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James Campbell High School The IB World School Journey.

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1 James Campbell High School The IB World School Journey

2 “It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity... College Board AP

3 ...and the responsibility of the individual to contribute.” – William Pollard Stanford Whitman Gonzaga Cornell U. of Virginia Trinity College, CTUS Naval Academy The University of Washington, WA St. Johns, NYHarvey Mudd JCHS AP Scholars 2003 to 2008 Pacific U UCLA Columbia, NYWashington State Oregon State

4 At JCHS the Plan is Simple... ► Take What We Believe In ► Take What We Know ► And Do Whatever It Takes To Make It Happen

5 “Without preparation, opportunity is an empty promise.” - Alan Page, former NFL star, current Minnesota State Supreme Court Justice from Austin American Statesman, 10.25.02 What we believe in...

6 Student Group AP Exam Grade of 3, 4, 5 AP Exam Grade of 1, 2 African-American 28% higher 22% higher Hispanic 28% higher 12% higher White 33% higher 22% higher Low-Income 26% higher 17% higher Not Low-Income 34% higher 23% higher Source: Chrys Dougherty, Lynn Mellor, and Shuling Jian, The Relationship Between Advanced Placement and College Graduation (National Center for Educational Accountability, 2005) “Impact of AP on 5-Year College Graduation Rates” What we know is... EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE is for ALL students

7 JCHS’ AP Access & Growth ► In 2000 JCHS administered 30 AP exams to 25 students ► In 2007 we reached school record of 89 students take 155 exams. ► Last Year the record was shattered with 185 students taking 367 least until this year... ► Currently JCHS has 263 students preparing to take 471 AP exams in May of 2009 * 29% of these students qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch * 30% of these exams will be taken by AVID Program students JCHS now offers 15 Different AP Courses with 19 sections for grades 10-12

8 What we believe in... is student success comes with complete, excellent preparation Cyril Tiglao - Class of 2005 AP Scholar with exam scores of… AP Calculus…4 AP Language…3 AP Literature…4...and the successful grades he earned in the College Classes at Campbell Cyril entered the University of Washington with 19 credits & Sophomore status after his first trimester... Graduating Spring 2009 with Bachelors of Science in Technical Communications in Engineering

9 What we know is... it is not only about the top scores, but about the RIGOR & PERSEVERANCE which leads to success... Jester Galiza - Class of 2007 had exam scores of… Language & Composition – 2 US History – 1 Biology – 2 Calculus – 2 Psychology – 2 Literature - 2 Despite his scores, his experiences at JCHS and his own determined perseverance helped him earned a $1,000,000 of academic scholarships to attend DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. Jester is now a Sophomore pre-med student. FAQ: Dartmouth College is one of the nine Ivy League school. The average tuition with room & board for the freshman year i n 2007-2008 is listed at $48,236

10 Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. – Demosthenes To build on what we believed, what we knew... The next goal was to expand globally for our students and for our school...

11 The IB Journey at JCHS simply started with the vision, the leaders, and a dedicate group of teachers and students that have... “the POWER to THINK and the WILL to ACT” "© International Baccalaureate Organization 2002, 2007"

12 ► The Vision & Timing ► A Feasibility Study Fall of 2006 ► Finding the “Right People” To Become an IB WORLD SCHOOL...

13 9 th Grade Pre-AP/IB Courses AVID Program 9 th Grade Academy 10 th Grade Academy 9 th Grade Courses 10 th Grade Pre-AP/IB Courses AVID Program 10 th Grade Courses 11 th & 12 th Grade... Smaller Learning Communities 11 th & 12 th Grade CTE Pathways & Certificate of completion Academy of International Studies AVID Program IB Diploma Courses IB Full Diploma AVID Certificate AP & College Courses at JCHS IB Course Certificates  Re-Organizing without peril

14 ► “Intent to Apply” Application Winter 2007 ► The teachers’ Self-Study & Curriculum Writing Approach Spring 2008 "© International Baccalaureate Organization 2002, 2007"

