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Extended Essay International Baccalaureate. Acknowledgements Much of the information in this presentation comes directly from: IBO Diploma Programme Extended.

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1 Extended Essay International Baccalaureate

2 Acknowledgements Much of the information in this presentation comes directly from: IBO Diploma Programme Extended Essay Guide: First Examinations 2009. (2007). Buenos Aires: International Baccalaureate Organization. Other information comes from: The Extended Essay. Powerpoint. Retrieved on 8/03 from k- schools /planoeast /academics /.../ Extended %20Essay.ppt. International Baccaluareate Extended Essay. Powerpoint. Retrieved on 8/03/10 from planoeast/academics /.../Extended%20Essay.ppt.

3 What is the Extended Essay? A scholarly essay of independent research essay of up to 4000 words Developed by the student from a research question, in conjunction with a teacher-supervisor A requirement for the IB diploma, assessed externally in conjunction with Theory of Knowledge course

4 What is the Extended Essay? Comprised of various sections: title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion, references and bibliography, and appendices (with illustrations and charts as needed) Presented in the form of a formal research paper according to strict formatting requirements (MLA)

5 What is the Extended Essay? Concludes with a short interview with teacher-supervisor (“Viva Voce”) Expected to take approximately 40 hours to complete Started early junior year; completed by end of first semester senior year Written in English or in a foreign language

6 What is the Extended Essay? Based on a topic chosen by student (from IB-approved list in 6 general subject areas), including: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Systems, Foreign Languages, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Peace & Conflict Studies, Physics, Politics, and Visual Arts.

7 Who is Involved? The student The student’s supervisor The Extended Essay Coordinator (Mr. C. Kelly) The DP Coordinator (Mr. Mitchell) The International Baccalaureate Organization

8 Choosing a Research Topic Choose a topic that interests you deeply, something that sparks your curiosity Limit the topic in scope: it must be sufficiently narrow to allow you to examine an issue in depth Discuss the topic with your teacher- supervisor and others

9 Choosing a Research Topic Unsuccessful topics are: too broad require little personal research rely too heavily only on secondary sources topics with which the student has little or no personal engagement

10 Choosing a Research Topic Successful Topics: abide by IB guidelines are sufficiently narrow & scholarly hold the student’s interest are centered on one research question have information available on them

11 Choice of Topic Does not have to be a subject studied for diploma Cannot be a submission to any other class, including Theory of Knowledge Must be in an IB-approved subject area, as listed in Vade Mecum

12 Unsuccessful Questions What causes cancer? What distinguishes the two Koreas? What are the Vitamin C levels in orange juice? What does online research entail? Does Istanbul have a central business district?

13 Successful Questions Will unification be achieved as a result of the process and efforts being made between the two Koreas? How do vitamin C levels decrease in lime juice under simulated supermarket and street vendor conditions ?

14 Successful Questions What online information services in Omaha are most utilized and what is their impact on the residents in that city? What impact did the establishment of foreign schools have on 19 th century Turkey?

15 Group 1 Sample Topics Engage in an intensive study and employ critical judgment of literature Examples: What are the role and significance of dance in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma? How do Dickinson and Emily Bronte treat death as a topic in their poetry?

16 Group 1 Sample Topics In what ways does Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale borrow and build on Orwell’s 1984? What is the role and significance of sports in forming the code hero in the novels of Ernest Hemingway? What themes and stylistic devices unite the poetry of T.S. Eliot?

17 Assessment Focus Planning with intellectual initiative and engaging in insightful research Formulating a precise research question Gathering and interpreting material from appropriate sources Structuring a reasoned argument appropriate to research question

18 Assessment Criteria A. Appropriate research question, clearly stated in introduction B. Introduction that sets context for question and explains significance of topic and the “worthiness “ of the investigation C. Well-planned and documented investigation

19 Assessment Criteria D. Knowledge / Understanding of topic E. Reasoned and convincing argument with ideas logically presented F. Sophisticated and effective application of analytical / evaluative skills

20 Assessment Criteria G. Use of terminology and language appropriate to subject H. Effective conclusion, relevant to research question, consistent with evidence in essay, and including unresolved questions appropriate to subject I. Formal Presentation (MLA format)

