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Vickie Janson Victorian State Director Australian Christians

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1 Vickie Janson Victorian State Director Australian Christians

2  Dawah is the invitation to accept Islam as a way of life  A peaceful means to promote sharia compliance that supports the concept of the Islamic state (the Caliphate) Stricter dress codes Stricter social codes Islamic legal codes

3 Afghanistan - The nightclubs were better then…. Tariq Ali – Pakistani Author

4  Persecution of religious minorities  Child brides  FGM  Polygamy  Cruel punishments ‘There is no clash of civilisations – just a rise and fall of civilisations; the rise of Islam will first take shape socially and then politically’...

5 ‘Sharia law is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy’ European Court of Human Rights 2003

6  Dawah Style - Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ‘the OIC fulfills the function of a Caliphate’ Ekmeleddin Mehmet İhsanoğlu 9th Secretary-General of the OIC  Jihadi Style – Boko Haram, ISIS etc

7  All Saints church bombing Peshawar, Pakistan 22 September 2013  200+ killed, 150 injured and 70 orphaned

8  Photo shoot for Miss Belgium beauty contestants while touring Morocco outside Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca reported as ‘an attack on a place of worship’. Attajdid newspaper November 2012

9  60% of Islamic source documents that guide sharia laws relate to treatment of non-Muslims  Halal KFC means halal only for non-Muslims - no more bacon burgers  Sharia laws limit personal freedoms & choices

10  7 th century Treaty of Accaba - a pledge to protect Islams’ leader with their life against all criticism  Today – people languish in prisons including high profile cases like Raif Badawi arrested in Saudi, Aisha Bibi in Pakistan…their crime ? ‘insulting Islam’.

11  ‘There are two schools of thought and both are valid’ Abdur Raheem Green – Dawah Worker

12  “Nations Must Repeal Blasphemy Laws”  Dr Zuhdi Jasser

13 Or Blasphemy & Apostasy laws?

14  ‘those that leave Islam will be killed’ is a Misconception & the death penalty for apostasy is a Misconception (from the government publication Muslim Australians)  ‘the vast majority of Muslim scholars take the position that people who leave Islam should be killed’ (from Freedom of Religion, Apostasy & Islam)

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