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1962 ICI House and St Vincent's Hospital Lecture theatre ICU House Margaret Brown, Chairman (Scrub nurse for surgeon)

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1 1962 ICI House and St Vincent's Hospital Lecture theatre ICU House Margaret Brown, Chairman (Scrub nurse for surgeon)

2 1963 Royal Melbourne Hospital Merlyn Myer Hall Projection into the future: 10 years hence Opened by Mr Grayton Brown FRACS, Chairman Road Traffic Authority 200 delegates, including interstate Panel of 5 discussed nurse education in the operating suite Fees 4/- non members Program printed courtesy Johnson & Johnson

3 1964 St Vincent's Hospital Brenan Hall John Citizen in the operating suite Patient progress from reception; pre-operative care; sterilisation and prevention of infection; anaesthetic care; operating room set up and operative procedures; clean up following an infected case; recovery room and intensive care. Mirriel Jeffries, Chairman ( PHH)

4 1965 Repatriation General Hospital St John’s Lecture Theatre Communication or conflict Opened by Brigadier Chiltern, CBE, DSO, Chairman, Repatriation Commission 400 delegates Poster presentation Fees 7/- for non members Trade exhibit of instruments & supplies Dorothea Burnett, Chairman (Repat)

5 1966 Repatriation General Hospital Is the theatre sister essential? Opened by Jane Muntz OBE, Nursing Advisor, Minister for Health 400 delegates including interstate $200.00 profit and $$ donated to College of Nursing to buy textbooks for operating room nursing course

6 1967 Repatriation General Hospital Making the theatre work Opened by Mr B Rank, President RACS 300 delegates including interstate and country Fees $2 for members, $3 for non members Papers on – packaging & sterilisation – teaching the student nurse Demonstration of theatre technique Mary Barry, Chairman (Geelong)

7 1968 University of Melbourne Prince Philip Theatre (in Architecture building) Smiles not tears Opened by Ellice Lang, Retiring President, RVCN Focus on safety & efficiency Fees $2 full day, $1 half day for members $3.50 for lunch, morning and afternoon teas Marge Bennetts, Chairman (Austin)

8 1969 University of Melbourne Prince Philip Theatre Anticipation - participation - progress Opened by Miss E Johnson, Nursing Executive Officer, Hospitals & Charities Commission Over 300 delegates, including New Zealand Focus on looking to the future and preparing to achieve goals Four papers presented by nurses

9 1970 University of Melbourne Old Arts Building Consequences of speed Opened by Mary Evans, President, RVCN Papers on trauma and importance of speed in initial treatment; compound fractures; contaminated wounds, resuscitation and rehabilitation

10 1971 Camberwell Civic Centre Prostheses in surgery Space for 43 trade exhibitors with separate morning & afternoon tea rooms Keynote speaker Betty Thomas, Immediate past President AORN Surgical Dynamics provided pre-luncheon sherry and soft drinks

11 1972 Camberwell Civic Centre Patient centred care Keynote speaker Janet Lay, Theatre Coordinator, Prince Henry & Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Pre-conference exhibitor cocktail party for members Sr. Mary Felix, Chairman (St Vincent’s)

12 1973 Camberwell Civic Centre Circulatory, chest & cardiac surgery Opened by Miss P Armstrong, Secretary RVCN Fees $4 full conference, $2 per session; Lunch $4 Program & pre dinner drinks sponsored by Ethicon; morning & afternoon teas sponsored by Davis & Geck Marea Fennell, Chairman (St Vincent’s)

13 1974 Camberwell Civic Centre The road to casualty Keynote speaker, Dr Peter Bush, Director Casualty, RMH 330 delegates Fees $6, lunch $3 & members cocktail party $1.75 45 trade exhibitors

14 1975 Camberwell Civic Centre All chips & chisels ( no bone unturned) Keynote speaker Elizabeth Franks, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide & sponsored by Davis & Geck 309 delegates & 45 trade exhibits Surgical Dynamics sponsored the luncheon wine Lyn Root, Chairman (RWH)

15 1976 Camberwell Civic Centre Progress in a woman’s world Opened by Betty Lawson, Matron, RWH Topics related to gynaecology & infertility Fees $10, lunch $6, morning or afternoon tea $3 Presentations by nurses proved very popular

16 1977 Camberwell Civic Centre Surgery in renal failure Opened by Mr R Ansell, Administrator of Australian Kidney Foundation Topics addressed dialysis, kidney donation & transplantation Fees $12 for full day 45 trade exhibitors Pauline Bennett, Chairman (Maroondah)

17 1978 Camberwell Civic Centre Plastic & reconstructive surgery Opened by June Stewart, President, Directors of Nursing Association Topics addressed congenital defects, skin cancer & trauma including microsurgery 344 delegates paid $12 for conference Education session Lunch Morning tea

18 1979 Camberwell Civic Centre ENT surgery & Anaesthetics Opened by Rae Anstee, DON, Austin Hospital – Spoke about the largely unnoticed dedication required to be an operating room nurse & importance of professional membership Note: the Six C’s – colour, circulation, chest movement, carbon dioxide, cough and consciousness

