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An Alliance for Regional Integration

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1 An Alliance for Regional Integration

2 Alabama Robotics Technology Park Alabama Robotics Technology Park  Collaboration - state of Alabama, 2-year college system, Universities, AIDT & robotics industry  Stimulate regional WF development pipeline: integration of K-12  2-year colleges  post baccalaureate institutions, industry, & federal defense & civil agencies  Three facilities … 53 acre site directly across Highway 31 Calhoun’s Decatur Campus

3 RTP Goals  Develop & deliver company-specific, technology focused training and education programs.  Provide skill-specific education & training to assist employee/student advancement at all levels.  Provide the right facilities and workplace environment to meet needs of: > gov’t & industry robotic advanced tech R&D > systems integration > systems integration > entrepreneurial opportunities

4 RTP Education RTP Education K-12 Apprenticeship/Dual-Enrollment Tours & Events Two-Year Community Colleges Credit/Noncredit Apprenticeships Four-Year Universities Degree Opportunities Apprenticeships

5 Robotic Maintenance & Technical Center Phase 1 Robotic Maintenance & Technical Center Phase 1  Address need for multi-skilled maint & robotics technicians (training facility)  Flexible 52K sq ft facility (mezzanine observation area)  Robotics companies pledged $42M in equipment  8 Robotic cells & integrated mfg line  Morgan Co, Limestone Co, Decatur, Athens $1M each & Calhoun $3M (all pledged)  Ground breaking Nov 2008; open June 2010  Short Certificates  Intermediate (Combination Certificate & Vendor Training)  Long Term (Degree Programs)

6 Advanced Technology R&D Center Phase 2  Several robotics R&D alliances - federal aerospace/defense agencies & industry, law enforcement, research univ. & jr. college consortia, auto industry, & biomedical technology  Large high bay space with flexible, modular infrastructure  Outdoor R&D testing facility in variety of environments  Professional staff, company professionals and university graduate students  R&D, testing & user-training of leading edge robotics for military projects, space exploration & uses of unmanned ground, air, & submerged vehicles.

7 Automation Integration & Entrepreneurial Center Phase 3  Adapt robots for future needs & innovative uses in evolving robotics industry  Collaboration to stimulate small business dev. & create new product lines in existing mid-mkt & large mkt robotic corps.  Manufacturing line SW & HW integration  Testing of new systems  Oriented to specific user needs



10 RTP: Where We Are… Business Model:Developed & Evolving Strategic Plan: Activated & Evolving Marketing Plan/Website: Activated & Evolving Phase I Building: Construction Started Phase II Design: 95% Complete Advisory Councils: Established & Providing Value Program & Facilities Use Evolving in Concert Planning:with Business Model Partnerships:Initiated & Evolving

11 Work-in-Process  Achieving New Educational Program Approvals  Sustained Funding/Revenue Stream Moving Forward  Typical Architect/Contractor Issues  Security/Proprietary Agreements with Tenants  Integrating Education Entities  Education & Workforce Pipeline Development  Evolving an Integrated Business Model & Actionable Business Plan

12 Executive Board of Directors  Mr. Jim Bolte, President, Toyota Motor Mfg Alabama, Huntsville  Mr. Brian Buckner, Engineering Manager, Yutaka Technologies, Cullman  Dr. Nancy Jan Davis, Vice President & Deputy General Manager, Jacobs Engineering Science & Technical Services, Huntsville  Mr. Ralph Malone, Owner, Triana Metal Fabrications, Huntsville  Mr. Jason Putnam, Vice President for Operations & Business Development, Pro- Air Services, Decatur, Vice Chairperson  Mr. Mike Selby, President, Automatic Screw Machine Products Company, Inc., Decatur  Dr. Joe Sparks, Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton, Huntsville, Chairperson  Dr. Marilyn Beck, President, Calhoun Community College, Decatur  Mr. Ed Castile, Executive Director, Alabama Industrial Development Training, Montgomery

13 Advisory Councils Phase I A larger group of Mfg. Professionals assisting with program development & equipment identification. Phase II A larger group of R & D Professionals & University Staff assisting with developing the full potential of Phase II.

14 Thank You

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