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 Background ◦ – First survey of its kind in the VSL ◦ - It is a survey to capture responses but also understand staff thinking and areas of improvement.

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2  Background ◦ – First survey of its kind in the VSL ◦ - It is a survey to capture responses but also understand staff thinking and areas of improvement  Methodology ◦ – It is a survey of the VSL community with commentary – anonymous and had relationship with VSL  Theme approach ◦ - Demographic, Multiculturalism, Multilingualism, LOTE, ACARA, role of VSL and finally open ended commentary  Demography ◦ - First section of survey on demographic profile  Valid survey responses ◦ – between 460- 552 depending on the question out of a total number of about 800 people ◦ -236 made comments – equalling 29 pages of commentary, over 300 did not.

3 Out of 517 respondents  Gender ◦ 409 (79.1 %) of the respondents are female ◦ 108 (20.9 %) of them are male  Country of origin ◦ 434 (83.90%) were born in another country ◦ 83 (16.1%) were born in Australia  Role at the VSL ◦ 447 (86.5%) are teachers

4  Multiculturalism ◦ 502 respondents  321 indicate that education programs in Victoria are sensitive to cultural diversity (181not sure, or disagree)  216 agree that there is an indifference to the decline of the ethnic media outlets in Australia (226 respondents not sure)

5  Multilingualism  Out of 498 respondents, ◦ 90% think that Victoria is a multilingual society ◦ 58.5 % agree that languages still provoke controversy  Out of 471 respondents, ◦ 180 (38.2%) think that the most important reason why students choose to do languages is because  they think learning languages is useful and valuable ◦ And 122 (25.9 %) agree that students do languages because  it brings bonus points for the future studies ◦ 3 rd most important reason for sts doing lanuages for 117 (24.8%) respondents is that because  their parents insist

6 ◦ the least important reason 128 (27.2%) respondents think why students choose to do languages is  because it is obligatory ◦ it is followed by 104 (22.1%) people who think that one of the least important reasons for sts choosing to do languages is  the peers

7  There are diverse opinions about defining an appropriate term for non-English languages.


9  The Role of the VSL  out of 460 respondents, ◦ 448 (97.4) people agree with that  VSL is making a positive contribution to language learning  about the strongest attributes of the VSL ◦ 174 (37.8) people think that  it is good at what it is doing ◦ 153 (33.3%) people think that  it is a public school ◦ 97 (21.1 %) people think that  it is its community

10  the attributes of the VSL that need the most improvement, ◦ 156 (33.9 %) people think it is  its technology, facilities and materials ◦ 95 (20.7 %) think it is  its funding ◦ 79 (17.2 %) people think it is  its relationship with the Department of Education

11  Some randomly chosen comments on  The Role of the VSL  VSL is still playing an important role in promoting language diversity.  The role of the VSL is very important and many schools like that should exist.  VSL is proud of its history and its commitment of teaching languages in Victoria; I believe it will continue to play an important role for the people coming from different backgrounds and cultures

12  Most languages will be disappeared. The VSL's role is to manage and provide LOTE training/learning. Help every LOTE to survive.  It is doing a good job despite limited resources available.  VSL has a vital role to promote and maintain the community languages now and in the future.  VSL has been doing a great work in presenting to the world a tolerant Australia, in terms of language and culture, which is unique.  It is an excellent way of keeping the rich culture and heritage of many communities.

13  Comments on the expectations from the VSL  I believe that the VSL is doing a great job in the promotion of languages to the wider community, however improvement is needed with respect to the provision of computer and internet access, particularly for VCE classes.  the VSL would benefit greatly if it were promoted more widely in the communities.  It would be great to see professional development programs run with topics that are useful (i.e.: making up resources) and start to create unison with staff.  Departmentof Education should encourage and enhance the knowledge more widely in the society that multilingual citizens are not only valuable resources, but they are also very essential for globalization.

14  The VSL is a fundamental keystone in promoting the importance and future of language learning through the state sector. However, there must be more cooperation through host day schools to promote The VSL via advertising. Open/ Multicultural Days could also be conducted at Centres for promotional purposes.  There is no doubt of the development of VSL in the future. However, to what extent it develops is wholly depending on the link between the department, school and community as well as teachers to foster the interest and need to learn the languages and cultures.  It requires greater funding in order to provide a higher quality level of education through improved technology, facilities and materials.

15  Most languages will disappear. The VSL's role is to manage and provide LOTE training/learning. Help every LOTE to survive.  VSL should get more funding for giving ICT facilities to the language teachers. Preferably teachers should be given laptops and internet access at VSL schools. More funding is needed for the development of resources.  The school's marketing including image needs improvement.  The VSL should be considered a leader in Language teaching and should play a role in the development of the National Curriculum. The VSL structure is also something that should be adopted in other states. It will also be a dynamic centre to help maintain the teaching of languages not included in the National Curriculum.

16  Languages become less important and interesting for students. LOTE should become compulsory for all schools and mainly to students with a non-Australian background. Also, VSL should be become what we call the extra after language school for qualification in the language chosen,...  VSL should continue to provide and maintain the language learning not only in Victoria, but in other states also!  VSL should play more important roles in promoting languages.  Better facilities are needed at the Saturday morning centres.  The VSL is a fantastic school. It is such a shame that not many people know about this school - more should be done to advertise the VSL and make it known to the community. Teachers are inhibited by the fact that there is no access to technology at the centres, which is keeping us behind other schools. A really good school with dedicated teachers to providing an enjoyable and valuable learning experience to language students.

17  Because students of languages do not view language as a compulsory part of their education, language studies need to excite the students to be perceived as worthwhile. The VSL needs to invest in passionate teachers who are prepared to cater for multiple intelligences...  VSL is well positioned to take a significant role in delivery of the national language curriculum and needs to embrace the opportunity.  More funding, more marketing, more IT and other materials, more advertising more PD, more teachers and more centres.  We should be more than just a «Saturday School». ...Smart people learn languages. Learning languages is very important for the academic improvement of the children...  Let's hope this survey will have a positive impact on the learning of LOTE in Australia


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