19 1980 Camberwell Civic Centre Colorectal surgery Opened by Sir Edward Hughes, FRACS, Professor Surgery, Alfred Fees $15 full day; $7 half day Trade exhibit stand $150 Satchels were filled for delegates Dinner dance held on completion with 140 attending First coloured brochure & use of new logo Lorraine Rome, Secretary for 16 years (right) at the registration desk with Leonie Lorenz, Ass Treasurer

20 1981 Camberwell Civic Centre Neurosurgery Opened by Judith Cooney, Federal Secretary, RANF Papers covered trauma & intracranial lesions 370 delegates & 53 trade exhibits Proceedings made available on tape Front cover of first conference booklet Chloe Forsyth, Chairman (RMH)

21 1982 Camberwell Civic Centre Keeping pace with the 80s 21 st Annual conference Keynote address Miss June Allen, DON, Alfred & inaugural President of the Group Papers covered computers in the OR & pacemakers Satchels featured ORNG logo & 21 st key

22 1983 Camberwell Civic Centre Burns & Orthopaedics Keynote speaker Miss Elaine Orr, DON, RCH 390 delegates & 53 trade exhibits Fees $26 for conference & cocktail party Five nursing papers Happy hour concluded the conference Jacquie Dalzell, Chairman (Austin) & Elaine Orr

23 1984 Camberwell Civic Centre Vascular surgery & Safe Practices in the OR Keynote speaker Miss Mona Menzies, Chief Nursing Officer, VNC 442 delegates ‘squeezed’ into civic centre Fees $30 full day; $12 half day Trade exhibits cost $250 Last conference at Camberwell after 14 years Marea Fennell, Chairman (St Vincent’s)

24 1985 Southern Cross Hotel New parts for old Keynote speaker Dr Larry Osborne, EO, Repatriation General Hospital Papers covered, intraocular lenses, breast reconstruction & kidney transplantation 66 trade exhibits @ $500 per stand 420 delegates paid $40 for full conference

25 1986 Victoria hosted ACORN Conference Mara Fennell, Justice Kirby, Jacqui Dalzell L-R Back: Andrea Brien (Western) Michelle Cullen, Pamela Waite (Cabrini) Jenny Dyason, Mary Newton (Vic Clinic) L-R Front: Carmel Gagliardi, Marian Kilvert, Winsome Salway, Brain Newton Prince Henry’s Hospital and other delegates 1986 conference dinner ACORN Board. Judith Cornell front right

26 1987 Southern Cross Hotel New faces- a new outlook on life 25 th Conference Opening address Miss Lucy Jo Atkinson, Editor, Point of View Papers covered cochlear implants & craniofacial surgery 340 delegates & 63 exhibitors Five educational grants @ $400 awarded ( Western Hospital )

27 1988 Southern Cross Hotel All in a day’s work Opening Mr John Clareborough, OBE, FRACS Theme focused on day surgery Fees $55 for members; $60 for non members 450 delegates & trade exhibitor paid $660 for a stand Claire Collins, Chairman (RCH)

28 1989 Southern Cross Hotel Organ transplantation Keynote speaker Mr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, Director of Bioethics, St Vincent's Hospital Davis & Geck, Ansell, Johnson & Johnson & Stelmara sponsored name badges, satchels, pens & pads, and printings costs

29 1990 Southern Cross Hotel Laser surgery & neurosurgery Keynote speaker Ms Peg Higginbottom, Manager, Nursing Advisory Unit, DOH 600 delegates & 65 trade exhibits Fees $65 for members; $75 for non members New evaluation form captured data that led to revision of conference format

30 1991 Southern Cross Hotel ENT & Orthopaedics Keynote speaker Ms Chris Game, Director of Education, RCNA Research papers presented Plenary & concurrent sessions held, including workshops Surgicare, Fisher & Paykel, CIG, & Medtel provided equipment for workshops Windcheaters with the new logo for sale

31 1992 World Congress Centre The world is your oyster 30 th conference Keynote speaker Megan Jane Johnson, Nurse Ethicist, RMIT Fees $120 for members; $150 for non members 580 delegates; 75 trade Call for abstracts in ANJ Open forum & debate re single use items Leonie Lorenz, Chairman (Repat)

32 1993 World Congress Centre Victoria before the world- a spectrum of caring Keynote speaker Penny Smalley, Laser Consultant Research papers, forums & workshops VSPAAN presented a session 500 delegates Fee to attend cocktail party Speakers & committee used identifying ribbons

33 1994 World Congress Centre The art & science of perioperative nursing Keynote speaker Barbara Horner, Consultant in Education & Training Fees $160 members; $180 non members; $25 cocktail party; $27 lunch 550 delegates & 80 trade exhibits Clive Alsop hosted a hypothetical on partner presence during caesarean section

