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Freshman Orientation Class of 2016 WELCOME.

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1 Freshman Orientation Class of 2016 WELCOME

2 Welcome to Edmond North
High School Home of the Huskies

3 Edmond North High School’s Mission Statement
The relentless pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service

4 Graduation Requirements Class of 2016
Two Curriculum Options: College Preparatory Curriculum Students will be enrolled in college prep unless parents opt out Core Graduation Requirements Currently, successful completion of either track will result in a standard diploma

5 Edmond Public Schools Graduation Requirements Class of 2016 1 unit = 2 semesters
Subject Core Requirement College Prep ENHS Recom. English 4 units 4 units 4 units Math 3 units 3 units 4 units Science 3 units 3 units 4 units Social St. 3 ½ units 3 ½ units 4 units The Arts 2 Options 2 Options 2 Options

6 Physical Education 2 Semesters Required
PE requirement (1 unit or year) fulfilled by: Any PE Course Unit Any Sport Unit Cheer/Pom Unit ROTC Unit Band Units Orchestra Units Vocal Music Units Plan to complete this requirement early.

7 To fulfill this requirement you must do one of the following:
The ARTS To fulfill this requirement you must do one of the following: Humanities, Shakespeare, or Mythology / Poetry (1 semester) Or AP Euro, AP World, or AP Art History (year long courses) 2 units (4 semesters) of visual or performing arts – art, drama, vocal, or instrumental music

8 College Preparatory Courses
90% of all courses at Edmond North are college preparatory classes Find your passion ~ Where do you want to go? What do you love to learn? Take the challenge in YOUR passion!


10 2 to 3 Units of the same language is recommended for Oklahoma colleges
World Languages 2 to 3 Units of the same language is recommended for Oklahoma colleges

11 Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II Are Required for College Admission

12 ACE LEGISLATION ACE Legislation passed in 2006 requires that:
ALL students PASS 4 of 7 EOI exams in order to graduate High School. ALGEBRA I and ENGLISH 2 must be passed along with 2 additional from the following: Algebra II, Biology I, English III, Geometry and U.S. History

13 Success in Higher Education
The type of courses students take in high school is more important than test scores, class rank, or grade point average. June 1999, U.S. Department of Education Study by Clifford Adelman

14 Academic Support Programs
Guided Study Tutorial Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry support classes Edmond Summer Program for Intervention Now (ESPIN)

15 Bus transportation will be available only for the 1-6 schedule.
Flex Schedule 1-6 periods :40-2:30 2-7 periods :40-3:30 1-7 periods :40-3:30 Bus transportation will be available only for the 1-6 schedule.

16 Pre-Engineering academy Bioscience & medicine academy
Plan to get all requirements completed early! Edmond Public Schools / FRANCIS TUTTLE


EDMOND NORTH FRESHMAN 2012 – 2013 STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM Student’s Name ______________________________________-____ Last First Middle Student’s cell #___________Alt. phone#_________Student _______ Are you an OKLAHOMA Promise (OHLAP) student? Circle one Yes No Transportation Information Please choose the mode of transportation your student will utilize both before and after school _____Parent/Guardian will transport _____Transported by bus _____Student driver/rider _____Student will walk Students requiring bus transportation must enroll in 1st-6th schedule. Please check one of the following: ____Flex AM 1st-6th schedule _____Flex PM 2nd-7th schedule _____1st-7th schedule RETURN TO YOUR EIGHT GRADE COUNSELOR BY: Central – March 2, Sequoyah – March 2, 2012 Cheyenne – March 9, 2012

19 2012-2013 Freshman Student Enrollment Form Con’t
CORE CLASSES Refer to recommendations by 8th grade teachers English : Choose one English Course __Pre AP English ___Reading Improvement __English I Required for students scoring below level in Reading on the 8th grade OCCT Oklahoma History: Choose one History Course ____Pre -AP Oklahoma History-(1 Sem) __X__Health—(1 sem.) ____Oklahoma History (1 Sem) (Required) Math: Choose one Math Course ___Algebra I— ___Pre AP Geometry— ___Algebra I + Algebra Support as elective ___Geometry— For students scoring below grade level on the Math ___Pre-AP Algebra II 8th grade OCCT Science: Choose on Science Course ___Pre-AP Biology— ___Biology

