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Joint Services Transcript Navigating the JST and the ACE Military Guide.

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1 Joint Services Transcript Navigating the JST and the ACE Military Guide

2 NACRAO 2014 Conference O How many are from 2 year? 4 year? O Use JST now? O New to JST? O Evaluate credit from JST? O Send courses to dean/department? O Use ACE recommendations? O Award credit for MOS/Rating? O Award credit for active duty military service?

3 Joint Services Transcript O US Army, Marines, Navy & Coast Guard O Air Force has CCAF transcript O JST is owned by the military services O ACE cannot correct errors O Use in place of DD214 or DD295 for military training information.


5 JST Official Information O room/Documents/Joint-Services- Transcript-Brochure.pdf room/Documents/Joint-Services- Transcript-Brochure.pdf O Seal unique to each branch of service O Member’s rank (Corporal E-4) & status (Active or Separated) O Military Course Completions and credit recommendations O Military Experience--Occupations


7 JST O Test Scores (CLEP, DSST, DLPT) O Institution may still require official score report O Other Learning Experiences O No official ACE credit recommendations O Summary O Summary is NOT Official—no ACE Seal O Advising tool O Only includes courses with ACE credit recommendations




11 JST O Academic Institution Courses O Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, NOT Army O NOT Official –no ACE seal O Courses completed with military tuition assistance or member has submitted official transcript for training record O Advising Tool O Remind students to send official transcripts

12 ACE Military Guide O room/Pages/Military-Guide-Online.aspx room/Pages/Military-Guide-Online.aspx O ACE reviews courses and recommends credit O Guide gives more details than the JST

13 ACE Military Guide

14 Sample JST To search for more info on a Military Course use the ACE Identifier. Dates Taken will help identify the appropriate Version.

15 Search Courses Enter number with dashes Use dates to select appropriate version

16 Course Exhibit AR-1406-0149 PERSONNEL RECORDS SPECIALIST BASIC NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER (NCO) Course Number: 500-75D30. Location: Adjutant General School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN. Length: 8–9 weeks (310 hours). Exhibit Dates: 10/91–9/95.

17 Course Exhibit Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to supervise and maintain personnel files and correspondence; process orders; operate computer equipment in order to edit, create directories, compose, and format personnel correspondence; and evaluate personnel reports (files) and make appropriate recommendations. Instruction: Lectures and practical exercises cover establishing and maintaining personnel procedures, including record keeping, record security, information processing, supervising, and setting priorities. Credit Recommendation: In the upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in human resources management (12/91)(12/91).

18 ACE Military Guide

19 Occupation Exhibit MCE-1161-001 REFRIGERATION MECHANIC Exhibit Dates: 6/98–Present. Occupational Field: 11 Utilities. Career Pattern PVT: Private (E-1). PFC: Private First Class (E- 2). LCP: Lance Corporal (E-3). CPL: Corporal (E- 4). SGT: Sergeant (E-5). SSGT: Staff Sergeant (E-6).

20 Occupation Exhibit Description Installs, operates, and performs preventive maintenance on air conditioner and refrigeration equipment electrical systems, including replacement of mechanical and electrical components and air circulating system; repairs air conditioner and refrigeration tubing; supervises refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation, preventive and corrective maintenance, corrosion and deterioration control, and hazardous waste control program. Recommendation SSGT: In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours for field experience in management, 3 in A/C refrigeration troubleshooting and repair, and 1 in leadership. In the upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 2 semester hours in management principles (6/06)(6/06).

21 UNL Credit O Up to 4 hours for active duty military service O May be used for a general education outcome O Some colleges view it as PE credit O Credit from JST or CCAF transcripts goes into a “bucket” of credit O Not counted for financial aid O Military Credit To Be Reviewed O MLCR 62 hours

22 UNL Credit O Student’s college can pull from the bucket O Must be reviewed/signed by department O Working with UNL department reviewers O Communication Studies (COMM) O Agriculture Leadership (MNGT)

23 MCC Credit O With any military transcript, students receive 3.5 quarter hours for PHED 1010 – Physical Education O Credit from JST or CCAF transcripts will give ACE recommendation credits. O If ACE recommendation is exact and dean has previously approved, credit is given for the exact course if hours match up. O Example: Applied Mathematics credit for MATH 1240- Applied Mathematics O If ACE recommendation is unclear, dean of the course will make the decision.

24 MCC Credit O For students declaring a Business Management Generalist major all ACE recommendations are accepted without a dean’s approval. O Direct transfer of courses in which an MCC equivalent course (e.g., marketing) O Transfer other courses up to 25 credits for business electives

25 Questions/Comments

26 Thanks! O Barbie Kantor Records Coordinator Metropolitan Community College O JoAnn Moseman Academic Transfer Coordinator University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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