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Studying Engineering in the United Kingdom Dr Anthony J H Simons Senior Lecturer in Computer Science.

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1 Studying Engineering in the United Kingdom Dr Anthony J H Simons Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

2 About Me Dr Anthony J H Simons Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Faculty of Engineering The University of Sheffield

3 Introducing the Faculty What is Engineering?

4 Engineering is Everywhere

5 What is Engineering? The art of applying scientific knowledge to solve practical problems

6 Engineering Disciplines Mechanical Civil & Structural Chemical & Biological Materials Electronic & Electrical Automatic Control & Systems Software Engineering Aerospace Bioengineering

7 What do Engineers Do?

8 Group Design Projects Vintage bus restored, driven across Eastern Europe Human powered submarines raced in Florida Steam powered racing car set world speed record Solar powered car raced in Australia

9 Virtual Reality Build models in 3D Test new algorithms Visualise data 3D computer games

10 Group Design Projects Naval simulation of the Battle of Trafalgar Autonomous micro UAVs – aerial drones Solar/electric hybrid clean propulsion Software systems for external clients

11 Competition Success! Appathon 2011 (1 st / 650) IBM Mainframe Challenge 2010 (2 nd / 1200) 2005 Microsoft Imagine Cup (2 nd / 1350)

12 Genesys Solutions The only UK software company run entirely by students Attracts big name clients who pay serious money Masters students responsible for managing all aspects

13 Choosing a University

14 Reputation Ranked by University Oxford and Cambridge Russell Group (Top 20) Other Old Universities New Universities Ranked by Engineering Faculty Imperial, Oxford and Sheffield (UK Top 3)

15 What to Look For Facilities Industry links Research specialism in your chosen discipline? Staff/student ratio League tables teaching, research quality employment statistics

16 Times Higher Education University of Sheffield voted "University of the Year, 2011" Sunday Times "Sheffield has the best students' union"

17 What Next? Preparation for studying Engineering Choosing an Engineering Discipline

18 Getting on my 1 st Choice Course A Levels / International Baccalaureate Mathematics (computing) and Physics (other engineering), sometimes other sciences Other subjects? Show off well-rounded skills in writing, language and argument, teamwork Get good (predicted) grades, typically AAB Make a strong personal statement Show enthusiasm for your chosen subject

19 Computer Science Build software systems for real customers Recognise human speech and written language Simulate complex systems: cells, insects, economics Manipulate 3D graphics in virtual worlds Identify patterns and build artificial intelligence

20 Chemical & Biological Engineering Change raw chemicals into useful products Develop alternative product lifecycle technologies Combat the effects of acid rain lead pollution greenhouse effect

21 Civil & Structural Engineering Bridges Dams Towers Roads Tunnels Water supply

22 Electrical & Electronic Engineering Power generation Renewable energy Machines & actuators Surveillance electronics

23 Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Brings together  Computing  Electronics  Mechanics  Aeronautics  Biomechanics Ensures that all components in a system interact together in an effective way Control engineering studies how to manage these systems

24 Engineering Materials Materials are the key to all modern technology Lightweight alloys for aircraft Semiconductors for PCs Superconductors for whole body scanners Implants for human body repairs

25 Mechanical Engineering Design, produce and market Scientific instruments Sports equipment Power stations Heart valves Space craft Car plant

26 Bioengineering An interdisciplinary blend of mechanical and materials engineering Solves problems in biology and medicine Use materials that mimic the original natural behaviour 40,000 hip replacements per year

27 Aerospace Engineering An interdisciplinary blend of Mechanical Engineering Engineering Materials Computer Science Electronic & Electrical Engineering Automatic Control & Systems Engineering

28 Careers in Engineering What happens when I finish my degree? Will I get a good job?

29 Electronic & Electrical Careers, 2009 Type of businessEmployerType of work Defence software systems developerThalesGraduate engineer Government departmentGCHQTechnologist Electronic equipment manufacturerPrimayerTest engineer Aerospace and power systems engineeringRolls-RoyceGraduate engineer Electronic engineersU-TelElectronic engineer Defence and aerospace systemsBAE SystemsElectronic engineer Engineering consultancyAtkinsProject engineer Makes wind turbines Siemens Wind PowerR+D engineer

30 Mechanical Engineering Careers, 2009 Type of businessEmployerType of work Vehicle manufacturerJaguar Landrover Development and design engineer Engineering consultancyAtkinsGraduate mechanical engineer Engineers solutions for the power industrySiemens EnergyField service engineer Engineering consultancyOve ArupGraduate mechanical engineer Manufacturing oil products, chemicals and lubricants Shell UK Oil ProductsRotating equipment engineer

31 Computer Science Careers, 2011 Good career prospects 6 months after graduation 90% in work or study 95% in graduate jobs Good starting salary £23.5K median (all grad.) £26K median (IT grad.) Some over £40K source:

32 Graduate Employers

33 A Success Story Nicola Cooper undergraduate, 2001 4-year Masters in Computing MComp Graduate Genesys team leader class 2/i hons, 2005 IBM Systems Analyst starting salary £27K

34 Nicola in Cooper 2012 IBM Project Manager manages the Shell portfolio Young IT Professional of the Year IBM “face of recruitment”

35 Enterprise Computing Designed in partnership with BT, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Morgan Stanley and Unilever

36 To Discover And Understand.

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