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Thomson Gale Update Robert Iannello Territory Manager – Central & Eastern Europe Bratislava October 2004.

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1 Thomson Gale Update Robert Iannello Territory Manager – Central & Eastern Europe Bratislava October 2004

2 Agenda Brief Introduction to Thomson Gale Gale Virtual Reference Library The Times Digital Archive 1785 to 1985 InfoTrac OneFile InfoTrac Custom Journals World Biographical Information System

3 Agenda Brief Introduction to Thomson Gale Gale Virtual Reference Library

4 Thomson Financial Thomson Learning Thomson Scientific and Healthcare Thomson Legal & Regulatory ISI Gale Dialog Thomson Corporation K.G. Saur Verlag Micromedex Westlaw Datastream The Thomson Family

5 More than just a journal aggregator A world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses Proprietary information on a wealth of subjects Efficient, fast and up-to-date electronic reference Easy-to-use interface for both experienced librarians and inexperienced library users More than 1500 Gigabyte live data –Historical documents –Articles from reference sources –Archived journal articles (9,666 journal titles in total) –Archived newspaper articles –Third party databases (MLA with linking to full text) –eBooks

6 Gale Virtual Reference Library Gale delivers reference content in a database format. It’s an interface and delivery system different from any other eBook platform you’ve ever used… Take eBooks to the next level of usability

7 GVRL - Take the best of the eBook models… No special readers or hardware required Purchase one eBook at a time - not a predetermined collection –Develop your collection at your own pace Remote access Navigation from the TOC to the entry Link from the index to a page Browse a list of illustrations Access from OPAC via MARC records

8 GVRL - Add an interface that’s like a database! Searching across and within eBooks Results are delivered at the entry/article level Print or email an entire article, not just a page No ‘checkout’ – GVRL is always accessible Puts your reference content into circulation Mark lists List of sources Search history InfoMarks Usage statistics

9 Content + 100 encyclopedias, almanacs releasing in 2004 Continuous simultaneous publication of new content in print / eBook formats beginning 2004 Content from our various imprints will be included: –St. James Press, Macmillan, Scribner, UXL, Schirmer, Lucent Content from third party publishers –Sage Publications: Encyclopedia of Terrorism –Wiley: Encyclopedia of Telecommunications; Encyclopedia of Aquaculture; Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change; Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology

10 Subject Collections Combination of subject specific eBooks and journals created from our Custom Journals products Custom Journals allows you to build your own online journals database from over 7,500 titles You can subcribe to 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 journals. You choose the journals and you can change your selection on a daily basis Giving you access to the best eBook reference and journal content from Thomson Gale Powersearch (launched at the end of the year): will enable you to search eBooks and journals simultaneously

11 GVRL Subject Collections Business Collection –European Business ASAP –Encyclopedia of Business & Finance; 1st Ed; 2V –Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce; 1st Ed; 2V –Gale E-Commerce Sourcebook; 1st Ed; 2V –Encyclopedia of Small Business; 2nd Ed; 2V Religion & Philosophy Collection –InfoTrac Religion and Philosophy (3 users) –Encyclopedia of Buddhism, 1st Ed, 2V –Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd Ed, 15V –Encyclopedia of Science & Religion, 1st Ed, 2V –Islam & the Muslim World, 1st Ed, 2V –New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed, 15V –Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, 1st Ed, 3V

12 GVRL Subject Collections History –History Resource Center Modern World –Encyclopedia of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity; 1st Ed; 3V –Encyclopedia of Russian History; 1st Ed; 4V –Ancient Europe 8000 BC to 1000 AD: Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World, 1st Ed, 2V Set –Encyclopedia of Food & Culture, 1st Ed, 3V –Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, 1st Ed, 6V –Europe 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, 1st Ed, 6V –The Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students, 1st Ed, 4V –Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, 1st Ed, 3V –New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, 6V –St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide, 1st Ed –Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence & Security, 1st Ed, 3V

13 Subject Collections Health & Medicine Collection –Health and Wellness Resource Center –Drugs & Controlled Substances: Information for Students, 1st Ed –Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, 2nd Ed, 4V –Encyclopedia of Public Health, 1st Ed, 4V –Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2nd Ed –Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, 1st Ed, 2V –Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, 1st Ed, 2V –Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 2nd Ed, 5V –Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders, 1st Ed –Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing & Allied Health, 1st Ed, 5V –Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patients & Caregivers, 1st Ed, 3V –Genetics, 1st Ed, 4V –Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z, 1st Ed, 2V –World of Microbiology and Immunology, 1st Ed, 2V

14 Subject Collections Science Collection –Science Resource Center –Animal Sciences, 1st Ed, 4V –Chemistry: Foundations and Applications, 1st Ed, 4V –Computer Sciences, 1st Ed, 4V –Environmental Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed, 2V –Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd Ed, 6V –Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed, 17V –Mathematics, 1st Ed, 4V –Plant Sciences, 1st Ed, 4V –Pollution A to Z, 1st Ed, 2V –Space Sciences, 1st Ed, 4V –Water: Science and Issues, 1st Ed, 4V

