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English Chairpersons San Juan de los Lagos July 30 – August 2, 2012.

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1 English Chairpersons San Juan de los Lagos July 30 – August 2, 2012

2 Don’t tell it can’t be done to those already doing it! What a wonderful team!!!!

3 District Exam Inglés Comparativo Distrital Proposal : School’s Exams Agreements: 1.We may continue with the same strategy, Pearson’s Exams 2. Schools will send samples for next year

4 Memphis Summer Camp Official Documents Chaperones and Responsibilities Scan Documents Agreements: 1.To send scanned documents on time reflect together with chaperones 2.To discuss and reflect together with chaperones about their role in the Summer Camp.

5 English Manual Index Word Documents Manuales Secciones Manuales Secciones - Visuals Agreements: To send the files during the first week of November for revision and authorization from B. Carlos Castañeda. Index

6 District Formats English Teacher’s Profile District Classroom Observation Schedule Agreements: Delivery date of English Teacher’s Profile with complete information by Last week of September

7  English Chairpersons  English Teachers - Add photo  Science Teachers - Add photo  Pearson Consultant - Sandra Hervey Agreements: 1. Encourage teachers to add photo 2.Encourage teachers to log in. 3.To introduce Sandra Hervey as our digital consultant on English Teacher’s Group in the Web (long in date will be announced shortly)

8 Manual de Inglés English Manual - Documents Responsible 0. IntroductionBlanca /Guadalajara 1.Norms for English InstructionSara / Acapulco 2. Misión, Vision, ValoresNelda Sámano/ Lagos 3. English Department CommitmentsVicky/Gòmez Palacios Ana Elvia/ Torreón 4. Standards for English CoordinatorsAna Lilia / Cd. Obregòn 5. English Language ContiniumMa. Del Carmen / Cd. Victoria 6. Standards for English Language InstructionIrma/ Saltillo Ana María/ Hermosillo 7. Students’ ProfileModel B Oralia/Chepevera Model C Judith/ Monclova 8. Manual de Puestos y FuncionesDorita / Saltillo Sylvia / Contry 9.Manual de Procedimientos del Departamento de Inglés Modelo A Viridiana/Chihuahua Modelo B Denise / San Juan de los Lagos Modelo C Josefina / San Nicolàs Mty 11- Standards for English Coordinators (2)Angie / Durango 10.Manual de Inducción para maestros de InglésSylvia Fierro / Cd. Victoria 11. Oferta EducativaJuanita / Cumbres Mty

9 Calendario Distrital de Supervisiones Some of you have all time covered with classes. Coordinators need to be “free” certain amount of time to supervise teachers. There is a lot administrative work, but our main issue is Supervising. We need to force ourselves to observe complete classes, at least two per month. I will send the format for you to check and /or make changes and final approval. Dear friends, it is really important to receive those files by the time agreed, as I need to check everything, give them required format, organize them according to the exiting “Manual de Preparatoria/Secundaria/Primaria/Prescolar/Pastoral” and send everything for approval, then B. Carlos will send everything back to me, I will need to add photos and have the complete English Manual by the third week of November. As I am sure you understand, the sooner the better for me. Send me at least 5 photos. Our Webmaster will select the ones with a more clear view and I will verify that our E.M (English Manual) will include at least one photo of each school. I do believe Collective Leadership Works and we will always find support in our collaborative work. You know you can count on me for any doubts during the revisal / elaboration of those documents. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE TO SAN JUAN DE LOS LAGOS AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE TO SAN JUAN DE LOS LAGOS AND FOR YOUR PROFESSIONALISM FOR YOUR PROFESSIONALISM.

10 " Great leaders build a workforce for the future. They are human capital developers. Great leaders always ask themselves: 'Am I prepared for what's next?' They invest in themselves by constantly learning.“ Jonathan Fietzer

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