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Australian Information Industry Association Membership Value for Australian ICT Organisations August 2013.

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1 Australian Information Industry Association Membership Value for Australian ICT Organisations August 2013

2 ICT: A Vital Industry Sector ICT contributes nearly 8% of Australia’s GDP; generates in excess of $91b of revenue and drives a digital economy valued at some $100b (Australian ICT Statistical Compendium, ACS, 2012, p11) ICT job numbers are expected to double from 175,000 in 1999 to 350,000 in 2015 but over the last decade ICT enrolments in training and education have fallen nationally by 55 (Department of Business and Innovation, Victoria, ICT snapshot – The State of ICT skills in Victoria, January 2012) The Australia tech start-up sector has the potential to contribute 4% of GDP, $109bn and 540,000 jobs to the economy by 2033 (AGIMO Australia’s use and satisfaction with e-government services 2011)

3 About the AIIA Australia’s peak ICT industry body and advocacy group, providing representation, networking, brand awareness and thought leadership. For 35 years it has been our aim to advocate, promote, represent and grow the ICT industry in Australia. Our members are organisations (not individuals) including SMEs, listed Australian organisations, and global corporations. We currently represent over 400 member organisations. AIIA membership is open to all organisations involved with the ICT industry in Australia. AIIA is a Not-for-Profit Organisation.

4 Goal and Priorities A world class information, communications & technology industry delivering productivity, innovation & leadership for Australia Providing industry leadership and influence in our key focus areas: –Grow and Develop Industry –Drive the Digital Economy –Build Industry Capability Delivering member value

5 Strategic Framework 2012 - 15 Priorities Grow & Develop Industry Drive the Digital Economy Build Industry Capability Goal A world class information, communications & technology industry delivering productivity, innovation & leadership for Australia Focus Exceptional Membership Value Industry Leadership Operational Rhythm Peak Performance Outcomes  Vibrant eco-system  Differentiated services  Member driven SIG’s  Transformed online communications  New member programs & partnerships  Effective advocacy  Stakeholder engagement  Expert knowledge  Media profile & presence  Strong brand recognition  Respected industry events & forums  Membership retention & growth  Profitable programs (grants & sponsorships)  Reserves for association development  Appropriate governance  Active engagement of Members  Optimum investment of resources  Strong internal capabilities Scorecard Membership AdvocacyFinancialBusiness Measures % increase in membership engagement YOY % increase in membership YOY % increase in member satisfaction YOY % increase in AIIA website use Credibility with stakeholders # & significance of issues on slate % of industry represented # of vertical markets addressed % increase in Klout score % market awareness AIIA P&L, BS & cash flow ROI % membership contribution % programs contribution Board, Committee & SIG Governance Headcount “Great place to work”

6 AIIA Organisation Board ( 16 Directors with Chairman, Deputy Chair and Treasurer) AIIA Events (>60 p.a. nationally) AIIA Member Products and Services ( e.g. AIIA/AON Hewitt Salary Survey and ) AIIA Advocacy Services Telco & Media Mining and Energy AIIA Members, Government & Stakeholder Engagement 6 State/Territory Councils Innovation Geospatial Legal Cloud Education Environment EHealth Exporters Financial Services 21 Special Interest Groups (run by representatives from member organisations) 21 Special Interest Groups (run by representatives from member organisations) CEO Suzanne Campbell AIIA Secretariat State Governments Retail

7 AIIA Members AIIA represents ~400 AIIA member organisations nationally, ranging from global corporations to small businesses >80% of AIIA member organisations are SMEs ~90% of AIIA member organisations are Australian-owned

8 Delivering Membership Value 1.Presents excellent opportunities for members to: 1.Access critical information and stay abreast of industry issues 2.Meet important new contacts 3.Raise members’ organisational and personal brand profiles 2.Provides members with a strong, unified and effective industry voice to influence legislative and policy outcomes. 3.Offers a shield for members who wish to influence government policy, legislation and decision making, yet without using their own brand. 4.Delivers many member engagement and networking opportunities. 5.All employees nationally are entitled to participate in all AIIA initiatives and benefits.

