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Victorian Ladies.

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1 Victorian Ladies

2 Godey's lady book

3 Skim over the text and images in Godey’s Lady Book
What generalizations can you make about Victorian culture based on Godey's? What is featured in the section entitled "The Work Table"? What does this say about a middle-class Victorian woman's perception of "work"?

4 The sphere of a woman READ THIS!

5 Answer these questions in groups
How does Goethe define the role of the Victorian woman? How does he see the woman's role as having advantages over the man's role? On what is the woman "dependent"? How does the image complement the text?

6 Click the link above and read the article
Ideals of Womanhood Click the link above and read the article

7 Write from the point of view of a cantidate for the IDEAL VICTORIAN WOMAN
What skills or qualities should your candidate emphasize in the speech? How has your candidate spent most of her life? What have been the guiding influences in your candidate's life? Why does your candidate feel qualified to serve as a role model for other Victorian women? On what merits would the ideal Victorian woman be judged?

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