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CLASS OF 2015 SENIOR PARENT NIGHT. AGENDA Mitzi Sanders – Career/College/Scholarship Director $2,950,373 awarded to the Sequim High School class of 2014,

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2 AGENDA Mitzi Sanders – Career/College/Scholarship Director $2,950,373 awarded to the Sequim High School class of 2014, this includes all financial aid and scholarship awards. Staying Informed Upcoming Events Graduation Requirements Post-Graduation Planning 4-Year Colleges Letter of Recommendation Procedures

3 Sequim High School Career Center Class of 2015!!!

4 Class of 2015 Scholarship Notebooks  What is a scholarship notebook?  How does it work?  Why submit one?  What does it look like?  How do I get started?

5 Other Scholarship Sources  Career Center Scholarship File  FAFSA  Colleges / Universities  Affiliations  The Washboard  Online search engines  College Bound Scholarship  The Dream Act Scholarship  Military

6 Watch the bulletin!!!  Scholarship applications  College visit schedule  Employment opportunities  Important dates seniors NEED TO KNOW!

7 Happenings so far … College visits in the SHS library  Evergreen State College – Monday, 9/15, 9:15  Linfield College, Salem, Oregon – Monday, 9/29, 11:15  Western Washington University – Thursday, 10/9, 9:15  Whitworth University – Thursday, 10/16, 12:45  Corban University – Wednesday, 10/22, 10:00  University of Puget Sound – Monday, 10/27 – 10:00  Pacific Lutheran University – Wednesday, 10/29, 10:15  Northwest University – Monday, 11/03, 10:00  Central Washington University – Friday, 11/14, 10:15  Portland State University – Wednesday, 11/19, 9:15

8 Don’t forget!  National College Fair trip to Seattle – Friday, 10/31, 6:00 – 5:00, $10  Scholarship Notebook information session - Monday, 10/13, 8:00 am SHS library  Scholarship notebooks due Tuesday, 1/27/15 – no late books accepted  Scholarship Awards Ceremony ~ Wednesday, June 3, 6:00 pm auditorium

9 Do not underestimate how much work that still needs to be done both inside and outside the classroom to reach your goals. You are so close!

10 Be Aware of Deadlines -Deadlines are a very important aspect of senior year. -You need to stay on top of college, scholarship and financial aid deadlines as well as complete all course requirements needed for GRADUATION!

11 Important Dates for Fall Semester DateEvent September 29Back to School Night/Open House 6:00-8:00 pm National Achievers Packets distributed in Den October 11SAT Test (must pre-register by Sept 30 th ) October 13Scholarship Notebook Information Session 8:00am SHS Library October 25ACT Test (must pre-register by Sept 19 th ) October 30Senior Pictures due to Yearbook October 31National College Fair Trip to Seattle 6:00am – 5:00pm November 8SAT Test (must pre-register by Oct 28 th ) November 21Progress Reports (Keep those grades up!) December 6SAT Test (must pre-register by Nov 24 th ) December 13ACT Test (must pre-register by Nov 7 th ) December 15National Achievers orders are due (Caps, gowns, class rings etc) January 7FAFSA Workshop in SHS Library 6:30pm January 27Scholarship Notebooks Due (NO LATE BOOKS ACCEPTED) February 9Fall Semester Report Cards

12 How do I keep up with all these important events? Sequim High School Main WebsiteMain Website Counseling Webpage Daily Bulletin (email Ann Tjemsland or call to be added to the list) Excellent source for finding local scholarships, important dates, volunteer and job postings Skyward (monitor your student’s grades and graduation status) Make sure we have your most up-to-date home address, email address and phone numbers

13 What’s all this about progress reports? My kid’s a senior, grades don’t really count anymore…right? WRONG! Senior grades are important for high school graduation and college applications

14 Graduation Requirements Earn 22 credits in specific subjects -In October each counselor will be mailing home a FALL GRADUATION STATUS REVIEW, letting you know exactly what your student needs to graduate. It is very important that you read and understand this document. Complete a High School and Beyond Plan AND Senior Portfolio -Den Teachers and English teachers will guide the 12 th graders through these requirements. Pass State tests or State-approved alternatives Reading and Writing: Pass the reading and writing high school HSPE Math: Pass either the Algebra 1 EOC or the Geometry EOC

15 What about Colleges? Do they look at senior grades?  Absolutely! Colleges expect to see performance that indicates an applicant is ready for college-level work.  Students will include all 12th grade coursework (1st and 2nd semester) in applications to colleges, everything counts. Challenging yourself is important!  Some colleges will request mid-year reports at the end of first semester.  A college may withdraw an offer of admission when grades drop significantly over the course of the senior year.

