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Delivering VCE Physics 100% Online & Interactive Bruce Carpenter Victorian Virtual Learning Network (Physics) Bendigo Senior Secondary College STAV/AIP.

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1 Delivering VCE Physics 100% Online & Interactive Bruce Carpenter Victorian Virtual Learning Network (Physics) Bendigo Senior Secondary College STAV/AIP VCE Physics Teachers’ Conference 2013

2 Virtual Learning Network Website Demonstration course username: physicsconference password: vvlnguest

3 Our Brief Proof of concept project for DEECD “can you teach VCE subjects entirely online” Alleviate difficulties of remote schools Explore online teaching & learning strategies Utilise internet, multimedia, Web 2.0 Use a ‘Blended Learning’ Model

4 Blended Learning Model “combining online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and live instruction to personalise learning, allow thoughtful reflection and differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse range of learners”

5 Why? Shortage of Physics Teachers Small classes Aligns with student expectations Short trials with schools in the Bendigo district. Trialled with BSSC Unit 3&4 Physics Classes 2009-2011


7 2012 Provided remote Physics to: Charlton Secondary College Baimbridge College (Hamilton) Swan Hill Secondary College Murrayville Community College Individual students at Bendigo Senior Secondary College

8 2013 Providing unit 1-2 Physics to: Swifts Creek School Cohuna Secondary College Camperdown College Maryborough Education Centre Rushworth P-12 College Murrayville Community College Werrimull P-12 School Bendigo Senior Secondary College

9 2013 Providing Unit 3-4 Physics to : Wycheproof P-12 college Baimbridge College (Hamilton) McClelland College Frankston Murrayville Community College Maryborough Education Centre Werrimull P-12 School Swifts Creek Bendigo Senior Secondary College


11 Online Course Features Anytime, anywhere, 24/7 availability Software independent (no special installations apart from Java and Stellarium) Must be instructional Provide similar experience to classrooms Adobe Connect sessions Individual help via Skype

12 Funding Four Years @ 0.6 to develop Units 1 to 4 Partly DEECD Partly Multimedia Victoria Grant

13 Funding 2013 and beyond NBN – Enabled Education & skills Services Program (NBN-ESS) Federal Government Broadband Enabled Innovation Program (BEIP) State Government

14 There is a lot of material already available, however... Not comprehensive for our course Not always instructional Curriculum focus is unsuitable Static documents / text based - The ‘Electronic Filing Cabinet’

15 Research Internet searches Looking for courses not just activities Extensive travel interstate and overseas

16 Visits to distance/online education providers in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania ULearn Conference Nov 2010, Christchurch New Zealand Virtual Schools Symposium, Phoenix, Arizona ( Nov 2010) Idaho Digital Learning Academy, Boise Idaho Riverside Virtual School, Los Angeles

17 Vendors Not useful Many resources out there Very few written for VCE curriculum Bound up in yearly pay per student/school software fees

18 Typical US Online Course Assembled from a range of resources Includes Vendor provided learning objects Mainly text based Works in the US (different school culture) Not so sure about applying this to Australian physics students

19 The VVLN Online Physics Course

20 Learning Management System (LMS) MOODL E It’s Free!

21 Moodle Features Progress bar Submission Tasks Online Tests Forum Tracking student progress New Forums, Help forums

22 Extra Features Skype using document camera Adobe Connect meetings


24 Instructional Videos Teacher narration Explanation of theory Worked examples Branching options

25 Instructional Videos An engaging introduction Strategically placed animations, tables, graphs, fly-in text comments, diagrams, video clips.

26 Instructional Videos A ‘screencasting’ approach Rare Involve all usual features of a good lesson Multi-sensory (see, hear, do) Virtual Pointing “rough and unpolished” Authentic or “real” Easily edited and improved

27 DEMONSTRATIO N Instructional Video features Semi notes Virtual Prac Activity Quizlet

28 DEMONSTRATIO N Semi notes

29 DEMONSTRATIO N Instructional Video Unit 2 Physics – Energy Transformations

30 DEMONSTRATIO N Virtual Prac Activity Virtual Prac Instructions PhET Simulation – Energy Skate Park


32 Remote Online Lessons Answers to set questions supplied Submission Tasks Individual SKYPE sessions

33 Findings from trials at BSSC Fast students go faster They attempt extension questions Slower students can rewind and catch up Illness, sport, camps not such a problem Can integrate prac work continuously VCE results at least as good as traditional class.

34 Advantages over traditional class Can help to train student teachers Benefits of years of teaching experience

35 How do we Make the Resources? Notebook (Smartboard) Software Adobe Captivate 6 Software Screen capture with eLearning tools Storyboard in Notebook or PowerPoint Narrate each slide Embellish with emphasis

36 Slides created using Notebook Software

37 Slides are imported into Adobe Captivate

38 Each slide is narrated

39 How do students Like it? Many student flip - flop Better student engagement Clear improvement over previous years Other teachers notice the improvement No student training needed No student resistance

40 Teacher Impact Teacher’s role changes fundamentally ‘Sage on the Stage’ to ‘Guide on the Side’ Class time available for directly addressing student concerns. You will know your students better

41 Response Overwhelmingly positive so far We recognise it is not for everyone It has worked for us Low dropout rate Results as good as expected if not better

42 The Future Delivery to more remote schools National Physics Curriculum Revision Lectures Adjustments due to no June Exam (2013) More VCE subjects to be developed Publish to a range of mobile devices Galaxy Tab 10.1 (will play our Flash videos) iPad App ?

43 Other VLN online Courses Maths Methods Units 1-2 Psychology Units 1&2 Specialist Maths 3&4 Chemistry 1&2 (under construction) Legal Studies 1-4 (under construction) Health 1-4 (under construction) General Maths (under construction)

44 Questions?

45 Bruce Carpenter Virtual Learning Network – Physics Bendigo Senior Secondary College Website Demonstration course username: physicsconference password: vvlnguest

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