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Wednesday 27 th November, 2013 SPA Victorian Branch Annual General Meeting 2013.

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1 Wednesday 27 th November, 2013 SPA Victorian Branch Annual General Meeting 2013

2 Agenda Welcome and Apologies Presentation from Guest Speakers:  David Trembath International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014) Victorian Executive 2013 update and achievements Election of Victorian Branch Executive for 2013

3 Guest Speakers David Trembath “Autism: The Evolution of an Idea ”

4 International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014) The ICP2014 aims to:  Raise the profile and status of communication disability with international health bodies and policy makers;  Increase public awareness of communication disability and the severe impact it has on people's lives;  Encourage people around the world to join together to make a difference in the lives of people living with communication disability.

5 The campaign is based on three key messages:  Communication is vital to life Communication disorders limit a person's ability to participate fully in family life, their community, education and the world of work.  Communication professionals make a critical difference Without access to key services, people with communication disorders are at a lifelong disadvantage.  Early intervention is key Research shows that early identification and intervention programs create positive results over a lifetime for people with communication difficulties and society as a whole. International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014)

6 ICP2014 Australian Communication Champions  Become the face of the campaign on the ground. Learn new skills. Raise the profile of communication disorders and speech pathology in your local community. Make a difference around the world.  Campaign Toolkits International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014)

7 2013 has been another busy year for the Victorian Branch Executive Monthly branch meetings continue to be well attended with focus around the new branch structure for 2014. Victorian Executive Update

8 Victorian Executive 2013 2013 Executive:  Councillor:Robyn Stephen  President:Jessica Andrianakis  Vice President:Charmaine Tu  Secretary/Treasurer: Jane-Elise Healey  CPD:Linda Crisci & Charmaine Briffa  PWG:Gillian Dickman  PS:Kat Potter  Public Affairs:Kim Martin and Amanda Simionato  Scientific Affairs:Laura Voight  SPEL:Kathryn Harker & Pam Thuan  Rural and Regional: Lucie Shanahan

9 Victorian Executive 2013 2013 Executive:  Independent Practitioners:Lisa Furlong  Mentoring (Adult):Talin Gochian  Mentoring (Paeds):Kaye Kingham  Vic Voice EditorShane Erickson  DEECD:Charmaine Tu  La Trobe University:Sue Block  University of Melbourne:Ruth Nicholls  Australian Catholic University: Diane Jacobs  Student Representatives:(LTU UG) Mandy Ip & Erin de Winter (LTU GEM) Paige Marshall & Leah Paice (CSU) Lucie Thompson & Naylan McDonell (UoM) Hailey Dumesny, Julia Greco & Alice Crook (ACU) Roshni Kaur and Kayla Di Placido

10 Victorian Executive Achievements  Kate Fleming  Rebecca Lamont  Laura Voigt  Katherine Sanchez  Charmaine Tu  Jessica Hayward  Tori Codingly  Megan Sceriha  Sarah Finegan  Kaye Kingham  Lisa Furlong  Cara Di Roberto  Erin De Winter  Hailey Dumesny  Alicia Phillips  Julia Greco  Myfanwy Goode  Paige Marshall Pregnancy, Babies and Children’ Expo  A Special thanks to all those who assisted in making the Speech Pathology Australia Stand such a success.

11 Health Sector Leadership Program  Congratulations to Kat Potter, Rebecca Lamont, Ruth Nicholls and Jane- Elise Healey Victorian Executive Achievements

12 Victorian Branch Social Event  Work is underway for a Social Networking Event in 2014 Meeting with Kathleen Phillips, Chief Allied Health Advisor of Victoria  Kath is aiming to increase to profile of Allied Health at State level when discussions with medical / nursing representatives happen  Discussion around  Increasing demand for SP services leading to transdisciplinary models of care and “key worker roles” – potential for skill reduction / devaluing of profession  Reduction in SP positions (reduced career progression, reduced time for PD/upskilling, effect on students placements, reduced new grad/gr 1 positions)  SP burn out and retention (career satisfaction / stress of covering multiple positions) Victorian Executive Achievements

13 New Branch Structure for 2014 Meetings to continue to run once a month (first Wednesday of each month beginning in February and finishing in November) 15 minutes meeting for Branch executive team (commencing at 6 – 6:15pm) 45-60 minute meeting for projects. Key Business of the Victorian Branch:  Lobbing and Influencing  Communication and Public Affairs  CPD, Research and EBP

14 Executive Team - Chair - Vice Chair - Secretary/Treasurer - Members (min 5) - Student coordinator - University Rep CPD Portfolio?Mentoring Task Group 1 - Executive Team Coordinator - Volunteers Task Group 2 - Executive Team Coordinator - Volunteers New Branch Structure for 2014

15 Examples of executive business:  Project feedback  Cheese and wine nights for universities  Book of the Year Awards Examples of projects:  Member Engagement e.g. Website, twitter, speakout, national e-news, national facebook  Social event planning (Networking)  Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s expo (October)  Speech Pathology Week (August)  Student event (September)  Lobbying/State Election (November)

16 Feedback? New Branch Structure for 2014

17 Election of Victorian Branch Executive Given the changes to the new branch structure with removal of official portfolios, and only one nomination received for each position, all positions are elected unopposed. 2014 Executive  Branch Chair:Jessica Andrianakis  Vice Chair:Charmaine Tu  Secretary / Treasurer:Jane-Elise Healey  CPD:Linda Crisci & Kate Bridgman  Mentoring:Awaiting 2014 plans

18 Election of Victorian Branch Executive (cont’d) 2014 Executive cont’d  Laura Voigt  Jenny Elliot  Talin Gochian  Kat Potter  Lisa Furlong  Pamela Thuan  Lucie Shanahan  Kaye Kingham  Alice Cook  Naylan McDonell  Shay Thompson  Leah Paice  Page Marshall  Kaylah Di Placido  Roshni Kaur  Hailey Demesny

19 Summary If anyone is interested in being involved in a project or with the executive team in 2014, please contact me at (email also available on SPA Vic Branch website) Members are welcome to come to a branch meeting to hear more about what we do. Contact Jane-Elise Healey (Secretary) for more Schedule of meetings is also available on the Vic Branch page of the SPA website ( members/branches/victoria) members/branches/victoria Any questions?

20 Presentations Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the work of the Victorian Branch during 2013

21 Thank you Thanks for coming, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and here’s to a great year for Vic Branch in 2014!!

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