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The Arts of the Gilded Age

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1 The Arts of the Gilded Age
Mr. Johnson APUSH

2 The Gilded Age Mark Twain

3 The Gilded Age

4 I. Poets & Writers

5 Walt Whitman Democratic Vistas Leaves of Grass O Captain, My Captain
I Sing the Body Electric Song of Myself

6 Stephen Crane Maggie: A Girl of the Streets The Red Badge of Courage
Naturalism Women, slum life The Red Badge of Courage Civil War

7 Edward Bellamy Looking Backward Utopian socialism

8 William Dean Howells The Rise of Silas Lapham Rags to riches
Materialism vs. morality

9 Mark Twain The Gilded Age The Mysterious Stranger
Economics & politics The Mysterious Stranger Religious satire Anti-Imperialist League U.S. foreign policy Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer Popular works

10 II. Visual Artists

11 John Singer Sargent

12 Portraits

13 Portraits

14 A Dinner Table at Night

15 A Street in Venice

16 James McNeill Whistler

17 Arrangement in Grey & Black No. 1

18 “Peacock Room”

19 Mary Cassatt

20 Tea

21 The Bath

22 Margot in Blue

23 Winslow Homer

24 The Bathers

25 Gloucester Harbor

26 The Red Canoe

27 Albert Pinkham Ryder

28 Siegfried and the Rhine Maidens

29 The Dead Bird

30 Death on a Pale Horse

31 III. The Ashcan School

32 George Bellows

33 The Cliff Dwellers

34 Steaming Street

35 A Stag at Sharkey’s

36 Both Members of This Club

37 John French Sloan

38 McSorley’s Bar

39 Century Magazine

40 IV. Victorian Homes

41 Queen Victoria Queen of England Opulence Public morality

42 Saitta House Brooklyn, NY

43 Steinbeck House, Salinas, CA

44 Carson Mansion, Eureka, CA

45 Physick Estate, Cape May, NJ

46 Winchester “Mystery” House, San Jose, CA

47 Winchester “Mystery” House

48 Winchester “Mystery” House

49 V. Architects

50 Richard Morris Hunt

51 Vanderbilt House, Newport, RI

52 Marquand Chapel, New Haven, CT

53 Henry Hobson Richardson

54 State Asylum, Buffalo, NY

55 Trinity Church, Boston, MA

56 Louis Sullivan

57 People’s Federal S&L, Sidney, OH

58 Jewel Box, Grinnell, Iowa

59 Wainwright Building, Chicago, IL

60 Transportation Building, Chicago, IL

61 Chandelier

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