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Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Assoc Prof Lisa Amir Ms Anita Moorhead MCH Conference 18 September 2014.

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1 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Assoc Prof Lisa Amir Ms Anita Moorhead MCH Conference 18 September 2014

2 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines

3 Review commenced 2011 Consistent with NHMRC Consult Rewrite NHMRC- delayed release Publish – 2014

4 Aims align with current international evidence and guidelines regarding breastfeeding, infant feeding, and the provision of breastfeeding advice and support to parents be consistent with the revised National Health and Medical Research Council’s Infant Feeding Guidelines for Health Workers be informed and reviewed by experts in the field meet the information needs of the target audiences including MCH Service staff, midwifery staff and other health practitioners include guidance pertaining to breastfeeding and smoking, alcohol and drug use, and HIV and Hepatitis infected breastfeeding mothers. Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines

5 The Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines are designed to be used in conjunction with the National Health and Medical Research Council, Infant Feeding Guidelines – Information for Health Workers (2012). For some breastfeeding conditions the Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines will provide detailed advice and guidance that will be a concise and useful resource for health professionals.

6 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Review process: Public forum Key consultations Advisory panel Literature review

7 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Review Public Forum Royal Women’s Hospital Conference Centre 21 July 2011 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Royal Women’s Hospital and Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe University

8 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines How breastfeeding works – updated physiology Breastfeeding advice during pregnancy Establishing breastfeeding – guidance for best practice Skin to skin The first breastfeed Natural pattern of breastfeeding Rooming in Monitoring infant’s progress

9 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Routine breastfeeding assessment – for mother and baby History taking and examination Nipple issues Breast issues- including mastitis guidance Milk supply issues Maternal illness and breastfeeding Infant-related breastfeeding issues Preterm and care of the late preterm baby in the maternity setting Multiples Unsettled

10 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Alternative methods of infant feeding when breastfeeding is not possible Expressing and storage, infant formula feeding, donor milk and breast milk banks Continuing breastfeeding Breastfeeding and sexuality Return to paid employment Medicines and drug & alcohol Websites about pregnancy and parenting Diet Breastfeeding and solids Community support and information services

11 DEECD Breastfeeding resources Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy recognises the importance of breastfeeding and provides a framework for priorities and action for Australian governments at all levels Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines​ (pdf kb) - a source of evidenced-based breastfeeding information for health professionals Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines​ (pdf kb) Breastfeeding in Victoria: Report 2010 (pdf mb) - part of the Victorian Breastfeeding Research Project Breastfeeding in Victoria: Report 2010 (pdf mb) Increased Rate of Breastfeeding - the Catalogue of Evidence 2008 on breastfeeding Increased Rate of Breastfeeding Giving Breastfeeding a Boost community-based approaches to improving breastfeeding rates literature review Giving Breastfeeding a Boost 2005 Telephone support Maternal and Child Health Line - available 24 hours a day on 13baby or Mum to Mum - a 24 hour breastfeeding helpline, available on 1800 mum 2 mum or Web links Australian Breastfeeding Association - provides a range of support and information on breastfeeding Australian Breastfeeding Association Raising Children Network - offers lots of information on breastfeeding Raising Children Network Better Health Channel - provides health and medical information to improve health and wellbeing including breastfeeding Better Health Channel Having a Baby in Victoria - provides information and options on maternity care available Having a Baby in Victoria Information designed to specifically support Indigenous families: Australian Indigenous Health Info Net - health promotion resources Australian Indigenous Health Info Net

12 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Victorian women receive perinatal care from a range of health professionals that include midwives, general practitioners, nurses, obstetricians, paediatricians, and maternal and child health nurses. Women often describe breastfeeding information and advice as inconsistent. These guidelines are a source of evidence-based breastfeeding information for health professionals to use when working with women and their families during the continuum of breastfeeding.

13 Advisory panel MemberRepresentingMemberRepresenting Vickie Veitch DEECDDr Kylie Blackwell Community Paediatrician Dr Jenny ProimosPaediatrician /DEECDChris ScottMidwife/ private sector Helen AdamsLactation ConsultantGene-Anne CurtinConsumer Pam HeselevMCHN/ IBCLCAssoc Prof Sue JacobsNeonatologist Jenny RobertsLactation ConsultantLeva AzadiDietician /Dept. Health Meg JarvisLactation ConsultantDr Jenni JamesIBCLC/Academic/Midwife Joanne GilbertRegional MidwifeDr Anita BearzattoGP/IBCLC Kerri McEganLactation Consultant Milk Banking Kate MortensenAustralian Breastfeeding Association Nanette ShoneAustralian Breastfeeding Association

14 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Distribution MCHN’s Maternity services General Practitioners - RACGP Online! – DEECD ildhood/Victorian%20Breastfeeding%20Guidelin es%20FINAL% pdf

15 Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines Anita Moorhead and Associate Professor Lisa Amir would like to recognise the key writers and contributors and DEECD collaborators: Judith Russell, Ruth Berkowitz and Fiona McLardie-Hore. Mary Caruana, Jennifer Halliday and Manjri Raval. DEECD: Anne Colahan, Karene Fairbairn, Jenny Proimos, Claire Leske


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