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Slide 1 27 March 06 TENCON 2005 Final Report Region 10 Meeting, 27 March 2006 Enn Vinnal, IEEE Victorian Section.

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1 Slide 1 27 March 06 TENCON 2005 Final Report Region 10 Meeting, 27 March 2006 Enn Vinnal, IEEE Victorian Section

2 Slide 2 27 March 06 1.Tencon 2005 dimensions 2.Statistics of outcomes 3.Lessons learnt & comments 4.Acknowledgements

3 Slide 3 27 March 06 Tencon 2005 Dimensions

4 Slide 4 27 March 06 Tencon 2005 Duration:3 days of papers + tutorial day Keynotes:One at start of each day No. of paper streams:12 parallel streams (10 on Day 3) No. of paper sessions:102 No. of papers:517 No. of tutorials:4 Co-operation with existing conference:ATNAC (telecomms & networks)

5 Slide 5 27 March 06 Statistics of Outcomes

6 Slide 6 27 March 06 Outcomes: Technically successful – number of papers exceeded optimistic expectations Financially successful – made a modest profit and will return 30% of surplus to Region 10 Patronage by Industry was better than expected (8 patrons)

7 Slide 7 27 March 06 Attendance Overview: Higher than expected –489 paying attendees compared to 400 in optimistic budget Ratio of student to normal registrants was was higher than expected (37% v. 20%) which had some budget implications Ratio of non-authors to authors was lower than expected

8 Slide 8 27 March 06 Attendance Summary: Full fee 1 ($525) 44(8.6%) Non-member (early)($497) 100(19.6%) IEEE member (early)($462) 166(32.5%) Student, Life etc($308) 179(35.0%) Patrons($0) 22(4.3%) Total 511 Note 1: all fees in US dollars (1 AUD = 0.7 USD)

9 Slide 9 27 March 06 Some Lesson Learnt & Comments

10 Slide 10 27 March 06 Conference Venue Thing done well –4 star hotel with excellent facilities & food –IEEE legal department in US negotiated legal contract with the venue and local IEEE Section was co-signatory Lessons –Allow professional conference organiser to negotiate best price –Audio-visual expensive through hotel but no alternative

11 Slide 11 27 March 06 Technical Program Organisation Thing done well –Paper submission & review process used EDAS (Editor’s Assistant), –Publicised Call-for-Paper widely using IEEE-enotice mail- out service Lessons –Had to extend first deadline for Call-for-Papers because authors were slow to submit (64 papers) –Tutorials were not as well attended as hoped for

12 Slide 12 27 March 06 Conference CD-ROM & IEEEXplore Compliance Lessons –Some authors do not follow formatting guidelines »no suitable IEEE template so need to give authors well laid out instructions on how to format paper –Some PDFs of papers still not IEEEXplore compliant »get authors to e-mail confirmation of successful IEEE PDF Express check as part of paper acceptance process

13 Slide 13 27 March 06 Conclusion: What is the future for Tencon ? –A generalist conference in a specialised world ? »used as paper publishing venue rather than a cutting edge conference, or »the conference requires a strong technical theme ? –Needs innovation in its content and format to make it relevant to industry ?

14 Slide 14 27 March 06 Acknowledgements

15 Slide 15 27 March 06 Victorian Section would like to thank IEEE Region 10 Committee for giving it the opportunity to run a successful Tencon All the people that worked on the Tencon committees (next two slides)

16 Slide 16 27 March 06 Tencon General Organising Committee General ChairProfessor Hugh BradlowTelstra Vice ChairProfessor Rao Kotagiri University of Melbourne Technical Program Committee ChairProfessor Richard HarrisMassey University, New Zealand Vice Chair TPC & Publications ChairDr Zahir Hussain Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology SecretaryMr Roger Venning Telstra TreasurerMr Anthony Gascoigne GNS Associates PublicityDr Horace King Swinburne University of Technology Marketing and PromotionMr Craig Skinner Ovum Australia Venue & Monash University CMO LiaisonMs Catherine Edwards Telstra International Advisor Board Co-ordinatorProfessor Laurence CahillLa Trobe University Web Co-ordinatorsSarah Craze ATCRC Dr Charlotte Marra Operational Concepts Rhys Arkins Exhibition ChairDr Alexsander Kist Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Exhibition AdvisorRichard Roxas Telstra Members at LargeDr Irena Atov Swinburne University of Technology Dr Leith Campbell ATCRC Mr Peter Wills Telstra Malin Premaratne Monash University Professional Conference OrganiserConference Management Office, Monash University Irene Thavarajah Monash University Helen Mclean Monash University Olga Lipman Monash University IEEE Victorian Section RepresentativeMr Enn Vinnal IEEE Victorian Section … /

17 Slide 17 27 March 06 Local Organising TPC MembersNational and International TPC Members Prof. Richard Harris (Massey Uni., New Zealand)Dr. Andrew Lee (NTU, Singapore) Dr. Irena Atov (Swinburne Uni., Australia)Dr. P.K. Chiu (HKIE, Hong Kong) Dr. Alexander Kist (RMIT Uni., Australia)Professor Sanjay Bose (NTU, Singapore) Dr. Horace King (Swinburne Uni., Australia)Prof. Nguyen Tran (Swinburne, Australia) Dr. Zahir Hussain (RMIT Uni., Australia)Dr. Teck Seng Low (Republic Polytech, Singapore) Prof. Laurie Cahill (La Trobe Uni, Australia)Mr. Robert Sarraco (Telecom Italia, Italy) Dr. Lachlan Andrew (Melbourne Uni., Australia)Dr. Sam Yu (AJOU, South Korea / Telstra, Australia) Dr. Malin Premaratne (Monash Uni,, Australia)Prof. Marzuki Khalid (CAIRO, Egypt) Prof. Grenville Armitage (Swinburne Uni., Australia)Prof. Ray Jarvis (Monash, Australia) Prof. Gerard Ledwich (Queensland Uni. of Tech., Australia)Prof. Yianni Attikiouzel (Murdoch, Australia) Dr. Peter O'Shea (Queensland Uni. of Tech., Australia)Prof. Reg Coutts (Adelaide, Australia) Prof. Saleh Al-Araji Etisalat (College of Eng., UAE)Prof. Trevor Cole (Sydney, Australia) Prof. Aladin Zayegh (Victoria Uni, Australia)Dr. Jae-Hyun Kim (AJOU,South Korea, Korea) Dr. Steven Low (Caltech, USA) Prof. Graham Goodwin (Newcastle, Australia) A/Prof S.N. Merchant (IIT Powai India) Dr S. Srikanth (Anna University, India) Dr Dalibor (Dado) F. Vrsalovic (Intel, USA) … /

18 Slide 18 27 March 06 Questions

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