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GW 101 GETTING THE MOST OUT OF GW AND DC. The Center for Student Engagement at The George Washington University is committed to transforming the student.

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3 The Center for Student Engagement at The George Washington University is committed to transforming the student experience and empowering students to become active and engaged global citizens and leaders.

4 Student Involvement Information Residential Experience NewU Student Organizations Greek Life GW Bound The Center for Student Engagement

5 87% of students are involved in at least 1 organization 28% of first-year students hold a leadership position 52% of students volunteer weekly 33% of students work at an internship every week 32% of students work on campus for pay every week 26% of students work off campus for pay every week Student Involvement

6 9 hours of classroom related activity 5 hours of co-curricular activities Join 2 organizations Help your student decide what works for them! How Students Spend Their Time

7 Roommate relationships Start communication now Talk about expectations in the room Roommate Agreement Required in the first four weeks Residential Experience

8 Resident Advisors will Get to know you Connect you to the community Maintain the community Community Standards Maintain a positive living experience Includes policies for visitors, quiet hours, civility and conduct Residential Experience

9 Fall semester Help first-year students transition to GW Topics include: Navigating DC Academic success Managing finances NewU – What’s That?

10 Over 400 student organizations Over 1,300 leadership positions Nine categories of organizations Helps students connect to peers and explore interests Student Organizations Fairs – Day 3 and Welcome Week Student Organizations

11 31% of undergraduate student body Three governing councils Interfraternity Council Multicultural Greek Council Panhellenic Association All Greek GPA – 3.20 New member GPA higher than first year GPA Greek Life

12 DC Bound Adventure Bound Help students create connections Sign up through Colonial Inauguration Headquarters GW Bound

13 Center for Student Engagement Colonial Crossroads Marvin Center 5 th Floor 202-994-6555 Contact Information


15 “Deeds Not Words” ~ George Washington

16 The Center aims to integrate civic engagement into George Washington University’s educational work. We focus GW’s resources to meet community needs beyond the campus, promote active citizenship in a diverse democracy, and enhance teaching, learning and scholarship at GW. Focus Areas: Community Service & Engagement; Academic Service-Learning; Service Careers; & Social Entrepreneurship About the Center


18 ON-GOING SERVICE PROGRAMS Community Service & Engagement

19 Academic Service-Learning KNOWLEDGE IN ACTION 67 courses from introductory to capstones that extend classroom learning into the community through meaningful and challenging service for undergraduate and graduate students. Engage in scholarship through community-based research projects with our faculty and students.

20 CAREERS FOR THE COMMON GOOD Collaborating with the Center for Career Services, students and alumni can access volunteer, internship, and job opportunities online through GWork. More than 30% of funds for Federal Work-Study are used in community service and government. Center for Civic Engagement programs work make explicit the academic and professional skills developed through community service and service-learning. Service Careers

21 Social Entrepreneurship IDEAS IN ACTION GWupstart Social Innovation Lab + Prize teaches students how to become self-starting leaders able to find new, effective ways to solve social and environmental issues. Institutional funding and support is available to students working in collaboration with community organizations through the Public Service Grant Commission and the Knapp Fellowship for Entrepreneurial Service- Learning.

22 Questions?

23 @gwservice Connect with us on:


25 Through the development of strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and life long relationships, the MSSC fosters the growth of a university experience that prepares students for success in an increasingly diverse and global society. Vision

26 Congressman Kenneth Adams The 13 Adam’s States Office of Civil Rights The Adams Order “Eliminate the present day effect of past discrimination.” The 60’s…a movement Nationwide Change One Part of Civil Rights History

27 Statistical Hierarchical Ideological Interactional Four Critical Institutional Measures of Diversity and Inclusion

28 Sept 15-Oct 15 Latino/Hispanic Heritage OctoberLGBT National Coming Out October Bi-Racial Awareness Week NovemberInterfaith Dinner NovemberNative Indian Heritage Month JanuaryDr. Martin Luther King Jr. FebruaryBlack History Month MarchWomen’s History Month MarchSouth Asian Heritage April 21The Jackie Robinson Series April Asian & Pac. Islander Heritage April Interfaith Baccalaureate Cultural Education Programs “Only at Gw Moments”

29 MSSC Block Party Weekly Webinars & Documentaries Movie Nights Potluck Dinners MSSC Thanksgiving Late Night Study Zone (Midterms and Finals) RISE - Peer Mentor Program LGBT - Mentor Program Community Building Programs

30 Cross Cultural Communication Diversity 101 Speak Up – Responding to Bigotry Safe Zones – Become and LGBT Ally Transgender 101 Understanding Religious Life on Campus Diversity and Leadership Diversity Training Sessions

31 HiScip Early Admission Program Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholars Community School Visits Community Service in Heritage Celebration Public Health in Heritage Celebration LGBT Event in Heritage Celebration DC Cultural Festivals DC Service and Advocacy Programs Partnerships w/ Local Community Organizations Community Engagement

32 Interfaith Dinner Interfaith Baccalaureate Interfaith Service - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service President’s Interfaith & Community Service Campus Challenge Religious Diversity Training Faith-Based Student Organization Advising Religious Diversity and Interfaith Programming Partnerships with the Religion Department Religious Diversity & Interfaith Programs


34 The George Washington University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center provides a comprehensive range of education, support and advocacy services to create and maintain an open, safe and inclusive campus environment. The LGBT Resource Center welcomes a diversity of racial, ethnic, religious, political and cultural values and is committed to enhancing acceptance and quality of life for the entire GW community. Mission Statement:

35 LGBT Safe Zone & Transgender 101 Trainings LGBT Speakers Bureau LGBT Mentor Program LGBT and Sexuality Studies Minor LGBT Community Service LGBT Resource Library LGBT Allied in Pride Student Organization LGBT Alumni Association MSSC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Resource Center (LGBT)

36 Check out our website, Sign up for the LGBT Resource Center’s “Gay Agenda,” our weekly newsletter. E-mail us at Come see us this Fall in Room 103 in the MSSC! How do I get involved?

37 Diverse and Engaging Staff Operations in the Building Important Partners Home Away from Home The Key’s to our success

38 Engaging Staff

39 The Building

40 Oasis Model Open 7 Days – 90 Hours Mon-Thurs, 9 to 11pm Friday, 9 to 8pm Saturday, Flex Sunday, 2 to 10 pm 44 years Student Organization Centered Student Org Spaces Cultural Imagery MSSC E-Newsletter Program Sponsorship Diversity Program Resources Home away from Home Academic Resources

41 Important Program Partners Faculty Academic Advising Admissions Alumni CSE CCEPS Financial Aid Hallmark Programs Colonial Central Career Services University Counseling Disability Support Services Parent Services Student Rights and Responsibilities University Relations External Relations Study Abroad International Student Services UPD Athletics

42 DI Leadership Retreat Freshman Day of Service with CCEPS Welcome Week w/CSE MLK Day of Service w/CCEPS Colonial Insight w/Admissions C I w/Hallmark Programs MSSC Graduation Celebration MSSC Partner Programs

43 A home away from home

44 Global Cultural Competency Muslim Student Enrollment International Student Enrollment Supporting Graduate Students Supporting academic and offices Strategic Planning (advancing/integrating the university plan & VPDI goals and priorities) Future Challenges and Opportunities

45 THE MSSC, it is more than just a building! Illuminating diversity…in the university! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY ON “G” STREET! Don’t be a stranger, more importantly…… don’t be strange. Enthuuuuuuusiasm

46 The MSSC 2127 G

47 Questions?

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