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The Victorians 1831-1901 An Era of Rapid Change.

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1 The Victorians An Era of Rapid Change

2 Queen Victoria Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years. Queen Victoria and
Prince Albert

3 Alice in Wonderland The Queen of Hearts

4 Prince Albert in a Can

5 Under Victoria’s Rule The role of the monarchy changes from giving orders to parliament to advising it. Proper behavior is insisted upon. British Imperialism spreads around the world. Industrial Revolution continues and creates middle class. Wealth and prosperity grow, but so does suffering.

6 Under Queen Victoria Middle class enjoyed vast new wealth and became educated. Literature shifted from romanticism to realism

7 Gothic Fiction Role of Architecture
English Gothic writers often associated medieval buildings with what they saw as a dark and terrifying period, characterized by harsh laws enforced by torture, and with mysterious, fantastic, and superstitious rituals.

8 Under Queen Victoria Romanticism
Romantics influenced early Victorian writers. Early Victorian poets focused on “poetic” subjects. Readers turned to novels that combined elements from both eras.

9 Family Tree

10 Yorkshire Moors Rocky Terrain Poor Soil

11 North Yorkshire Moors From Space

12 Wuthering Heights

13 Thrushcross Grange

14 Under Queen Victoria Realism
Fiction was considered light entertainment. Realism captured everyday life. Realist writers exposed social problems and pretensions. Psychological realism focused on internal realities of the mind. Novels were long and often published serially.

15 Gothic Fiction Setting
The setting of the Gothic Novel is a character in itself. The plot is usually set in a castle, an abbey, a monastery, or some other, usually religious edifice, and it is acknowledged that this building has secrets of its own. It is this gloomy and frightening scenery, which sets the scene for what the audience should expect.

16 Characteristics of Gothic Fiction
Virginal Maiden Older, Foolish Woman Hero Tyrant/Villain Stupid Servant Clowns Bandits/Ruffians Clergy

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