15  The Final Application & Applicant Status in Summer of 2007  Teacher Training – Level 1 Summer of 2007  IB Authorization Visitation Fall of 2007  Authorization!!! December 2007 Vol. 13, Issue 35 - Monday, February 4, 2008 With I.B. program, Campbell enters public school elite By Joshua Hayhurst and Alyssa Bali Ewa Naupaka James Campbell High School in Ewa Beach is the first public school in Hawaii to be given approval for the International Baccalaureate Programme... "There is life past Renton Road," Do said in a Jan. 7 interview with the Honolulu Advertiser. "If our students are going to be successful, they have to be able to compete in a global society. We have to give them every opportunity to achieve." In a later interview, she added, "There's a whole wide world out there, and we shouldn't just limit ourselves to just our small community or just our island in a sense of thinking about how we fit and how our students can compete with other students from around the world, other students from across the country, other students from the rest of Oahu, that our students are just as talented." Campbell will be using the "open enrollment" policy. Students who have the desire and drive to take such advanced university courses will not be rejected due to grade point average or any other reasons that would have normally stopped them from entering such rigorous courses... - See Honolulu Star Bulletin, February 4, 2008 for the full article

16 "In the past seven years, thanks to the efforts of Campbell High School's principal and staff, the school has been transformed from a challenging, sometimes rowdy, environment to a calm campus with students who value learning." Patricia Hamamoto | schools superintendent Posted on: Monday, January 7, 2008 Hawaii school lands top college-prep program By Loren Moreno Advertiser Staff WriterLoren Moreno James Campbell High School in 'Ewa Beach is the first Hawai'i public school given approval to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, an elite college preparatory program with an international focus. In the Fall 2008 semester, Campbell High School, which is facing sanctions under the federal No Child Left Behind mandate, will begin offering the International Baccalaureate courses, which help prepare students for university-level work and also help mold students into global citizens...... "If our students are going to be successful, they have to be able to compete in a global society. We have to give them every opportunity to achieve," Do said. Campbell High School joins more than 2,000 schools from 182 countries in offering the rigorous international curriculum. Only one other school in Ha-wai'i, Mid Pacific Institute, currently offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.... - See honolulu for the full article

17  NOW WHAT??...Revising Registration – Scheduling – Marketing – Meetings – Level 2 Training Spring 2008 TeacherRm. FALL SPRING 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Tanaka Group 1 – Language A1 O-305NTP Expos I/II AP Lit Sec 1 AP Lit Sec 3 NTP Brit/Amer Lit AP Lit Sec 1 AP Lit Sec 3 AP Lit Sec 2 Special Special Braitsch Group 1 – Language A1 O-303NTPLit Honors Expos AP Lang NTPLit IB Lang A1 HL Yr1 IB Lang A1 Yr1 Bangert Group 2 – Language A2 G-201 World Lan g AP Spanish NTPWorldLang World Lang AP Spanish NTP IB Spanish ab initio IB Spanish ab initio Cheng Group 3 Individuals &Societies O-307NTP Soc Studies IB Psych SL & HL Yr1 AP Psych Sec 2 NTP Soc Studies IB Psych SL & HL Yr1 AP Psych Sec 2 AP Psych Sec 1 AP Psych Sec 3 AP Psych Sec 1 AP Psych Sec 3 Aly Group 3 – Individuals & Societies O-304NTP Soc Studies IB History HL Yr1 NTP Soc Studies IB History HL Yr1 AP U.S. History AP U.S. Hist ory Barangan Group 4 Exp.Sciences O-204 AVID 12 AVID12NTP Biology II (w/ Bio Med Tech) AVID 12 AVID12NTP AP Biology Sample Master Academy of International Studies Teacher Schedule Top course = Day A. Bottom course = Day B

18  Teacher Training – Level 2 Summer 2008 to Spring 2009  Full Implementation Fall 2008 IB North America 751 IB Latin America 209 IB Africa, Europe & the Middle East 570 IB Asia Pacific 240 Number of DP Schools: 1770 "© International Baccalaureate Organization 2002, 2007"

19 ► What’s ahead... Building a K-12 Campbell Complex Continuum for our community’s “IB Leaners”... Primary Years Programme : Iroquois Point Elementary (Application YR 1) Keone’ula Elementary School (Planning YR 1) Middle Years Programme: Ilima Intermediate School (Planning YR 1)

20 Special Thanks To State Superintendent Patricia Hamamoto Board of Education First Vice Chairperson Karen Knudsen for their help, support and confidence in JCHS during the journey to become a part of the IB world community.

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