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Note Page 34 The Roaring 20’s Intro Video to 1920’s.

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1 Note Page 34 The Roaring 20’s Intro Video to 1920’s

2 Lives of the People  Once isolated rural communities - tightly controlled values - high standards of religious morality  Migration of more people to urban areas changed moral values  L ess control over the whole community  F ast paced city life often intimidated or changed people

3 Standard of Living  ”Business of America is business”  Effects of the automobile freedom to travel urban sprawl  Airlines develop Electricity lights the whole nation - alternating current (Tesla)  Growth of the radio industry

4 Video Clips: Advertisements from the 1920’s Silent Film Ads from the 1920’s

5 Prosperity  Growth of advertising industry  P roductivity increases  B uying on the installment plan increases consumption  Ford and Prosperity -assembly line production -workers as consumers -$5 day plan

6 Video Clips: Flappers – The Roaring 20’s Women in the 1920’s

7 New Role of Women  Victorian Age view of women  F lapper was a young women of modern times hair styles, dress, attitudes, behavior  D ouble standard of behavior  C lash of conservative values  Opportunities increase  F amilies change Margaret Sanger and birth control

8  Banned alcohol  Many people resented the new law that regulated behavior  Gov’t never tried to really enforce the law  Speakeasies drinking clubs  Bootleggers -growth of organized crime Al Capone Prohibition

9 Science and Religion  Fundamentalism religious movement focusing on the truth of the Bible -Billy Sunday -Aimee Semple McPherson  Darwin’s Theory of Evolution  Scopes Trial John Scopes arrested for teaching evolution - Clarence Darrow (defense) - William J. Bryan (Pros.) Link – NPR Remembering the Scopes Trial

10 American Experience Website Link - music

11 Form presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan Was called as a “professional” witness on the Bible, He would admit Bible could not be taken literally. Scopes would be found guilty but only pay a fine…. Breakthrough for Science in Public Schools !

12 The Roaring 20’s

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