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Presenting the IB ARMS 2012 Symposium. Table of Contents General Information - blue Disclaimer - green Continuum Sessions - yellow DP Sessions - brown.

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1 Presenting the IB ARMS 2012 Symposium

2 Table of Contents General Information - blue Disclaimer - green Continuum Sessions - yellow DP Sessions - brown MYP Sessions - pink PYP Sessions - green How to Register – light beige

3 General Information Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012 Location: Aurora Hills Middle School 1009 So. Uvalda St. Aurora, CO 80012 Time: 8:30 AM – 2:50 PM – 5 hours credit Registration opens at 7:45 AM Cost: $50 per person includes continental breakfast and box lunch Note: This conference will take place in a wireless environment. Participants need to bring a laptop or tablet to use in their session.

4 Disclaimer This symposium is not an official IB training, but is an opportunity for IBARMS member school teachers to network, share best practices, and discuss approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in this subject area. This does not take the place of a required IBA-approved workshop. IB ARMS views a symposium as an opportunity to focus on a "specific topic (e.g. "Inquiry in the PYP," "Integrating the Areas of Interaction", "Group 4 Internal Assessment") and is usually geared toward more experienced teachers.

5 Continuum Sessions Coaching IB Through Lesson Study Heide Pace, Leader In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to maximize professional collaboration to immediately impact student learning. While educators realize the benefits of collaboration, they may lack the specific skill set to be effective. Participants will learn several protocols to use in working with teachers along with specific coaching techniques. Based on the assumption that teaching can be empirically and objectively studied and improved, lesson study is a professional development process that teachers engage in to systematically examine their practice. Through lesson study the classroom becomes the teacher's laboratory for continuous improvement resulting in better teaching and learning. The Five Year Evaluation Suzi Geimer, Leader Are you facing program evaluation soon? The program Evaluation symposia is designed as an opportunity to understand the evaluation process across the continuum. We will investigate the parts to the evaluation, standards and practices, and develop a better grasp of the scope and requirements of program evaluation. You will look at your program’s practices, share best ideas, and reflect on the connections between the three programs and their common elements. s

6 Diploma Sessions Clarifying CAS Theresa Biggs, Leader As we all know, CAS is fraught with challenges. This one day session will address the challenges of the reflection process, strategies CAS Coordinators may use to motivate both students and advisors, and explore what IB is looking for when monitoring CAS. Please come with questions as this is a day built around conversation. Theresa Biggs is the Senior CAS reader for North America. Extended Essay Success -- Supervision and Management of the EE Tisha Allan The IB Extended Essay too often is a roadblock for the IB Diploma Candidate. The path through this independent project can be smoothed and student success increased. This session provides an understanding of the role of the Extended Essay in the Diploma Programme a look at requirements and strategies for facilitating student success and minimizing supervisor frustration opportunities to discuss problems and develop solutions guidance in developing a workable Extended Essay school plan You will discover that with a minimal time investment, you can have greater success and less stress for both you and the IB Diploma students.

7 Diploma Sessions (cont.) Visual Arts – Electronic Submission Travis Krause, Leader "Will the world end in 2012? Who knows… But, we do know that the IB Visual Arts submissions for grade awarding will be done electronically for the May 2013 session. As your students’ leaders, you will need some tactics for thriving during these changes and maintaining your sanity. Participants in this symposium will be given the background and an overview of the e- submission process and strategies for navigating this new system. It is important for you to note that this year all submissions are due April 10 th !!! Bring your Curriculum and exemplars of best practices."

8 Middle Years Sessions HOS/Coordinator 101 Ryan Masciotra, Leader This symposium session is intended for new MYP coordinators and administrators. The objectives of the session include understanding the philosophical and administrative requirements of the MYP and how to implement/sustain them with an MYP program. This will include identifying requirements for upcoming verification and/or evaluation visits, monitoring the unit planning process, supporting staff on globally connected curricula, and utilizing the MYP Assessment Criteria. Integrating Technology in the MYP Joe Smith, Leader The goal of this workshop is to explore the structures necessary for teaching MYP technology with integrity at schools where MYP technology is not time-tabled as a separate subject group in one or more years of the programme. Participants will explore strategies for planning the integration of learning objectives from MYP technology with the content of another subject group. Participants will consider school-based supports and structures that are necessary for coordination of an integrated MYP technology programme.