15 Subject Collections Social Sciences Collection –InfoTrac Social Sciences –Child Development, 1st Ed, Macmillan Psychology Reference Series –Children & Childhood in History & Society, 1st Ed, 4V –Encyclopedia of Aging, 1st Ed, 4V –Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd Ed, 5V –Encyclopedia of Communication & Information, 1st Ed, 3V –Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice, 2nd Ed, 4V –Encyclopedia of Population, 1st Ed, 2V –Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Ed, 5V –International Encyclopedia of Marriage & Family, 2nd Ed, 4V –Learning & Memory, 1st Ed, Macmillan Psychology Reference Series –Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death & Dying, 1st Ed, 2V –Political Theories for Students, 1st Ed


17 Introduction Hailed as the world’s “newspaper of record” since 1785, The Times (London) is regarded as the most authoritative medium for political, legal, business and social news. Provides in-depth award-winning news coverage, parliamentary reporting and comment, editorial opinion and a unique view of history

18 Content/Interface 200 years of best known and most cited newspaper in the world back to 1785 Digitised existing PSM microfilm collection High-resolution digital format with searchable images Full PDF of every issue, every page/article across sections (news, editorial, business, advertising, births & deaths, etc). InfoTrac search options allow precise full-text searching of every article

19 History: general, culture, politics Advertisments Genealogical research: births, deaths, marriages, obituaries International affairs Recent history US Foreign policy English Students: Book reviews/opinion TV/Media Biographies Trace changes in language and communication Biblical Studies School of Journalism Law reports Social Science researchVictorian Studies Economics Parliamentary records What happened on a certain date Multi-disciplinary

20 Full Coverage The Times Digital Archive (TDA) Offers full facsimile images of every page of The Times (London) from its inception in 1785 through the end of 1985. Custom Newspapers Coverage of The Times (London) and The Sunday Times (London) in InfoTrac Custom Newspapers (ITCN) now extends back through July of 1985. Between the two products, Gale now offers 220 years of content, from 1785- 2004, for The Times - much more coverage than is available through ProQuest's Historical Newspaper offerings of The New York Times (1851- current) or The Washington Post (1877- current).

21 InfoTrac OneFile

22 OneFile is a megafile for integrated searching of periodicals, newspaper indexes, newsletters, and news wires. Subject coverage: –Arts –Business and Economics –Current affairs –General Reference –Legal Information –Science and Technology All accessible via one easy to use search interface!

23 InfoTrac OneFile Content 5,464 full-text titles 9,632 total titles 3,271 titles with images 2,554 refereed titles International in scope - English language

24 InfoTrac OneFile Business Social Sciences General Interest Sci-tech Health A&E Lit Law Education News & commentary

25 Introduction

26 InfoTrac Custom Journals

27 A unique service from Thomson Gale! Build your own online journals database from a master list of over 7,500 titles You select the size of the collection that you want: 100 journals 250 journals 500 journals 1000 journals You chose the journals you want to reflect your library’s information needs You can change your journal selection on a daily basis Search interface is the same as InfoTrac OneFile InfoTrac Custom Journals

28 7521 journal titles in total 4,901 titles in full text 89 subject areas are covered including (full text): –Arts: 89 titles –Banking, finance & accounting: 236 titles –Business & Economics: 572 titles –Computers: 154 titles –History: 65 titles –Law: 146 titles –Literature: 153 titles –Philosphy & Religion: 63 titles –Sociology: 42 titles Content of InfoTrac Custom Journals

29 Comparing InfoTrac Custom Journals InfoTrac Custom JournalsAcademic Source Premier 7521 titles 4901 in full text 4705 unique titles 7721 titles 3993 full text 5339 unique titles Minimal journal overlap between two services Use InfoTrac Custom Journals to fill your ‘subject gaps’


31 World Biographical Information System Online A comprehensive library of biographical information 10 million biographical entries drawn from 8,600 reference works comprising of over 15,000 volumes. Biographical entries date from the 16 th century and are written in 40 languages. In total, WBIS Online contains biographical information on more than 5 million people All countries and regions of the world are covered.

32 World Biographical Information System Online WBIS Online is based on the the World Biographical Archives produced in microfiche by K.G. Saur Verlag In Stage 1 the following biographical archives will be available online: - German Biographical Archive - American Biographical Archive - British Biographical Archive - Italian Biographical Archive - Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Biographical Archive - French Biographical Archive - Scandinavian Biographical Archive - Biographical Archive of the Benelux Countries

33 World Biographical Information System Online Sources In Fulltext An additional - 1.449 reference works 2.927 volumes Countries, regions and periods People An additional 1.2 million people Biographies A further 1.6 million biographies Stage 2 - 2005

34 World Biographical Information System Online Sources In Fulltext: 1,015 reference works 1.882 volumes Additional countries, regions and periods People Over 660,000 people Biographies An additional 1 million complete bibliographic entries Stage 3 - 2006

35 World Biographical Information System Online Sources In Fulltext: Complete: 8.600 reference works 15.000 volumes People Complete: More than 5 million people Biographies Complete: 10 million biographical articles All countries and regions of the world 2009 40 Languages covered

36 World Biographical Information System Online ActorsKingsPublishers ArtistsMathematiciansResearchers AuthorsMusiciansSailors BooksellersNobilityScientists BotanistsPaintersSoldiers BullfightersPharmacistsTeachers BusinessmenPhilosopherTheologians ChefsPhysiciansVeterinary Surgeons CraftsmenPoliticiansWriters FarmersPriestsZoologists All types of people and professions are included

37 World Biographical Information System Online Search Interface available in five languages: English German French Italian Spanish

38 Thomson Gale Update Thank you! Questions?

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