16 Life After Sequim High School What are your plans? 2 or 4 year College/University Career Training/Technical School Military Work “Gap” Year “I don’t have a clue!”

17 Post-High School Planning Try the Washington Career Information System (WOIS) WOIS/The Career Information System is a private, nonprofit organization that researches and distributes information about careers, schools and training programs. – With WOIS you can: Match careers to your interests, research careers and educational opportunities and create a plan! – Go to Enter the Site Key: YMA757 Click “Use WOIS” to begin your career exploration and match careers to your interests

18 What’s the difference between a 2 year and 4 year college? 2 year College - Community4 year College - Baccalaureate There are no specific courses that must be taken prior to enrollment Student must take a specific sequence of high school course work (please see following slide) SAT/ACT tests are not requiredStudents must take either the SAT or ACT no later than December 2014 Students can earn 2 year degrees including an AA degree, or become certified in various trades/vocations/careers Students can earn 4 year degrees including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in a variety of subjects Students can complete sequence of classes that would allow them to transfer to a 4 year Baccalaureate College Students can complete a 4 year Baccalaureate degree and then apply to post-graduate institutions to earn Masters and/or PhD For a comprehensive guide to community colleges and trade/technical vocational schools in Washington, use For technical information, including an overview of financial aid, try the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges at

19 Baccalaureate Colleges High school course requirements English4 years Social Science3 years Math3 years including: Algebra I Geometry Algebra II World Language2 years of the SAME language Lab Science2 years including any two of: Biology Chemistry Physics Fine, Visual, Performing Arts1 year Quantitative Course (Math or Algebra based science) 1 year Standardized TestSAT or ACT

20 College Entrance Exams SAT – The SAT is a timed test that consists of reading, math, and writing components. SAT SAT Subject Tests – The SAT Subject Tests are timed tests that access knowledge in single subjects. Students can take up to three Subject Tests in one sitting. It’s up to you to research if your college of choice requires subject tests. SAT Subject Tests ACT – The ACT is a timed test that consists of English, reading, math, and science. It also has an “optional” writing test. It is strongly recommended that any SHS student who takes the ACT also takes the writing section! ACT

21 Important Test Reminder -Please note that Sequim High School does NOT send your test scores to colleges! It is YOUR responsibility to check with your college choices to see what (if any) specific tests are required. -You can access and send scores via the same websites and logins that you used to sign up for the tests. -Sequim High CEEB code: 481185 (students will need this code for signing up for SAT/ACT, sending test scores, and certain college applications).

22 Remember Colleges differ significantly in both their minimum requirements and “what they are looking for” in an applicant. Its important to know what YOUR school(s) is/are looking for and to provide them with this BEFORE the deadlines stated in their admissions information Review the websites for the colleges to which you intend to apply BEFORE your apply. Ask for help if you need it…that’s what we’re here for!

23 Private and Out-of State Colleges Students must check with each college individually as requirements vary by institution Many colleges accept the Common ApplicationCommon Application One application used by over 500 colleges and universities. The colleges accept this application in place of their own and students can apply to several colleges using this one application. If the college uses the Common App, an essay is required as well as letters of recommendation from a counselor and/or teachers.

24 Financial Aid One of the most common mistakes students make is to avoid applying to colleges simply because they believe they cannot pay for it. Please note that many students will qualify for at least one of the following types of financial aid:financial aid –Grants (money provided by the State or by the Federal Government that does not have to be repaid) –Loans (money that has to eventually be repaid, often with a low interest rate or deferred interest plan) –Campus-specific awards (reductions in tuition granted for applicants who meet specific criteria) –Scholarships (money award for need, talent, or merit) can be Local or National –Work Study (college campus employment that offsets tuition costs) –Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)WUE


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