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The Way Ahead…… Mrs. Sarojini Rao 28 July 2008. Students: Our enrolment at the end of June 2007- 2008 was 820, including 456 boys and 364 girls. We are.

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1 The Way Ahead…… Mrs. Sarojini Rao 28 July 2008

2 Students: Our enrolment at the end of June 2007- 2008 was 820, including 456 boys and 364 girls. We are reopening with 940. Ninety seven percent of students attended school on an average each school day. An improvement of over 1% over 2007-2008 In 2007-08 we had 36 classes. We are beginning with 44 classes We had 98 members of regular staff in 2007, We begin with 115 this session. The staff average daily attendance rate was 90%. An improvement of 5% over 2007- 08 The number of regular teachers who left at the end of 2008 is 11%. Reasons mainly were relocation, career growth and Health Almost all teaching staff meet the professional requirements of teaching in the School DEMOGRAPHICS



5 Leadership with a clear vision Teacher profile Branding of the School has resulted in an increase in admissions, with minimal expenses on marketing Teacher development initiatives at Indus have attracted IB teachers from other International Schools thereby resulting in good academic performance Encouraging parents as partners Open approach to recommendations REASONS FOR THE STATE OF ACHIEVEMENT

6 To Create World-Citizens and Leaders through Whole-Education and values of Love, Empathy and Discipline VISION

7 MY MISSION STATEMENT 2008-09 I will ensure enhancement in overall academic standards, to include embedding the International Baccalaureate at the Middle School level and successful graduation of the third batch of the DP. Instructional supervision, evaluation and Professional Development will form the highlights of staff development. Emphasis on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Community Service, and Center of excellence will continue

8 KRA 1 - Improving Student’s Performance in All Areas of Academics

9 Implement the MYP: - Team Planning - Instructional Supervision and Evaluation - Workshops At the IGCSE & DP levels, Grades 10 &12 will be exempted from participation in extra-curricular activities Step up academic rigor in the PYP for Science and Mathematics Heads of School to work out regular tests and procedure for feedback to parents Heads of School to use the feedback from PAC, and introduce feedback mechanism from teachers and students for academic improvement

10 Contd…. Meetings with Heads of School once a week - Feedback on Instructional Supervision - Progress on curriculum proposals - Progress on enrichment and support activities - Update grade-wise team planning, PROJECTS, RESEARCH, assessments and use of resources A report to be sent to the Principal and the Vice-Principal on a standard format. Advanced Science Classes in Middle School. Prep Hour & Support Classes: - Prep hour between 1830 – 2000 hours on five working days - Prep hour to focus on completion of assignments, and self study and each class will be monitored by specific teachers - Vice-Principal to coordinate support classes with House Parents

11 Discipline Management -Teachers are to forward the names of difficult students to the Heads of School everyday - Teachers to address minor discipline issues at their level - Provide 3 verbal warnings and record the same - Teachers to give detention after 3 verbal warnings - Detention every Friday (1600-1800 hrs). Day scholars to be taken back by parents - 6 detentions will lead to 3 days suspension - Teachers to forward list of detention cases to Heads of School - Principal will only handle cases of expulsion - Heads of School to collate all detention cases every Monday/ Tuesdays and communicate to parents and house parents and forward a copy to Vice-Principal and Principal Contd….

12 KRA 2 - Improving Student’s Performance in Aesthetical Areas

13 Clubs for Primary and Secondary: Once a week hobbies – 2 Hours Group of teachers have been nominated for each club Activities In-Charge will coordinate conduct of all clubs Nominated teachers to present plans for the whole session. This should include: * Curriculum * Celebration of the club's efforts - projects, exhibition and performances * Participation in National and International events * Field trips and guest speakers * Measures to promote creativity and imagination * CURRICULUM & CALENDAR to be ready by 01 August 2008

14 Weekend Activities: Vice-Principal along with Wayne to be responsible overall along with house parents and co-parents Weekend activities to commence from 3rd week of August 2008 Our week end activities will include: * Treks and Sports * Community Service * Life skills, Yoga and meditation * Music, Dance & Craft

15 Sports: Re-organize sports teams. Workout essential agreements and plans to coach the teams Every student to be coached in at least one sport during PE classes Swimming is mandatory Defaulters should be dealt with Calendar to be worked out. To include inter-school sports activities In all, each grade, will get 4 periods in a week Plans to be put up by 01 Aug 08

16 Activities In-charge: Responsible for coordination of all activities. This includes organizing talent clubs, and attendance of students Organize inter house and inter-school activities. List of activities to be put up by 01 August 2008 Organize Indus fest, to include: *Identification and correspondence with schools * Identification of events and dates *Plan process and procedures for conduct of events * Guests and Awards Monthly meetings with the Vice -Principal on upcoming events and feedback of events concluded Vice-Principal to be overall in-charge along with Activities coordinator

17 Leadership and Entrepreneurship Curriculum: : The Curriculum will primarily focus on: - Leadership camps - Certain club activities (which are directly connected with Leadership and Entrepreneurship Curriculum) - Workshops - Community Service initiatives - Integration in the subjects wherever possible -Mentoring of both teachers and students Wellness concept to be emphasized across all grades through yoga, meditation and telemedicine Community service is an essential component of the curriculum Mr. Manoj to work out specific plans for Parents, Teachers, and Students Leadership plan to be presented by Col. Bhandari. To include training of Student Council and delivery of group projects

18 KRA 3 - Motivation of Faculty and Staff

19 Teacher Induction to be structured and held at least twice a year. Heads & Coordinators to take on the onus of teacher Induction to a large extent. Teacher Induction to focus on: - Curriculum practices - HR aspects - Vision and philosophy of the school - Pastoral Aspects (Counseling, Discipline Policies) - Communication - School website and SIS - School policies WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE?

20 INSTRUCTIONAL SUPERVISION to form an essential component of staff development - Review and develop comprehensive model of S, E & PD - Develop Professional Standards of Teaching - Create a Professional Learning community - Review and develop elements of effective teaching strategies and lesson design WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE?

21 1.Advanced Science classes in Middle School. Could be extended to upper Primary. 2.Robotics club 3.INSTRUCTIONAL SUPERVISION and EVALUATION model 4.Heads of School concept 5.Enhanced leadership and community service curriculum (Cyber safety and long term sustainable Community and Service projects) 6.International Seminar on Cyber Safety 7.Laptops in the PYP 8.Balanced Score Card 9.ITARI INITIATIVES

22 SCHEDULE REMINDER DateDescriptionResponsibility 1 st August 08Sports and Pastoral PlansMr. Shouquot, Mr. Sagai and Mr. Wayne 1 st August 08School Plans - Implementation of curriculum, supervision, team planning, C & S, parent’s interaction Heads of School 5 th August 08Leadership CurriculumCol. Bhandari 5 th August 08C & S PlanMr. Manoj 5 th August 08Extra curricular ActivitiesVice-Principal and Mr. Jayan 10 th August 08Instructional Supervision Model Principal and Ms.Sonya


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