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Gifted and Talented Evening Wednesday 25th September 2013

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1 Gifted and Talented Evening Wednesday 25th September 2013
Graham Taylor - Principal

2 Agenda for the evening Overview of New College
Graham Taylor, Principal Oxbridge and top university support David Stephenson, Oxbridge Co-ordinator The Oxbridge Process from a student perspective High Flyers Scheme Mick Dams, Section Leader, Maths Villiers Park scheme from a student perspective Questions & Answers

3 An overview of New College
Over students Queen’s Drive Campus opened Jan 2003 New £10 million Annexe open Sept 2011 Great facilities include:- 2 x dance, recording, art & design, photography studios; beauty & body treatments area Library, Open Learning Centre, VLE, PC/Macbooks and BYOD scheme All areas graded as “Outstanding” or “Good” in OFSTED inspection 2009

4 Providing the best academic quality
98.2% pass rate for A Levels in Summer 2013 100% pass rate in 39 subjects 41% A* - B rate on A Levels Highest percentage of students achieve 3 or more A Levels/equivalences in Swindon or Cirencester* (*Source:DfES 2012 School Performance tables KS5)

5 Progression after New College
500+ students went to universities/HEIs this autumn Universities included: Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Warwick, Southampton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Exeter, Bath For those going straight to jobs Great links with Intel, Nationwide, Barclays Employability offer: Job Club, Job Shop, mentoring/placements

6 A few of our High Flyers... Samra Yasin (Churchfields)
A* in Biology; As in Chemistry and Maths Medicine at University Charlotte Brett (Nova Hreod) Distinction in BTEC Health and Social Care As in English Language & Literature; Communication & Culture University of Reading – English Language & Literature (Commonweal)

7 A few of our High Flyers... Maxime Perrott (The Ridgeway)
A*s in History and Sociology; B in Politics University of Southampton: History Daniel Simpson (Dorcan) As in Sociology, Politics; B in Law; C in Psychology University of Birmingham: Law (Commonweal) .

8 Recent Student/Alumni Success
Student Star Awards – monthly and termly Leaver’s Ceremony Summer 2013: 93 awards 68 Y11s/current students involved in NCS summer programme Laura Halford became British Rhythmic Gymnastic Champion Jahmene Douglas - No.1 debut album; nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBOs Four Olympians since 1984 and 1 Paralympian in 2012

9 A few Y11 initiatives Open Day, Saturday October 12th, 10am-2pm
Meet subject tutors, take a tour of the campus Find out about “life support” systems A Levels Open Evening, Wednesday Jan 29th, 5-7pm Vocational Courses Open Evening, Tuesday March 25th, 5-7pm NCS summer programme 4 week programme starting July 21st 2014

10 Why choose New College? Unrivalled choice of programmes
High quality teaching and learning Great student results and achievements Outstanding support for students Fantastic all-round student experience Bridge between school and university/work

11 Oxbridge and top university support
David Stephenson Maths Lecturer and Oxbridge Co-ordinator

12 Why Oxbridge? Can be a fantastic opportunity Different in many ways
Not necessarily the best courses for you

13 Oxbridge Coordinator Subject teachers and personal tutors provide guidance Most of the help is the same for other top universities May not have applicants on a regular basis Collect and disseminate information

14 What they are looking for
ACADEMIC POTENTIAL Good GCSE results In context (CSAS /national contextual data) Outstanding A level performance Academic interest (Outside interests may be relevant)

15 How we can help No barrier Encourage Have a go
Don’t worry: many superb students don’t get in Point in right direction Subject support Preparation for tests Preparation for Interviews

16 Websites Used to be lots of special information Now it’s all online
No longer special forms though Cambridge sends a questionnaire after students apply Early application still required Tests: BMAT, TSA, ELAT, LNAT, STEP, HAT, PAT, ... Some of these are used by other universities

17 Two of our 2013 successful Oxbridge applicants...
Rhys Clyne (Commonweal) A* in Biology; As in History, Maths, Politics & English Literature History at Merton College at Oxford Sabah Afzal (The Ridgeway) A* grades in Maths, Biology & Chemistry; A in Physics Medicine at New College, University of Oxford (Commonweal) .

18 Series of Meetings February of 1st year introduction
Anyone interested Invitations to those with best GCSE results April: application process and how to prepare (outside speaker) June: open days, summer schools, choosing and starting application Sept: Applying, everything on track Nov: interview workshop (outside speaker) Individual help and advice

19 Example emails from students
David, This isn't specifically about Oxbridge but any information would be useful. With universities that offer conditional offers in a range, i.e. A*AA-AAB, what is the logic of which offer you are given? Is it the stronger the candidate, the lower the offer, as the university desire the student more? So say a stronger candidate would receive the AAB offer and a candidate that looks less may get A*AA? Or is it the other way around? Many thanks. Hi, I am seeing my subject teachers on Monday to check my personal statement, and was wondering if I could come see you after Tuesday to give it a final check, as aiming on sending it early next week. Sorry to keep hassling you! Thank you. David, I am sorry for not coming to see you yesterday - after attending the open day at Lady Margaret's Hall on Friday, as well as speaking with tutors, I have come to the conclusion that Oxford University isn't for me, and I have chosen not to apply. Thank you for your earlier information, and I apologise for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks.

20 The Oxbridge process from a Student’s Perspective
Alistair Senior 5 A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Electronics & Chemistry. Engineering, University of Cambridge

21 Mick Dams Section Leader - Maths
High Flyers Scheme Mick Dams Section Leader - Maths

22 Your question... “I am a Year 11 with lots of academic potential……. How can I best achieve it?”

23 Our answer….. Choose a relevant but challenging academic programme
Enrich your CV with something to help you stand out

24 What support and opportunities can I expect from New College?
Widest range of A levels in the county Maths AS link A variety of other academic courses Many enrichment opportunities Financial benefits Programme of presentations and initiatives

25 Am I a High Flyer? Minimum of 4 A grades at GCSE
Being identified at interview Apply for the High Flyers Scholarship Maximise your potential

26 Two of our new High Flyer students...
Benjamin White (Lydiard Park Academy) Fine Art; EPQ; Maths; Physics; Physics Dynamics Rachel Caron (Isambard) Graphic Design & Illustration; Eng Lit & Lang; Maths; Chemistry; Physics; Physics Dynamics (Commonweal) .

27 Academic options Vast range of AS and A Levels
Opportunity for 5 AS in Year One 30+ Express A Levels AQA Baccalaureate

28 AQA Baccalaureate Supplements a programme of AS/A levels
Broadens the range of Study Focus on particular relevant enrichment activities Level 3 extended project

29 Enrichments that can make a difference!
Villiers Park scholars programme Medical Package Voluntary service programme Debating matters Sports teams/ gym Tutorial support

30 Courses to give you an edge
Courses that universities look for - AQA Baccalaureate; Extended Project - Critical Thinking; General Studies Maximising your potential programmes - Short quals to enhance your life and PSE skills - Includes: Personal Finance, Employability, Volunteering, Internet Safety Extras: optional activities and courses - College Production; Football Academy; Debating Matters; Choral Group

31 Financial benefits High Flyer Scholarships
Villiers Park Scholars Programme … (continued and new) Access to Villiers Park courses/ Oxfizz

32 Villiers Park from a Student’s Perspective
Harry Jones, current New College student

33 High Flyers Evening Wednesday 25th September 2013
Any questions?

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