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2 1867  William Lincoln created the Zoopraxiscope, which was numerous pictures that would be consecutively played. It was the same thing as stop motion. attitudes-of-animals-in-motion-illustrated-with-the- zoopraxiscope-1882/

3 1872  Louis Arthur Du Hauron takes the first color phitograph of the Angouleme Region in the South of France.

4 1888  George Eastman patented the Kodak Roll-film camera, this camera was very simple and very cheep.

5 1888  Thomas Edison invinted Kinetoscope, which could play films but only if viewed in a small box that had an eye slot to look through. www.victorian-

6 1891  Albert Londe added two more lenses to 10 lense camera and then had the only 12 lens camera. The purpose was to be able to study muscle movements 

7 1892  Georges Demeny Invited the Phonoscope which took a series on pictures and projected them in I larger form

8 1895  The Lumiere Brothers where the first to successfully make a film. The Film was the first film successfully able to be shown to more then one viewers.

9 1895  Woodville Latham and his sons developed the first movie Projector developed in the US 

10 1897 Cecil Wray and Cecil W. Baxter Created the combination Cameras and projector. ron.cfm ron.cfm

11 1899  George Eastman introduces the first Panoramic Camera. This camera takes 3.5in by 12in pictures. This was an Eastman Kodak brand camera.

12 1900  The Lumiere Brothers present the Photorama Lumiere, a 360 degree panoramic projector.

13 1902  Henry Miles sets up the first film exchange and making it possible to rent videos instead of having to purchase. chron.cfm chron.cfm

14 1900  The first animated cartoon was created by James Stuart Blackton, a film director. chron.cfm chron.cfm

15 1905  Harry Davis and William Penn opens the first nickelodeon in Pittsburgh and Cooper Hewitt mercury lamps make it practical to shoot fillms indoors and without sunlight. chron.cfm chron.cfm

16 1917  The first African American owned studio is established and called The Lincoln Motion Picture Company. chron.cfm chron.cfm

17 1929  The word “documentary” is introduced as well as the type of film. http://www.adventure- nanook-of-the-north/ http://www.adventure- nanook-of-the-north/

18 1925  Western Electric and Warner Bros. develop a system for films with sound. film/brief-history-sound-movies.html film/brief-history-sound-movies.html

19 1932  Technicolor was created and it involved three steps to produce color film. The first use of it was in a Disney film

20 1948 Cable television was introduces broadcasting channels to Oregon, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

21 1952  Hollywood introduces Cinerama and 3-D and Paramount announces it is going to create television production.


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