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CANTY 8 th Grade High School Information Night September 11, 2014.

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1 CANTY 8 th Grade High School Information Night September 11, 2014

2 ****Our Feeder High School**** Steinmetz is our home-school IB ROTC AVID

3 High School Overview (specific details are subject to change year to year….) Information Packet:  Outlines most common schools  Provides websites and phone #s  Due dates  It serves as a GUIDE; parents are urged to participate in research with students

4 Reminders on-line and announcements in homerooms & loud speaker throughout the fall Individual student discussions in the fall (before applying) and in the Spring to discuss decision. Each 8 th grade student will be receiving a high school guide.

5 Eligibility Letters Each student received an eligibility letter that contains: -7 th Grade test scores and final grades - list of programs they are eligible to apply for Contains PIN number Eligibility Letters for non-CPS students will be mailed to their homes after the student takes the NWEA MAP.

6 Apply On-line Submit applications online for magnet, magnet cluster schools, Selective Enrollment, CTE-College/Career Academies, International Baccalaureate, and Military Academies. Application begins October 1, 2014 and ends December 12, 2014.

7 Most Common Schools applied to… Selective Enrollment** Lincoln Park - IB, Double Honors, and Arts Von Steuben – Lottery or Scholars Chicago Academy – Lottery Charter Schools- attend info session Taft - IB, ROTC, AVID

8 Selective Enrollment Office of Academic Enhancement (773) 553-2060 There are 9 Selective Enrollment High Schools:  Lane Tech.**-Lindblom  Northside Prep-Jones  Payton -Westinghouse  Whitney Young-Martin Luther King Jr.  Brooks 1 application may go to 6 Selective Enrollment Schools On-line*******************************************

9 The Selective Enrollment High Schools selection process is based on a point system. Once a student has taken the entrance exam, the Office of Academic Enhancement compiles three categories of performance data to create an overall point total, with a maximum of 900. **Also explained in packet** The categories consists of: 1) The Entrance Exam (worth 33 1/3% or 300 points) 2) 7 th grade reading and math NWEA/MAP test results (worth 33 1/3% or 300 points) 3) 7 th grade reading, math, science and social studies GRADES (worth 33 1/3% or 300 points)

10 On-line scheduling Schedule your own appointments or exam sessions. Must schedule two weeks prior to the date needed. First come first serve. Selective Enrollment Exams- -If taken in Oct./Nov. results are given in 3 weeks. -After November get results in February.

11 Selective Enrollment High Schools…  Application can be found online at  ****Due to OAE by December 12 th [NO LATER] Information is computer generated If paper copy, it must be filled out & signed by parent On-Line is best for parents and students There is a tool on this website to calculate what score you will need on the exam  Students may get invited to the entrance exam only if they apply by the deadline and meet the criteria

12 Criteria to take the Exam Must have application in by due date DECEMBER 12 th /to Canty by NOVEMBER 25 th Must have a minimum of 24% in both Reading and Math. For Special Education students must score a combination of at least 48% (example: 28 in reading and 20 in math or vice versa)

13 Selective Enrollment Point Calculation Tool EC_ID=72696&type=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_I D=200840 EC_ID=72696&type=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_I D=200840 **Calculator not up yet- will be by October 1 st ** Can Google CPS Calculator  Enter in 7 th Grades and NWEA/MAP percentages ** For now can use the scoring rubric in packet as a guide***


15 Last Comments! High School Fair - Date/Location is TBD - Late October/early November Steinmetz will come to Canty to register our students You must apply somewhere – Canty is requesting a minimum of 5 schools.

16 Five places to find information -under high **Do not wait until last minute!


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