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Leendert Bouter 9th November 2009 Contracting experiences in Europe and related research From D&C to DBFM to PPP to Alliance.

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1 Leendert Bouter 9th November 2009 Contracting experiences in Europe and related research From D&C to DBFM to PPP to Alliance

2 Special Interest Group (1)  Sharing, researching, developing and dessiminating knowledge and experiences on tendering, procurement and contracting.

3 Members  Organise or attend group meetings on specific themes  Discuss results of research and benchmarks  Give presentations at NETLIPSE meetings  Prepare NETLIPSE publications A SIG will be coördinated and supported by an Issue Manager appointed by the NETLIPSE Board Special Interest Group (2)

4 Special Interest Group (3) Interested ? Please contact:

5 Research and development (1)  International Overview of Innovative Contracting Practises for Roads by  Finnish Road Administration  Delft University of Technology  Ramboll Finland Oy Edita Prima Oy, Helsinki 2007 ISBN: 978-951-803-859-0 (print) ISBN: 978-951-803-860-6 (pdf)

6 Research and Development (2)  VTT Tiedotteita Research Notes 2472 by Pertti Lahdenperä and others Project Alliance; the competitive single target-cost approach Copyright VTT 2009

7 Research and Development (3)  Project Alliancing – Practitioners Guide by the Victorian Government, Australia an integrated approach between the public and private sectors in the delivery of infrastructure projects

8 Suggestions for themes and aspects (1)  Policy, drivers, challenges and practices for PPP  Project delivery models  Performance measures and indicators  Early contractor involvement  Project and contract risks  Start of tenderprocedure with selection of a (single) partner (partnering and trust)  Ouality based contractor selection criteria  Duration of the contract

9 Suggestions for themes and aspects (2)  Servicelevel contracts  Value for money  Focus on end users  Economically Most Advantageous Tender  Contrator selection based on competences  Human aspects assessment in the tender proces  The best fit between “market” capabilities and project purposes  Limits of regulations vs. necessity to adapt changes  EU legislation vs national legislation

10 Types of contract  Engineering and Construct (E&C)  Design and Build (D&B)  Performance Specified Maintenance Contract  Performance Based Maintenance Contract  Design, Build, Financne, Maintain (DBFM)  PPP or Design, Build, Finance, Operate (DBFO)  Alliance

11 Special Interest Group on Tendering, Procurement and Contracting Interested ? Please contact:

12 2012 Rijkswaterstaat Leading Businesspartner

13 Design & Build  Integration design & realisation  Integrated contractresponsibility  Since 2005 standard RWS method  Constructionsector evolves into procesdriven instead of product driven  Value for money (EMAT)  RWS: more with less

14  16 Roadworkprojects  aim: 10 delivered in 2011  4 package tendering  goal: minimizing riscs  pre-award phase 1: engineering based on (70%) quality aspects: riscmanagement, added value, intervieuws trafficmangement and targetprice (30%)  award phase 2: realisation contracter proves costverfication and sets targetprice (< ceilingprice) including additional contracted economizing incentives Design to Build

15  DBFM  A15 Maasvlakte- Vaanplein  A4 2e Coentunnel  Large PPP  Corridor Schiphol- Almere  2e Maasvlakte  Infrastructure & Urban development  A2 Maastricht Public Private Comparator > € 60 mio

16  Multi-annual maintenance (3/5 years) RWS standard method since 2001  Optional 2 years extention in case of two-sided satisfaction  Value for money (EMAT)  Includes relatively small network improvements (since 2009)  Contracter forecasts maintenanceplanning  Procesdriven  Focus on trafficmanagement Servicelevel-contracts

17  Create terms contracters can distinguish themselves!  Dare to seek flexible methods to optimize real cooperation!  Share experiences (good and bad) abroad!  Don’t limit oneself by regulation; seek opportunity to achieve common goals in terms of value for money for sustainable solutions  Focus on a improved quality assurance through:  Economically Most Advantageous Tender (EMAT)  Supply Chain Management  Past Performance Forward to Alliance: daring & sharing

18 Questions/discussion…. And now….

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