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Macomb 2 Oakland (M2O) ALL GROWN UP! Ron Hughes, Macomb Community College Donna Petras, Macomb Community College Dawn Aubry Slowik, Oakland University.

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1 Macomb 2 Oakland (M2O) ALL GROWN UP! Ron Hughes, Macomb Community College Donna Petras, Macomb Community College Dawn Aubry Slowik, Oakland University Steve Shablin, Oakland University 2011 MACRAO Summer Conference 1

2 Macomb Community College Established in 1954 as South Macomb Community College Fall ’10 overall enrollment was 24,748 students with over 225,000 credit hours 25 th largest grantor of associate’s degrees in the United States Top 100 grantor of one-year certificates in the United States 2

3 Macomb Community College The Macomb University Center (MUC) opened in fall 1991 The MUC has nine partner universities including Oakland University, and offers over 60 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs Michigan State University Osteopathic Medical School opened in fall 2009 and currently has 150 medical students Fall 2010 University Center enrollment was nearly 4,500 students 3

4 Oakland University One of the 15 MI public universities Founded in 1957 Located in the city of Rochester, Oakland County Fall 2010 Headcount—19,053 45% of students from Oakland County 30% of students from Macomb County 134 baccalaureate degree programs 124 graduate degree and certificate programs SunGard BANNER client Golden Grizzlies 4

5 Governor’s Executive Order of June 2004: Cherry Commission on Higher Education Improve High School Preparation Expand Postsecondary Participation Increase Degree Completion Maximize Economic Benefits 5

6 Policy Recommendations / Three Goals Double the percentage of residents who attain postsecondary degrees or other credentials that link them to success in Michigan’s new economy Improve the alignment of Michigan’s institutions of higher education with emerging employment opportunities Build a dynamic workforce of employees who have the talents and skills needed for success in the 21 st century 6

7 Oakland University Expands at Macomb Community College Announcement at special presentation on August 30, 2005, at the Macomb University Center Oakland University expands its presence at the Macomb University Center – dubbed OU at Macomb – where students will be able to “dual enroll” at Macomb and Oakland University “Dual Enrollment makes it easier to get a bachelor’s degree in Macomb County” – OU President Gary D. Russi “Our students in Macomb County and our future work force will be better for it” – Michigan Lt. Governor John Cherry 7

8 Next Logical Step – M2O The purpose of the Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Degree program is to increase the number of students who successfully complete both an associate’s degree and baccalaureate degree. This goal is accomplished by allowing students to simultaneously earn credits toward both an associate’s degree and a baccalaureate degree, rather than requiring students to enroll separately for an associate’s degree, and then transfer their earned credits toward a baccalaureate degree. How did we get here from there? 8

9 M2O Highlights Vital component of the OU at Macomb initiative Michigan’s first formalized concurrent enrollment program Joint admission through one online application Coordinated financial aid with OU as the home institution Expanded course selection Enhanced advising and course planning Access to the on-campus resources as both institutions Timely completion of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees 9

10 M2O Implementation Steering Committee and Implementation Team Memo of Understanding Macomb and OU Communication Plan Admissions Application Online and Processes Defined Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Advising, Orientation and Program Guides Course Data Exchange (EDI) Registration and Records Resources and Budget 10

11 Target Fall 2006 Fall 2006-first term of implementation Goal to enroll 100 new students Question of the hour – “ Were there any show stoppers?” Answer of the day – “We may not have all the sophisticated pieces in place, but we can make this program work.” 11

12 M2O Students-Fall 2006 53 Students Applied 40 Students Admitted 36 Students Enrolled 12 Students Enrolled in OU classes only 14 Students Enrolled in Macomb classes only 10 Students Enrolled at both OU and Macomb 26 Financial Aid Students 12

13 M2O Students-Fall 2010 Number of M2O Students- 594 Number of M2O Students in OU classes ONLY- 290 Number of M2O Students in Macomb classes ONLY- 183 Number of M2O Students in both OU and Macomb classes- 121 Number of Students receiving Financial Aid- 327 13

14 M2O Gender Information 2006-2010 GenderCM*FM**TM***Total Female64%62%71%64% Male36% *Convert Macomb 38% **Freshmen Macomb 29% ***Transfer Macomb 36% 14

15 M20 Age Information 2006-2010 AgeCMFMTMTotal 17-2266%96%32%75% 23-2422%3%28%13% 25-348%1%29%8% 35-442%0%7%2% 45-541%0%2%1% 55 +0% 1%0% Missing0% 1%0% Average23212622 Total205452174831 15

16 M2O Financial Aid Information: 2006-2010 CMFMTMTotal Need: Received 54.6%32.7%40.8%39.8% Need: Did Not Receive 45.4%67.3%59.2%60.2% Non-Need: Received 67.3%47.1%44.8%51.6% Non-Need: Did Not Receive 32.7%52.9%55.2%48.4% Total205452174831 16

17 M2O Grade Point Average 2006-2010 OU classes GPACMFMTMTotal <2.002.6%4%5.4%3.8% 2.00-2.9929.6%28.3%20.3%26.1% 3.00-3.5956.5%49.7%47.3%51.4% 3.60-4.0011.3%20%27%18.7% Average GPA 17

18 M2O Intended Major* 2006-2010 Unknown 25.9% Arts & Sciences22.4% Nursing 16.8% Business 10.6% Health Sciences 7.3% Education 6.4% Engineering 6.4% *Major declared at time of admission. Not available for converted students (CM) N=831 18

19 M2O Retention Information: 2006-2009 19 2006200720082009 M2O FM OU FTIAC M2O FM OU FTIAC M2O FM OU FTIAC M2O FM OU FTIAC 1 st Yr Retention 80.9% 73.3% 76.0% 71.8%82.6% 74.4%72.8% 73.3% 2 nd Yr Retention 71.4% 61.4% 68.0% 61.9% 69.5%62.0% 3 rd Yr Retention 66.7% 57.3% 58.0%57.1% 4 th Yr Retention 71.5%15.3%

20 M2O Graduation Information: 2006-2010 OU Degrees A total of 84 students have graduated as of Fall 2010 Communication, Elementary Education, Human Resource Development are the top majors. 20

21 2011-12 Community Colleges Partnership Programs Marketing Update 21 Locally focused Highly targeted demographic Complementary to undergraduate admissions marketing and brand Message points- affordability, convenience, flexibility

22 Print Publications 22 Program fliers Enrollment guides Inclusion in undergraduate view book

23 Web 23 Landing page: Individual program websites - - - - NEW: eligibility flowchart

24 24

25 Individual Program Websites 25

26 26

27 Paid Advertising 27 Print- Macomb Daily, C&G Newspapers, Times Herald, Flint Journal Online- Facebook, Google, Adwords Geographical coverage: Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Flint Saginaw/Bay City

28 28 Print

29 29 Web Facebook Google Adwords

30 Thank You for Inviting Us ! Ron Hughes, Macomb Donna Petras, Macomb Steve Shablin, OU Dawn Aubry Slowik, OU “Partners Together in M2O” 30

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