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Immigration, Urbanization, and Everyday Life,

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1 Immigration, Urbanization, and Everyday Life, 1860-1900
Chapter 19

2 Guiding Questions 1.) How did Immigrants shape American cities?
2.) What were political bosses and why did they gain power in the post Civil War cities? 3.) Why did tensions develop between civic reformers and the urban poor?

3 Guiding Questions 4.) How did new consumer products and greater leisure time reinforce awareness of class and ethnic differences? 5.) What was “Victorian morality”, and why was it under attack by the late 19th Century? 6.) How did economic and educational transformations affect the social roles of women?

4 Urbanization Urbanization Immigration Housing (Tenements) Sanitation
Social Classes Americanization

5 Urbanization Why did Immigrants come to U.S. cities? Old Immigrants
New Immigrants Castle Garden ( ) Ellis Island Angel Island Steerage

6 Urban Society Ethnic Neighborhoods Language Barriers Irish Immigrants
Irish-American German-American Jewish-American Italian neighborhood, Mulberry Street, New York

7 Urbanization Slums Ghettos Discriminatory Laws Pollution
Infant Mortality Rate Hell’s Kitchen

8 Urbanization Fashionable Avenues Fifth Avenue Commonwealth Avenue
Suburbia New Transportation Methods

9 Everyday Life The Victorian Code The American Woman’s Home
Catherine Beecher Proper Manners How did women respond to the Victorian Code?

10 Everyday Life Department Stores Rowland Macy The Adventure of Shopping
Higher Education Leland Stanford

11 Everyday Life Political Bosses Political Machines Boss William Tweed
Tammany Hall Grafts Thomas Nast

12 Everyday Life Battling Poverty Robert Hartley
New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (AICP) Charles Brace New York Children’s Aid Society

13 Everyday Life The Salvation Army “General” William Booth
Josephine Shaw Lowell’s Charity Organization Society (COS) Accusations against the COS

14 Everyday Life The Social Gospel Washington Gladden
Walter Rauschenbusch The Federal Council of Churches Rauschenbusch

15 Everyday Life Settlement Houses Jane Addams Hull House
What types of things did the Hull House offer to those in need?

16 Everyday Life Saloons Immigrant Politics Bare-knuckle prize fighting
Baseball The New York Knickerbockers The National League The Cincinnati Red Stockings

17 Everyday Life Entertainment Vaudeville Amusement Parks (Coney Island)
Dance Halls Ragtime

18 Everyday Life The Genteel Tradition Eliot Norton E.L. Godkin
The Century The North American Review The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) Mark Twain

19 Everyday Life Public Education in the late 19th Century
William Torrey Harris Mandatory Attendance Policies How did the poor react to the new education laws? How did the Catholic Church respond to the new education laws?

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