34 1995 World Congress Centre A new lamp is burning Keynote speaker Catherine Taylor, Head of School of Nursing, Deakin University Theme depicted changes in health care models & the need for perioperative nurses to preserve their identity Open forum depicted a law court & nurse & expert witness being cross examined Graduate certificate students presented on caring for ourselves & our patients New A4 size brochure

35 1996 World Congress Centre Look what do you see? Theme reflected advancement in minimally invasive surgery A debate on ‘any nurse can be a perioperative nurse’ facilitated by John Jost, broadcaster 74 trade exhibitors First glossy brochure

36 1997 World Congress Centre Prepare to be noticed No workshops but two surgical product presentations on breast biopsy system & flash sterilisation monitoring Passport incentive introduced ACORN President Carolyn Webster gave closing address Michelle Cullen, Chairman (Box Hill)

37 1998 World Congress Centre The future is within our reach Theme reflected desire to create opportunities & take responsibility 235 delegates and 68 trade attended Committee wore polo shirts to distinguish them

38 1999 Melb Convention Centre Kaleidoscope Theme reflected a wide variety of topics – VRE – Pre admission clinics – Complimentary therapies – Sentinel node biopsy – Management of teams – CPD Jorge Acevedo Rodriguez, Chairman (Eye & Ear)

39 2000 Melb Convention Centre Going for Gold Ass Prof Kate Burridge, Linguist, spoke at welcome breakfast Nicole Livingstone, Olympic swimmer gave keynote address Sir Murray Rivers QC (satirist Bryan Dawes) entertained at welcome reception Victorian Nurse's Choir sang at closing ceremony

40 2001 Melb Convention Centre Sea Change Keynote address Belinda Moyes, Principal Nurse, Nurse Policy Branch, DHS Plenary session panel spoke on recruitment & retention Cocktail reception at Melbourne Aquarium

41 2002 Victoria hosted the ACORN Conference Inaugural Judith Cornell Oration delivered by Judith Cornell, AM as an future event for perioperative nurses to share their vision for the future A masquerade ball was held for the 783 delegates and 100 trade Marilyn Schroder, President (Mercy) with Betty Schulz, incoming AORN President

42 2003 Moonee Valley Racecourse Horses for courses: diversity in the OR New venue was designed to cut costs but delegates numbers were down Stryker donated $1500.00 best paper prize won by Carollyn Williams (Barwon Health) Lesley Gilbert, President (Freemasons)

43 2004 Docklands Stadium Everyone's a winner: kicking goals for perioperative nursing Keynote address Marcia Griffin, business entrepreneur Ian Cover, sport commentator was MC Fees $375 for members, $475 for non members Two workshops preceded the conference, one at RACS simulation centre

44 2005 Docklands Stadium Flying the flag: tradition, innovation & the future Keynote speaker Robyn Moore, changing perception through the ‘power of the word.’ Closing speaker, Jane Clifton, comedian Full registration $375.00 members, $475.00 non members. Cocktail reception $60.00

45 2006 Melb Convention Centre Passing the baton Theme reflected innovation in clinical practice; research impact; management strategies & strategies for change Opening speaker Olga Kanitsaki, RMIT University Keynote address by Col Beverley Wright, Director of Defence Force Nursing

46 2007 Melb Convention Centre Perioperative nursing: a golden career Judith Bridges, President with Alan Gentry, Multigate Celebrated 50 years of the Group Opened by Dr David de Krester, Governor of Victoria Opening ceremony featured Victoria Police Band, past Presidents & Life members Keynote speaker Dr Ross Walker, cardiologist A Gold & Black Ball

47 2008 Melb Convention Centre The future is you … the next evolution Keynote speaker Li Cunxin ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ Hypothetical: ‘The Big Bang.’ Weekend, skeleton staff, terrorism, multiple trauma Debate: ‘The future of the perioperative nursing as we know it’

48 2009 The Sebel The courage to care Venue change to reduce costs Opening speaker Belinda Moyes, Chief Nurse, Vic Keynote address Peter Davidson, RAV & the rescue of 8 men during 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race Launch of the History of VPNG project Nan Lundie, President (Latrobe Uni)

49 2010 The Sebel Working together for success Opened by Adj Prof Belinda Moyes, Principle Nurse Advisor, DHS Keynote speaker Ass Prof Linda Starr, Dean School of Nursing Flinders University Paper on separating conjoined twins Trishna & Krishna Interactive workshops featured

50 2011 Flemington Racecourse Building on our Strengths MC Sam McCool, comedian Keynote address Amanda Gore, speaker to inspire creativity and laughter Open forum discussed standards of practice as a template for quality care and risk management Daniel Scholtes, President (Warragul)

51 2012 The Sebel Everyday heroes: making a difference Opening address Prof Michael Grigg, Vice President, RACS Keynote speakers – Peter Hughes, Bali bombing survivor on ‘Life beyond Bali’ – Avril Henry, ‘Working with generations’ – Professor Peter Choong, Chair of Surgery, St Vincent's Hospital on ‘Cancer surgery - what teamwork is all about’

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