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Research Appraisal 1 st Intra NUST Research Conference 8 th Nov, 2014.

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1 Research Appraisal 1 st Intra NUST Research Conference 8 th Nov, 2014

2 Sequence  Changing paradigms of Higher Education?  Classifications of Research led Universities  Research Performance metrics  Research funding (Input Measures)  University Publications and citation update  School wise publication  H Index of NUST and other Universities  Authors h index major disciplines  Recommendations 2

3 Changing paradigms of Higher Education Old Paradigm for HENew Paradigm for HE Take what you can getCourses on demand Academic calendarYear-round operations University as a cityUniversity as idea Terminal degreeLifelong learning University as ivory tower University as partner in society Student = 18- to 25-year-oldEmbrace to grave Books are primary mediumInformation on demand TenureMarket value Single productInformation reuse/info exhaust Student as a ‘pain’Student as a customer Delivery in classroomDelivery anywhere Multi-culturalGlobal Single discipline Multi-discipline Institution-centric Market-centric Government funded Market funded Technology as an expense Technology as differentiator Ref. Kathy Tiano, cited in Inglis et al, 2002: 22

4 Doctoral/Research Universities – Extensive Offer a wide range of baccalaureate programs Award 50 or more doctoral degrees/year across at least 15 disciplines Examples include Boston University California Institute of Technology etc Doctoral/Research Universities – Intensive Offer a wide range of baccalaureate programs Award at least 10 doctoral degrees/year across 3 or more disciplines or at least 20 doctoral degrees /year overall Examples include University of Alabama ( Tuscaloosa USA) Baylor University etc 4 Classifications of Research Universities Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (USA) divides the research universities in two main categories NUST is expected to graduate more than 20 PhD Scholars in 2014


6  Research is an intensely personal activity, strongly dependent on the ideas and imagination of individuals or groups; at this level it does not lend itself to control and management, but  In competitive world of today, there are constraints; funding and quality issues, adequate resources, legal & ethical controls, risk factor etc: require some sort of research management framework Management/Control of Research 6

7 Key performance indicators used in the Research Intensive Universities 7 Performance management of Research-intensive universities Input measures Research income Number of research students Number of research staff Number and percentage of research-active staff Applications for research funding Success rates in applications Output measures Number of publications Citations Completed research student theses Applications of research (patents, licenses) Academic distinctions (editorships, special awards)

8 8 Input Measures S NoMeasureQuantityRemarks 1Project funding Rs. 1100. 761 Mil Last five years 220.15 M/year 2Number of Research Students 464 PhD/ 3002 MS 94/3570 completed 3Number of Research staff/ Active Research Staff Faculty: 470 PhD+534 MS = 1004 PG Students: 3466 G Total= 4470 4Applications for Research funding230 (last year only)

9 Projects Approval Rates, University Level last 5 years

10 Proposals Submission / Acceptance Rate per PhD faculty last 3 years (2011-2013)

11 11 Publications Quality Matrix Five Yearly Data of Papers Published Vs Impact Factor

12 12 Institution wise Publications in 2014

13 13 Analysis of Research Papers Publication Vs NUST Faculty Strength – 2013

14 14 Publications and Citations in Scopus

15 PROGRESSIVE INCREASE IN UG ADMISSION APPLICANTS h-Index 15  Proposed in 2005, as an alternative to the impact factor. It can be used for evaluating Journals, individuals and institutions h index; Combines assessment of both quantity (number of papers) and quality (impact, or citations to these papers). e.g. For example, an author or Institution with an h-index of 30 means that it has written at least 30 papers and each paper has at least 30 citations


17 Recommendations Formation of Research clusters across Colleges/Schools (Each institute to lead at least one cluster) Motivate more faculty members to submit research proposals – French_ Pakistan partnership program has been announced Inputs/suggestions for review of criterion to set publication targets Any other suggestions, especially from PhD students are also welcome

18 Common journals in ISI Thomson and Scopus database 18 ISI Indexed 11518 Scopus Indexed 20698 Common Journals 8275 Common Journals in both ISI and SCOPUS should be focused for better University Ranking and Career Progression of Faculty


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