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If you want to get rid of poverty, we must invest in education! HIROHITO, Emperor of Japan - 1946.

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1 If you want to get rid of poverty, we must invest in education! HIROHITO, Emperor of Japan - 1946

2 The number of the schools decrease every year: 1996 – 29.815 schools 2000– 24.481 schools 2004 – 14.396 schools 2008 – 8.221 schools 2011 – 7.204 schools

3 In 2009 vocational schools were abolished. Number of young workers prepared for labour market dropped dramatically, even if the change of the Education Law in 2011 involved the re-establishment of these forms of education. If the school year 2002 - 2003 Romania had over 270,000 students enrolled in vocational education, their number was only 19,700 people in the school year 2012/2013.

4  Permanent Curricular reform in 25 years  The focus is on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and less on practical skills acquisition.  Lack of interest and motivation of students for school  Migration of workers with secondary education degree and qualifications required on the labor market (plumbers, builders, bricklayers, electricians, mechanics) and the "brain drain”

5 Consequences The percentage of the students who graduate baccalaureate exam in June 2014 was 67.61% Most students who graduate secondary education with technical profile, going straight into unemployment. Most students who complete studies with theoretical profile refuse to continue their studies or are turning to private Universities where the quality of education is generally low Romania fails to develop an educational system that has a correspondent in the labor market.

6 A new attempt to reform vocational education took place this summer, with the adoption of a controversial Government Ordinance establishing “Universitary College” for high school graduates who have failed to promote the baccalaureate deepens the lack of predictability of an education system who underwent only the last two decades more than 100 legislative changes.

7 It requires a plan of immediate actions centered on three pillars: CROSS CURRICULAR REFORM TO CLASS 0 - AT UNIVERSITY LEVEL 1 – rethinking the curricular architecture taking in to account the request of labour market LEVEL 2 – adequate reconstruction programs – using teams of teachers (practitioners) including all categories of teachers from primary level to university professors LEVEL 3 - Restoring the content manuals

8 1. Adopt dual system of education The combination of theory and practice - This combination is regarded as exemplary throughout Europe and is a key factor for the success of the economy of various European counties. Foreign investors highly appreciates the job specific skills and knowledge with a solid base of these employees. Occupational orientation of the educational system - Aside from the practical orientation, the dual education system puts great emphasis on specialization. 2. Re-establishment of vocational schools (achieved in 2014) 3. Differentiated baccalaureate 3. Differentiated baccalaureate - ACADEMIC type, TECHNOLOGICAL type, and VOCATIONAL type CROSS CURRICULUM REFORM

9 Last 2 years MNE invested quite a lot in support the link between school and industry - to give the opportunity for students enrolled in technical and vocational education to attend at theoretical courses and also to practice in well equipped workshops inside of high schools, but also with the possibility of having places for practice in companies. All students enrolled in vocational education and training receive a monthly grant (50 Euro) from the Romanian state, and other 50 euro by month if they study in a school who have an agreement with companies. Education Minister noted that this year in vocational schools are 26,000 students and the number of agreements signed with companies increased from 1,000 (2013) to 3,000.

10 Stimulate the participation of teachers from VET at LLL programes – (5 years, 10 LDV Projects, 584 teachers trained in Portugal, Italy, Spain) Project with National Center for Technical and Vocational Education : "Linking the offer of vocational and technical education with labor market requirements". The main objective of this project was increasing the relevance of initial vocational training offer by vocational and technical education (VET) in relation to labor market needs and requirements of economic and social development from the perspective of knowledge-based society by improving strategic planning documents at the county level and local VET. – 1500 teachers trained, 400 teachers participated at study visits in Austria, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy.

11 Благодаря ! Thank you!

12 The teacher is a manufacturer of men. The teacher is like a carpenter who take a dirty wood of mud, wash it and make it luxury furniture.

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