20 2012-2013 Freshman Enrollment Con’t
ELECTIVES You must EITHER select one (1) year long class or two (2) semester courses for each space. Also, if you plan to play a sport, you MUST list the sport(s) you plan to play as an elective. You may chose an additional CORE course as an elective. 1._________________________________/___________________________________ 2._________________________________/___________________________________ 3._________________________________/___________________________________ ONLY CHOOSE A 3RD ELECTIVE IF YOU HAVE CHOSEN A 1-7 SCHEDULE ****Alternate courses for electives must be listed in order of preference 1.________________ 2._________________ 3.__________________ Important Notice Choose your schedule carefully. Schedule Changes will only be made for the following reasons: school error or inappropriate placement (level). There will be NO mid-year changes It is the responsibility of the student and parent to be aware of the requirements of the College Preparatory and Minimum Graduation Curriculum Guidelines enclosed in this packet (Senate Bill 982) I have read the above notice and agree to the requested courses Parent Signature__________________ Student Signature____________________Date____ FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO:

21 Freshman Class Elective List 2012-2013
ACADEMIC TEAM *Academic Team AEROSPACE SCIENCE (ROTC) Aerospace Science I Aerospace Science I Honors AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Agricultural Science I (Students will be bused to the Ag. Bldg) ART *Introduction to Art (Required to take the following Art Courses) x Drawing & Design x Pottery I x 3D Construction x Photography I – (2nd semester only) BUSINESS x Introduction to Business x Business Law BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY x Computer Applications COMPUTER SCIENCE/MATH x Comp Science Game Programming DEBATE Debate I DRAMA Drama I Competitive Drama I * Stagecraft I (Teacher Approval)

22 Freshman Class Electives Con’t
FAMILY/CONSUMER SCIENCES Family & Consumer Sciences I HUMANITIES x Humanities INDUSTRIAL ARTS $ x Intro to Wood Technology x Drafting JOURNALISM x Basic Journalism/News Writing * Yearbook (Application Required) LEADERSHIP x Teen Leadership MATH *Algebra I Support (Required for students scoring below MUSIC Band-(1st Hour) Jazz Ensemble (Teacher Approval) $ String Orchestra $ Men’s Chorus $ Women’s Chorus I $ Applied Vocal Music (Audition Only) PHYSICAL EDUCATION x Fall Sports Lab x Spring Sports Lab x Recreational Basketball x Personal Fitness & Toning x Strength & Conditioning * Athletic Trainer (Teacher Approval)

23 Freshman Electives Con’t COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS:
Baseball , Basketball (Boys) , Basketball (Girls) , Cheer , (tryouts only) Cross Country (Girls) Cross Country (Boys) Football , Golf (Boys) , Golf (Girls) , Pom – , (tryouts only) Soccer (Boys) , Soccer (Girls) , Softball , Swimming (Boys) , Swimming (Girls) , Tennis (Boys) , Tennis (Girls) ,232229 Track (Boys) Track Girls) Volleyball Wrestling , READING/LEARNING SKILLS * Reading Improvement (Required for students scoring below grade level in Reading on the 8th grade OCCT) WORLD LANGUAGE Chinese I French I German I Latin I Spanish I Spanish II PreAP Spanish II KEY: x One semester class * Course requires teacher approval # Course requires completed application or an interview or teacher’s initial next to course name $ There is a fee for this course

24 Course Description Book

25 Your enrollment packet is due to your 8th grade counselor by
Enrollment Due Date Your enrollment packet is due to your 8th grade counselor by Cheyenne – March 7th 2012 Sequoyah – March 2ND 2012 Central – March 2ND 2012

26 Questions about enrollment?
What do I do? Come to the Husky Showcase: Department representatives and Club & Organization sponsors will be available to answer questions

27 Enrollment Conferences
Students & parents will meet with a Freshman Advisor individually to finalize their enrollment. Students NOT in ENHS district can call Ms for an appointment

28 Thursday, March 15th 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Sequoyah Enrollment Conferences No Appointments First Come, First Serve Location: ENHS Freshman Academy Monday, March 12th 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. Or Thursday, March 15th 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

29 Location: ENHS Freshman Academy
Cheyenne & Central Enrollment Conferences No Appointments First Come, First Serve Location: ENHS Freshman Academy Tuesday, March 13th 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

30 Jayne Roberts – President
North Parent Group Jayne Roberts – President

31 Good Luck! HUSKIES 2016

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