a sub line, a snack line, vending machines, and the school store. Tip: Before lunch is a good time to go to your locker. Tip: During or before lunch is the best time to use the bathroom. Tip: Forms for free or reduced lunches will be handed out in homeroom at the beginning of the school year or you can get one in the principal’s office. Mary

21 Lockers You may go to your lockers between classes if you have enough time - there are 4 minutes between each class. However, the excuse “I was at my locker” does not cover tardiness. If you forget your locker combination or are having trouble opening your locker, check with one of our security staff. They are very nice and helpful. The best time to go to your locker is before school, before lunch and after school. During class time, you will always need a pass when walking in the hallways including bathroom, locker, guidance, nurse, etc. Mary

22 Names to Know Mr. Metzler Principal Mr. Shaw Assistant Principal
Mr. Chrisom Dean – grade 9 Mrs. Callahan School Nurse Mrs. Houlihan School Nurse Mr. Connor Social Studies dept. head Mrs. Fidalgo Career Tech dept. head Mrs. Holliday Math dept. head Mr. Jorgenson English dept. head Mrs. Papile Special Education dept. head Mrs. Schneller Foreign Language dept. head Mrs. Stukenborg Science dept. head Mary

23 Important Places Main Office Purchase T passes here Lost and Found
Make address and phone number changes here Get work permits here Guidance Office Come here for help or questions Students need a pass to be in Guidance Nurses’ Office A good place to go when you’re not feeling well or having medical issues Students must have a pass to see the Nurse Becky

24 Important Places (cont.)
Security Office There are 4 security guards, and a school resource police officer - they are available to help with any problems among students, as well as assisting with safety measures. Get replacement ids here Locker trouble Stolen items Media Center Need a pass to go during study hall Teachers will bring classes here Career Center Look for jobs Job shadowing and internship opportunities Becky

25 Other Important Information
You may carry a backpack/purse with you during the day, but not in the Media Center. You may bring a cell phone or electronic devices to school but it must be turned off and out of sight. You may not wear baseball caps or hats in school. No smoking. No food or drinks in hallways. NQHS is your home for the next four years, treat it and others with respect. Becky

26 Becky Questions??

27 See you in the Fall! Mrs. Fay-Beers, Mrs. Feenby,
Becky Mrs. Fay-Beers, Mrs. Feenby, Mrs. Connerty, Miss DeGraan & Mr. Sasso See you in the Fall!

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