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George J Fowler Associate University Librarian Information Resources and Technology April 12, 2012.

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1 George J Fowler Associate University Librarian Information Resources and Technology April 12, 2012

2  Carnegie Classification: RU/H  6 Colleges (Arts and Letters, Business and Public Administration, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, and Sciences) offering: ◦ 64 baccalaureate programs, ◦ 55 master’s programs ◦ 41 doctoral programs  24,000 Students  1,300 Faculty

3  NSF Rankings in research and development expenditures ◦ ODU ranked 103 among public institutions ◦ ODU ranked 145 among private and public institutions (of 742) Virginia Tech (29) University of Virginia (49) VCU (69) Old Dominion (103) George Mason (110) William and Mary (131) Virginia State (250) Norfolk State (264) For Comparison:

4 Research Expenditures in Millions

5  Advance Practice Nursing Center  Applied Plasma Technology Laboratory (APTL)  Applied Research Center (ARC)  Center for Advanced Engineering Environments (CAEE)  Center for Brain Research and Rehabilitation  Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography  Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology  Center for Real Estate and Economic Development (CREED)  Center for Transportation Research (Maglev)  Chesapeake Bay Program  Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics Research Laboratory  College of Sciences Major Instrumentation Cluster (COSMIC)  Consortium for Maritime Research  Dental Hygiene Research Center  Education for Employment Improvement Project  Environmental Public Health Research Laboratory (EPHRL)  Lean Institute  Maritime Institute  Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS)  National Centers for System of Systems Engineering (NCSOSE)  ODU Economic Forecasting Project  Social Science Research Center  Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments (SpACE-LARSEA)  Sustainability Development Institute  The Center for Advanced Ship Repair and Maintenance (CASRM)  The Center for Educational Partnerships  The Frank Reidy Research Center For Bioelectrics  Transportation Research Institute  Virginia Applied Technology & Professional Development Center (VATPDC)  Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium  Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center (VMASC)  Vision Lab

6 Federal R&D by Agency

7 January, 2011  Office of Computing and Communication Services (OCCS) - Hosted 120 TB Mass Storage System ◦ Retention of data defaults to 5 years ◦ Data owner may request customized data retention period ◦ No limit on the amount of the data stored by an individual user ◦ Sharing of data can be tailored to a group of users  Office of Research – Grant writers provided general paragraph for researchers to use as their DMP  Researchers – Did whatever they could to submit successful proposals (don’t know what they actually did with data)

8 Since January, 2011  Data Management Plan Discussion Group ◦ Visit to University of Virginia, Scientific Data Consulting Group ◦ Data Management Plan Guidance Document ◦ EDUCAUSE 2011 and Larry Conrad, CIO @ UNC-Chapel Hill ◦ Proposal to Provost  OCCS – Upgraded Data Storage System (scalable to 15,500 TB)  Office of Research – Grant writers use new knowledge and DMPGD to assist researchers in developing their DMPs  Researchers – Better informed about available resources

9 After April, 2012  Provost’s Data Management Plan Task Force – Representatives from all Colleges, OCCS, University Libraries, University Counsel, Research Foundation, Office of Research, Faculty Senate, and Research Centers  DMPTool  Institutional Repository Discussion Group

10 George J Fowler April 12, 2012

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