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 Creating a Healthier Society through Nursing Research, Education, and Practice Ellen Olshansky, DNSc, RN, WHNP-BC, FAAN Professor & Director, UC Irvine.

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1  Creating a Healthier Society through Nursing Research, Education, and Practice Ellen Olshansky, DNSc, RN, WHNP-BC, FAAN Professor & Director, UC Irvine Program in Nursing Science

2 Objectives  Key concepts that are foundational to nursing  Describe the Program in Nursing Science at UC Irvine, including vision, mission, and strategic goals  Discuss how UCI Program in Nursing Science is contributing to the health of the public through several initiatives and the scholarship of the faculty

3 Foundations of Nursing  Evidence-based/scientific healthcare practice  Focus on environment  Holistic health, understanding mind-body connection  Family and Community health; health promotion  Concern with public health: poverty, civil rights and voting rights, housing reform = social determinants of health  American Hospice movement was started by Florence Wald

4 Changing Demographic: Men in Nursing  Though men represent only 5.8% of the U.S. nursing workforce, the percentage of men in baccalaureate and master’s nursing programs are 10.4% and 8.9%, respectively.  In doctoral programs, 7.1% of students in research- focused programs and 10.2% of students in practice- focused programs are men.

5 How Did UCI’s Program in Nursing Science Get Here?  A Compelling Case for Growth, January 2007: Report of the Advisory Council on Future Growth in the Health Professions:  Recommended substantial growth in nursing education programs at UC  Focus on graduate education as well as on BSN education with the intent that undergraduate students will not only contribute to alleviating the nursing shortage at the bedside, but will also go on to earn graduate degrees in nursing (to contribute to alleviating the nursing faculty shortage as well)

6 Ensuing Challenges  Severe budget cuts in the state of California  $100,000,000 donation to UC Davis in July 2007 from the Betty Irene Moore Foundation to establish a School of Nursing  Academic Nursing is new to UC Irvine, creating the challenge (and opportunity) to develop increased understanding and awareness of who we are  Overcoming some of the negative stereotypes of nursing

7 Meeting the Challenge  Approved in 2006 by the UC Board of Regents and the California State Board of Nursing  First cohort of students matriculated September 2007 (these students were in their 3 rd year of study because they were transfer students from other majors at UCI)  CCNE accreditation for BSN program April 2009  First BSN graduates June 2009

8 Meeting the Challenge (cont)  Masters in Nursing program approved by UC Board of Regents in 2009 and by California State Board of Nursing  First class of MS students matriculated September 2009  CCNE accreditation for MS program anticipated April 2011  Anticipate our first graduating class of MS students in June 2011  PhD proposal is developed and currently under review

9 Our Faculty  7 tenure/tenure-track faculty  5 full-time clinical faculty  4 part-time clinical faculty  ~20 part-time clinical instructors  Recruiting for 2 tenure-track faculty

10 UC Irvine Nursing Students

11 Program in Nursing Science Vision and Mission  UCI Program in Nursing Science, through its integrative, collaborative, and relational approach, will contribute to excellence in nursing and healthcare delivery/clinical practice, scholarship, policy, leadership to improve the health of the Orange County communityand beyond.  We emphasize community engagement, collaboration, and compassion as we teach our students to:  deliver integrative/holistic nursing care to our citizens in our myriad communities that is founded on scientific evidence and human caring,  contribute to the scholarship of nursing through scientifically based translational research that is disseminated widely, and  become leaders in health policy, education, research, and healthcare delivery 

12 Goals of UCI Nursing Science  Full partners with our colleagues in other healthcare disciplines and colleagues in other fields  National/international leaders in nursing and healthcare  Contribute to alleviating the nursing shortage and nursing faculty shortage  Engagement in the community; community health  Promote cutting-edge translational research  Become a School of Nursing

13 What is Academic Nursing?  Relationship with biomedical community  Relationship with social sciences, social ecology, humanities, law  National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH  American Association of Colleges of Nursing  American Academy of Nursing  Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

14  Suzanne Leider Lecture Series  Symposia Series on Optimal Healing/Integrative Health  Mentoring Program for Students  Gardening and Healthy Eating Program  Association for Advancement of Nursing Science & Research (AANSR)  UniHealth Grant – Clinical Nurse Educator Program (CNEP)  Global collaboration: Taipei, Switzerland, Korea, Poland Specific Initiatives at UCI

15 Initiatives (Cont)  Development of Nursing Alumni Association  Development of Sigma Theta Tau International Chapter; Alpha Tau Delta  UCI Flu Clinic  Active participation in ICTS (funded by NIH CTSA Award)  UC Nursing System-wide collaboration  UCI Nursing Science Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health

16 Faculty Accomplishments  Sarah Choi KL2 award from UCI’s NIH-funded Clinical Translational Science Award (Institute for Clinical Translational Research)  Alison Holman – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar; post-traumatic stress, genetics  Jill Berg – honored as community researcher through the ICTS in 2010 – asthma in the Latino community  Ruth Mulnard – runs clinical trial research on Alzheimer’s Disease; Assoc Director of ICTS  Jung-Ah Lee – studies prevention of deep vein thrombosis

17 Faculty Accomplishments (cont)  Lorraine Evangelista – prevention of heart failure  Ellen Olshansky – women’s health across the lifespan; community based research; qualitative research  Susan Tiso, Susanne Phillips, Camille Fitzpatrick, Karen Deck, Beth Haney – maintain practice as nurse practitioners  Maureen Movius, Bernadette Milbury, Kathy Saunders – studying simulation as a clinical educational tool

18 We are Prepared to Meet the Challenges Ahead!  Stay focused and motivated  Work as a team  Work with our inter-disciplinary colleagues  The Gallop Poll every year since 1999 except after 9/11 (when firefighters were voted most trusted), has found nurses to be the most trusted profession

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