21 Assessment Criteria J. Abstract K. Holistic Judgment: what distinguishes the essay from average, in terms of intellectual initiative, depth, insight

22 Language Requirement Group 1 or 2 topics are written in that language (Language A-1 or chosen second language) Groups 3-6 subjects must be written in English (or registered first language)

23 Responsibilities of Students Required Responsibilities: Choose topics that fits an IB approved subject Observe all Extended Essay regulations Meet strict deadlines Document /Acknowledge all sources

24 Responsibilities of Student Recommended Responsibilities: Plan ahead and start work early Carefully hone research question Be sure material on the topic is accessible Schedule for unforeseen delays and problems

25 Responsibilities of Student Recommended Responsibilities: Record all sources as work progresses Outline or structure the essay clearly before drafting Proofread final version carefully Be sure all basic requirements are fulfilled

26 Research Process 1. Read assessment material and become familiar with requirements 2. Choose a subject area of interest 3. Undertake investigative reading and formulate working topic 4. Plan the investigation and the writing process:

27 Research Process Identify how and when to gather material Set deadlines to meet requirements Continue to do reading and document sources 5. Plan a structure for the essay (informal outline)

28 Research Process 6. Engage in extensive preparatory reading: be prepared to modify research question if necessary 7. Continue to hone outline for essay and begin first draft 8. Continue drafting until “final” draft is ready for supervising teacher 9. Consult with supervisor as needed

29 Common Problems Discovering late that there is too little or inaccessible data Discovering too late that your knowledge of the topic is superficial Poor pacing of research and writing process Over-reliance on only a few or on web-based sources of research

30 Common Problems Too little original thought of the student: over-reliance on sources as strings of quotes and paraphrases Unintentional Plagiarism or Collusion: these must be understood and avoided at all costs and all work must be authentic

31 Do NOT: ignore IB requirements or assessment criteria work with an inappropriate question gather irrelevant materials use the internet uncritically merely describe or report cite sources that are not used plagiarize or collude

32 Supervisor-Teacher Required Duties of Supervisor: Provide support, advice, and guidance in the skills accessing /documenting sources, data gathering, using evidence to argue Discuss choice of topic and help student formulate research question

33 Supervisor-Teacher Ensure that research question satisfies appropriate legal and ethical standards Become familiar with extended essay regulations and assessment criteria and provide a copy of these to student Monitor and guide research process

34 Supervisor-Teacher Read and comment on the first draft of the essay, without editing Ensure that the essay is the student’s own work and reads final version to confirm authenticity Submit a predicted grade to IBCA Complete the supervisor’s report

35 Supervisor-Teacher In the event of suspected plagiarism, to write and submit a report to school DP coordinator It is suggested that the supervisor spend from 3-5 hours total with student, including for the viva voce I am available as a resource for supervisor-teachers

36 Supervisor-Teacher Will NOT: Tell the student how to get started Formulate the research question for the student Remind the student of due dates Give the student key resources Change his/her schedule or “track student down” for a meeting

37 Supervisor-Teacher Will NOT: Edit the student’s work or provide more than general guidance, comments, and advice Read multiple drafts of the student’s essay Take on any responsibility that belongs to the student

38 Sample Extended Essay https://shakermail.shaker- RgAAAAB1cKSjasLrQL1Pau6UvsnEBwCj9Woh93SzS5BL 2XJYgepmABvDJANTAACj9Woh93SzS5BL2XJYgepmABvD JICQAAAJ&attid0=EADo66k1Kpb7QJG9kPeUzwFO&attcn t=1 https://shakermail.shaker- RgAAAAB1cKSjasLrQL1Pau6UvsnEBwCj9Woh93SzS5BL 2XJYgepmABvDJANTAACj9Woh93SzS5BL2XJYgepmABvD JICDAAAJ&attid0=EABJSFTlBU3jQ4psHGZZ4Y2u&attcnt= 1

39 References IBO Diploma Programme Extended Essay Guide: First Examinations 2009. (2007). Buenos Aires: International Baccalaureate Organization. The Extended Essay. Powerpoint. Retrieved on 8/03 from schools /planoeast /academics /.../ Extended %20Essay.ppt. International Baccaluareate Extended Essay. Powerpoint. Retrieved on 8/03/10 from k- /Extended%20Essay.ppt.

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