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Phil Micallef – President. Sandra Reed - Vice-President /Treasurer Karen Leek - Vice-President Lisa Delbridge - Membership Coordinator Ashlee Terry John.

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1 Phil Micallef – President

2 Sandra Reed - Vice-President /Treasurer Karen Leek - Vice-President Lisa Delbridge - Membership Coordinator Ashlee Terry John Reid Jim Absalom John Cheeseman Patti Ladd - Honorary Secretary


4 PRESIDENT Phil Micallef RACING Jim Absalom BREEDERS John Reid OWNERS John Cheeseman

5 PRESIDENT Phil Micallef INTEGRITY Phil Micallef RULES & REGULATIONS Jim Absalom OTB GENERAL Karen Leek Jim Absalom

6 PRESIDENT Phil Micallef ANIMAL WELFARE Sandra Reed REPRESENTATION Brendan Smith Jim Absalom COURSING Lisa Delbridge

7 In 2014, the GOTBA prioritised the following areas: 1. Grading, 2. Track preparation and safety, 3. Chasing, and 4. Animal Welfare.

8 1.Grading Worked with GRV to make Grading fairer (Grandstand Grading) and will conduct an audit of Stage 1 with GRV in December 2014. - Associated Rule - Grade 6 and 7 Metro Non Penalty meetings Tier 3 Racing – reduction in no. of ‘outs’ 1.300

9 2.Track preparation and safety Provided set of recommendations on Track Safety and Surfaces As a result, Clubs now notify participants about the harrowing of tracks GRV conducting a Track Surface Study to determine optimal racing surface and best preparation procedures for racetracks to minimise injuries Recommended to GRV to initiate metrics to measure track surfaces which GRV have acknowledged and invited the GOTBA to assist. GRV now studying current racetracks to determine best designs for the safety of the dog (camber, rail, fence, box placement, lure etc.)

10 3.Chasing Stopped changes to the interpretation of the POCTA (Prevention of Cruelty To Animals) Act and changes to the live bait animal cruelty rule GRV committed to consult and reach agreement with GOTBA to formulate a new rule GOTBA are developing a draft Policy which will be distributed to all members and published on our website for member feedback Trial of Hoop Lure Track Curator’s Forum declared demonstration trial of Hoop Lure as successful

11 4.Animal Welfare Working with GRV on Animal Welfare policies and feedback on the implementation of Policies Proposed a range of Greyhound Studies the GOTBA could conduct Hairline Fractures Racing and Chasing Greyhound Injury register Box Draw Warm Up areas – making sure warm up areas exist for greyhound trainers. Traralgon redevelopment to include warm up area.

12 Provided “Right of Use” proposal directly to State Government i.e. 5 greyhounds per acre etc. Established regional partnerships with coursing clubs and establishment of regional branches of the GOTBA – Geelong and encouraging members in other regional areas to become involved. Re-established the GOTBA as the influential voice for participants Modernised and improved communications with our members Launched new website October 2014 Facebook

13 Met with GRV in the development phase of their Strategic Plan to represent GOTBA’s interests in the future of Victorian Greyhound Racing Achieved a commitment from GRV to consult with the GOTBA on industry matters Negotiated 4 submissions to The Informer to assist recruitment and notify industry of tasks and achievements

14  Increase GOTBA authority level – recruitment drive to increase membership to 1,000 members  Grading Continuously reviewing grading so that it meets the litmus test  Welfare  Expand GAP program to increase intake  Assist GRV to develop pathways for young greyhounds that aren’t up to Victorian standards  Ensure Balance in animal welfare argument  Increase No of average race starts from 11 to 50 for Victorian greyhounds  Tack designs and Safety

15 Integrity Representation to commence 2015 Box Draw Audit Testaprop guidelines Drug detection Chasing POCTA – draft policy Lure types Communication The Informer, Website, Radio, National Greyhound Form

16 The GOTBA Charter has been documented to ensure there is no mystery as to the GOTBA values and management style. Our values are all about openness, honesty, group decision making, commitment and a drive for continuous improvement. Our way of doing things is characterised by energy, drive and a sense of urgency. The following values are the cornerstone of “The GOTBA Charter” and so our personal behaviour must reflect them: 1.We are committed to providing a voice for members, to satisfying member needs and to treating every member with respect and without bias. 2.We promote animal welfare and respect for the Greyhound. 3.Key issues will involve consultation and discussion. 4.Everyone has a right to be heard in a non-threatening environment, and there is an expectation that the truth will be told. 5.Our word is our bond. We will demonstrate a high level of personal integrity. 6.We promote all forms of greyhound racing / coursing. 7.We encourage behaviour that reflects the pursuit of quality and continual improvement on all our activities. 8.We show respect for one another and for those with whom we deal.

17 Vision  A professional organisation that represents the interests of members and the welfare of greyhounds alike and shape the future of greyhound racing in Victoria for the benefit of our sport. Mission  Proactively manage and represent the interests of members during the development and implementation of rules and matters affecting Greyhound Racing, Breeding, Training and Ownership in Victoria

18 Goals  Increase membership to include 90% of GOTB by 2019  Move from consultation to being an integral part of decision making by end of 2016  Represent the interests of members from 2015 at GRV hearings  Protect and build integrity across the industry in Victoria Promote Animal Welfare with a balanced outcome  Continue to improve industry standards across all facets of the sport for the benefit of members  Develop policies to promote better chasing  Help select greyhound representative on the GRV Board by end of 2015 Growth Strategy  Become a professional body by January 2019

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