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Operator Training Simulator for Milk Powder Production Processes

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1 Operator Training Simulator for Milk Powder Production Processes
The Virtual Powder Plant Operator Training Simulator for Milk Powder Production Processes Michael Robinson – Manager, NCDEA Gilbert Chandler Centre

2 Project sponsors

3 The Victorian Dairy Industry: Milk Powder Production
Dairy based powders account for over 36% of Australian dairy industry manufacturing Milk powders contribute over $1 billion in export income to Victoria Reference: Dairy Australia; ABARE

4 Powder Manufacturing Systems
Large, complex and diverse operations Difficult for new staff to master Offer challenges in process optimisation Highly automated, with hidden sequencing steps Equipment is remote from operator terminals

5 Skilled operators for industry

6 The Simulator The development of an Operator Training Simulator to provide operational staff with: training and competency development a tool for observing the changes in both manufacturing operations and product parameters in an interactive system a guide for operational changes in manufacturing

7 The typical Operator interface – Murray Goulburn Cooperative Ltd Rochester site

8 Focus: Operations & Supervisory Staff
Improved understanding of the plant activities Analysis of signs and signals Early recognition of problems Fine-tuning tools Plant optimisation capacity Problem prevention and problem solving capability

9 Outcomes: The Simulator
The Package Modelled on Murray Goulburn Coop Ltd Rochester Fidelity Operating Manuals Engineering tools Data capacity Process Trend Charts Remote Connection Networked VPN access (dongle activated)




13 Learner interface – evaporator simulator and operation procedure

14 Learner interface – dryer simulator and operation procedure


16 Outcomes: Delivery Class Usage Remote access
Diploma & Grad Cert programs – blended delivery Certificate II & III – Food Processing Remote access Elluminate on-line usage Remote access from workplaces Control room access Firewalls, ownership & licensing

17 Implementation - Outcomes for the Dairy Industry
For operator training the Simulator will facilitate: Improved operator performance Reduced wastage and rework Improved product quality and plant performance Reduced plant downtime Reduced operational costs Improved profitability

18 Future developments Interface simplification
Parent plant layout with core information and buttons Overlay of scripted scenarios CadSimPlus direct HTML linkage of Operating Manuals Further development of knowledge base linkages to HTML Operating Manuals

19 Project Contributors Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

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