9 Programs AIIA delivers a series of tailored programs and events for members: 1.> 60 events nationally 2.iAwards – August 2014 3.AIIA Navigating Analytics Summit – 20 March 2014 4.ICT Leaders Lunches – delivered around the country on a monthly basis 5.Full event information can be found at

10 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) AIIA Special Interest Groups are: Member-driven, not Board-driven Defined by a clearly articulated purpose, objectives and outcomes Aligned to the Strategic Objectives of the AIIA Designed to deliver member value Open to all members (but may include selected non-members) Usually National in scope and Chaired in a specific jurisdiction Ratified by and responsible to the Board (or Council for local SIGs) Subject to governance protocols and processes Supported by the Secretariat

11 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) SIGs enable members to connect with other members within their areas of interest, and to broader networks and markets. Each SIG defines its own purpose, goals and activities, such as: Policy development and advocacy Networking with external stakeholders and customers for members’ business development Networking with members and peer associations Increasing Industry awareness of capabilities and developments Responding to proposed legislative change, preparing submissions Sharing information and providing thought leadership.

12 SmartICT Election Platform Our SmartICT Platform envisions a society of connected and empowered citizens using SmartICT to create a vibrant and globally competitive economy. We call for specific actions in six key areas: 1. Shifting the focus to driving take up and use of our national broadband infrastructure, with a particular focus on Government use of SmartICT; 2. Stimulating growth and innovation by ICT start-ups and small business; 3. Motivating small and medium sized enterprises to improve their productivity by ‘getting online' and becoming digitally capable; 4. Addressing the ICT skills shortage; 5. Growing our ICT capability through improved research and development (R&D) capability and capacity and forging better links between research and industry; and 6. Acknowledging the ‘value’ of the digital economy by tracking and measuring its performance.

13 Products and Services AIIA members have access to specific products and services including: The AIIA/AON Hewitt Annual Salary Survey Industry Thought Leadership and White Papers Significant business cost savings through the exclusive knowledge and services portal at



16 Contact: Suzanne Campbell CEO 0438 408 909 E: Peter Strohkorb AIIA General Manager – Membership 0411 865 301 E: Australian Information Industry Association

17 Appendix

18 Current SIGs-1 NameScopeStatusComments CloudNational (NSW) ActiveGroup focussed on government policy and regulation and State and Federal levels. Regular teleconference meetings. EducationNational (VIC) ActiveMonthly teleconferences focussed on Skills relevance, ICT in schools, the eEducation market and the ICT Pathways project. Environment (eSIG) National (NSW) ActiveLong term group, focussed on eWaste and hardware lifecycle management. Monthly meetings in Sydney. ExportVICActiveRegular program of events to assist SMEs to market ICT internationally. Potential to expand nationally? Financial Services NSWActiveFocus on thought leadership in financial services technology Regular meetings and events in Sydney. Potential for national? GeoSpatialNational (VIC) ActiveFocus on using location-based data to benefit all types of ICT business. Holding regular teleconferences, planning events. eHealthNational (VIC) ActiveFocus on collaboration with governments using ICT to transform the healthcare industry, health information and ehealth implementation. Quarterly teleconferences NSW Healthcare NSWActiveLocal SIG, coordinated with national group. Monthly briefings in Sydney, regular events.

19 Current SIGs - 2 NameScopeStatusComments State GovtNSW, VIC, SA QLD, WA ActiveState SIGs, focussed on local State government issues, with various sub-groups InnovationNational (NSW) NewNewly formed group - initial meetings and networking events. LegalNationalActiveOnline group works to improve legislation for the ICT industry and provide legal support for AIIA initiatives. Mining & Energy Resources National (SA) NewFocus on using ICT sector to address challenges faced by the Mining, Energy and Resources sector. Monthly teleconferences. Products (PRSG) NationalActiveOnline group advises on standards, requirements, legislation and policies for ICT hardware in Australia. Works with eSIG. SecurityNationalFormingGroup has held initial meetings to developing strategy and activities for the year ahead. SustainabilityNational (NSW) New focus on IT to enable a more sustainable environment – ‘big problems, big solutions’. Monthly meetings/teleconferences. RetailNational (VIC) Re- forming Group is in the process of reforming, developing new strategy and focus for the year ahead. Telco & Media National (NSW) FormingAims to become the voice of a converged media and ICT world. Monthly meetings, events, thought leadership papers.

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