9 Middle Years (cont.) MYP Summative and Formative Assessment: creating, grading, recording, and reporting Lou Marchesano, Leader Participants should bring copies of MYP Unit planners that they are getting ready to teach with copies of the summative assessment tasks designed for the unit. Participants will review how to align summative assessment tasks with MYP objectives, create formative assessment tasks and learning activities to prepare students for the summative task and differentiate instruction according to the different levels of achievement described in the assessment criteria rubrics. We will also examine how MYP assessment criteria align with common core standards as seen through the command terms and student understanding. We will also review how to use formative and summative assessment scores to determine MYP achievement levels for reporting as required by IB for authorized MYP schools and how to begin to move the school's grading system in accordance with MYP grading practices and current literature on standards-based grading. Participants should bring with them a copy of their subject guide, MYP Command Terms document, and MYP unit planner with assessments. Participants will have opportunity to create and share assessments so bringing a laptop is expected.

10 Middle Years (cont.) Service Learning Don Marsh & Vicky Virnich, Leaders Session Description Pending Personal Project Anne Frazier, Leader The MYP Personal Project is a significant student-directed inquiry produced over an extended period, completed by all students in the final year of the MYP. It holds an important place in the MYP and reflects the student’s experience in the program. This session will provide an opportunity to learn about the Personal Project itself as well as provide suggestions for implementation for your students and teachers.

11 Primary Years Sessions Common Core Standards & PYP Michael Schooler, Leader  “ Discriminate and justify a position using traditional lines of rhetorical argument and reasoning” --  “Articulate the position of self and others using experiential and material logic”…From the 5 th grade Colorado State Standards. IB Mission Statement: The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect…. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. The IB Mission statement calls for us to facilitate the growth of students who can articulate another person’s point of view and understand that they might be right. In order to that we first have to understand and develop our own points of view and the skills necessary to communicate them. The Common Core Standards have student expectations aligned with our mission and beliefs and inquiry questions built right in. Come to the symposium and explore the standards and see how they align with what we are already doing in PYP. Digital Portfolios Maureen Shields, Leader What are Digital Portfolio’s? What would you like to know and learn about Digital Portfolios? What is the purpose of Digital Portfolios? Are they a way to celebrate learning, capture and store evidence, reflection, feedback, and goal setting? Want to know more? Geared toward PYP teachers for use with students and professional development. In this one-day workshop we will explore several different tools that are user friendly and student appropriate. We will be working with Google doc, Google sites, Livebinder and Dropbox to show how Inquiry, IB attitudes, use of technology, and writing samples can be collected and stored to show evidence of learning. This workshop also is appropriate as a professional learning documentation of your teaching abilities and skills.

12 Primary Years (cont.) Evaluating POI Erin Gaskins, Leader As PYP schools, our task is to ensure that “our POIs remain the definitive experience from the student’s perspective.” Why is this at the core of the PYP approach? How can we engage in meaningful evaluation of our POIs to lead to a more cohesive, focused experience for our students? How can we use content area standards, assessments and ideas to strengthen, rather than distract from our transdisciplinary approach? What does IB have to say about aligning the Common Core State Standards with our POIs? This session will provide participants the opportunity to discuss challenges, consult anchor documents and share ideas to increase our ability to use POI evaluation to bring the POI to the forefront of the experience for our students. Learning Language and the Language Policy Christina Allem, Leader In this one day symposium, we will study the role of language and the PYP language policy. We will start by examining language learning as related to popular myths and what the professionals have to say about them, and the IB standards as related to language. Then, we will study the criteria and rationale of PYP language policies, and view examples of school’s policies. Finally, we will share some practical classroom strategies that we do as practitioners in the language classroom. This symposium is open to any PYP educator whether in the regular classroom, second language classroom or ESL classroom.

13 Primary Years (cont.) Single Subject Planner Development Jane Wisner, Leader This workshop is designed for single subject teachers including music, P.E., art, and media teachers as well as special education teachers who teach in a self-contained classroom. The workshop will review the essential elements of the PYP and the inclusion of these elements within the planner. Participants will have an opportunity to examine existing single subject planners and work with job-alike colleagues to develop planners to be used in their classrooms.

14 Registration Information REGISTRATION will be available on the IB ARMS website beginning Friday, October 5. Go to Note: It is critical that the participant name and email be entered at the time of registration. Our conference is wireless and all communications will be via mail. HOTEL accommodations are available at the DoubleTree by Hilton 13696 E. Iliff Place Aurora, CO 80014 303.337.2800 Reservations can be made through: 800.446.8667 or Reservation Code: IBA Cost: $89.00 per night (includes breakfast) Pay with official school check or credit card & Bring tax exempt certificate to waive taxes

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