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SFCA Update Chairs of Governors Workshop James Kewin SFCA Deputy Chief Executive October 7th 2014.

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1 SFCA Update Chairs of Governors Workshop James Kewin SFCA Deputy Chief Executive October 7th 2014

2 SFCA: our roles

3 The SFC sector

4 Policy context

5 An education success story  SFCs are the most effective and efficient providers of sixth form education - attainment, value added, progression to HE, Ofsted, but… Numbers are in decline: 123-93 since 1993 School/academy/free school sixth forms increasing in number (on better terms) SFCs hit harder than any other sector by funding cuts

6 Conspiracy or cock up?  Strong belief that every school and academy should have a sixth form  Powerful schools lobby  “The more money we take from you, the better you get”  A misunderstanding of how markets work coupled with…

7 …a misplaced obsession with brand

8 The future policy landscape

9 Election in 2015  Critical to the future of the sector, but not an education election  Conservatives: Better bedside manner, same medicine Less focus on provider type Funding and curriculum status quo  Lib Dems: Focus on early years Will extend education ring-fence to 18

10 Election in 2015  Labour: Focus on ‘forgotten 50%’ Accept 16-19 funding cuts and inequalities not sustainable, but education ring-fence may go Positive plans for A level reform and national baccalaureate  All parties: Education not central FE = apprenticeships

11 SFCA manifesto recommendations  Reverse the decision to decouple AS levels from A levels  Ensure all students can benefit from a full time programme of study  Introduce a national funding formula based on the actual cost of delivering the curriculum  Drop the ‘learning tax’ by removing the imposition of VAT on Sixth Form Colleges

12 SFCA manifesto recommendations  Reform the system for funding students with high needs  Introduce a competitive process for establishing new sixth form providers  Enable Sixth Form Colleges to expand their collaborative activities

13 Looking ahead  Curriculum and funding are the two biggest policy battlegrounds – in that order  Continued uncertainty around both makes planning extremely difficult for colleges  Potential funding cut this year, possible re- coupling of A levels next year?  3 A levels as core offer?  Cliff edge in 2016/17

14 Engaging with politicians

15 Background  SFCA is secretariat for All Party Parliamentary Group for SFCs (38 MPs)  Additional group of supportive parliamentarians  Big increase in written and oral questions  Debates on Sixth Form Colleges and related issues

16 How to engage  Identify your MPs – don’t forget neighbouring constituencies  Invite them to the college Build rapport Identify their interests Meet the students Photo opportunities always welcome!  Ask to join the APPG if they can  Keep lines of communication open

17 Get the content right  National data important for consistency  Manifesto provides key themes but put the college (particularly students) first  Template letters = template responses  We can help to draft letters  Use the updated manifesto section on our website for data - a ‘how to’ guide will be released with manifesto

18 Join in national campaigns  Building of manifesto there will be joint letter and petitions on behalf of the sector  Accept that these cannot be written by committee!  Some signed by MPs, others by Principals/Chairs  Important to keep pressure up through campaign from above and below

19 Diversification and increasing efficiency

20 Curriculum delivery and teaching staff efficiency

21 Reducing non pay costs/increasing income

22 Diversifying income All options have their pros and cons, important that diversification fits with the college’s mission:  International students  Higher education  Employer provision  Apprenticeships  Recruiting 14-16 year olds

23 Structural change  Become an academy? Not allowed!  Sponsor an academy? May help at the margins  Other options: Soft federation Hard federation Merger

24 Thank You

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