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Project Management Careers Dr. James Jiang University of Central Florida.

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1 Project Management Careers Dr. James Jiang University of Central Florida

2 Overview 1) Overview 2) History and Establishment of PMI 3) PMI Certification 4) Alternative Certifications (Processes/Exams) 5) Project Managers Career Path Progression 6) Expected Salaries 7) Personality Traits Set for Project Managers 8) Conclusion 9) Question and Comments

3 Project Management Institute - Incorporated in 1969 outside Philadelphia - Founded by 5 volunteers - J. Gordon Davis, PhD, PMI Fellow - E.A. "Ned" Engman - Susan Gallagher - Eric Jenett - James R Snyder - During that same year the first PMI Seminars & Symposium was held in Atlanta, Georgia USA and had an attendance of 83.

4 Project Management Institute Three Levels of Membership: - Chapters - Geographically based and number over 200 worldwide. - North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. - Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - Give members access to project management practitioners from similar industries and who share professional interests. - Colleges - Help further develop and refine a formal body of knowledge related to project management. Membership Costs - Individual: Annual membership $119 - Student: Annual membership $30

5 Project Management Institute Membership Benefits - Issues of PMI publications such as PM Network® magazine - Enjoy discounts to events and continuing education classes - Gain access to member-exclusive case studies and best practices geared directly to your interests.

6 -PMI is one of world’s leading associations for the project management profession. - Earning a professional credential through PMI means that one has: - Demonstrated the appropriate education and/or professional experience; - Passed a rigorous examination; - Agreed to abide by a professional code of conduct; - Committed to maintaining their active credential through meeting continuing certification requirements. -Offered Credentials: Project Management Professional (PMP) A PMP credential grants an applicant with a globally recognized designation that serves as the foundation from which they can competently practice as a project manager leading and directing project tasks. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) By gaining knowledge of project management processes and terminology, professionals from all disciplines can reach higher levels of performance in their work. Designed for: project team members; entry-level project managers; and project management undergraduate and graduate students. Program Management Professional (PgMP) PMI’s new PgMP credential is specifically developed to enhance the qualifications of the professional who leads the coordinated management of multiple projects and ensures the ultimate success of a program. PMI History and Certifications

7 How to attain? (I) Project Management Professional (PMP) -Education -High school diploma or equivalent. Applicants who hold a baccalaureate degree (or equivalent) are only required to have 4,500 hours leading and directing specific tasks and 36 months of project management experience. -Experience -7,500 hours in a position of responsibility leading and directing specific tasks and 60 months of project management experience - Project Management Education -35 Hours -Examination -Pass a “ multiple-choice ” examination -Six domains: initiating the project, planning the project, executing the project, monitoring and controlling the project, closing the project, and professional and social responsibility.

8 How to attain? (II) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) -Education -High school diploma or equivalent. -Experience - 1,500 hours of work on a project team OR -Project Management Education -23 hours of formal education - Examination - Pass a comprehensive 150 question computer-based examination.

9 How to attain? (III) Program Management Professional Competence Review Candidates’ competence will be evaluated through a sequence of assessments: –Review of education by PMI staff and review of professional work experience by a panel of program managers. –Multiple-choice exam –The last competence assessment occurs through a multi-rater assessment in which a team of raters that the candidate selects will evaluate the candidate’s competence. Eligibility Criteria With Baccalaureate Degree or the Global Equivalent Over the last 15 consecutive years, candidate must have at least: - Four years of project management experience. - Four years of program management experience.

10 Alternatives to PMI: IPMA International Project Management Association –“ The IPMA (International Project Management Association) is a non-profit Swiss registered organization whose membership is comprised primarily of national project management associations throughout the world. “ Certifications –IPMA Level A - Certified Projects Director –IPMA Level B - Certified Senior Project Manager –IPMA Level C - Certified Project Manager –IPMA Level D - Certified Project Management Associate –Start at D and Work Your Way Upward

11 Career Path Progression Project Management Specialist Project Manager I Project Manager II Program Manager

12 Project Management Specialist (1)Responsible for a specific area of project management (i.e., scheduling, cost management, risk management, etc.). (2)Supports the Project Manager and their associated projects.

13 Project Manager I (1)Under direct supervision of a more senior project manager, or a Program Manager, oversees a small project (or phase of a larger project). (2)Responsibility for all aspects of the project over the entire project life (initiate, plan, execute, control, close). (3)Must be familiar with system scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member, to effectively coordinate the activities of the team.

14 Project Manager II (1)Under general supervision of a Program Manager, oversees multiple projects (or one larger project). (2)Responsible for assembling project team, identifying appropriate resources needed, and developing schedule to ensure timely completion of project. (3)Communicate with a Senior Project Manager, Functional area manager, or Program Manager regarding status of specific projects.

15 Program Manager (1)Coordinated management of multiple related projects which are directed toward a common objective. (2)Working with constituent Project Managers (who are responsible to the program manager for the execution of their project and its impact on the program) to monitor cost, schedule, and technical performance of component projects and operations, while working to ensure the ultimate success of the program. (3)Determining and coordinating the sharing of resources among their constituent projects to the overall benefit of the program. (4)Stakeholder management, particularly stakeholders external to the organization.

16 PMI Salary Survey Project Management Specialist CompensationNAverageMedianP25P75P10P90 Salary7177,96775,00060,00092,00047,505106,400 Total Compensation7183,50477,45061,100100,51949,200124,000 Project Manager 1 CompensationNAverageMedianP25P75P10P90 Salary17477,33975,00066,37589,25054,750100,000 Total Compensation17482,03480,00069,90094,25055,000108,300 Project Manager 2 CompensationNAverageMedianP25P75P10P90 Salary27181,94081,76669,50094,00057,000106,048 Total Compensation27187,40785,58372,000100,00059,150119,532 Program Manager CompensationNAverageMedianP25P75P10P90 Salary45992,27390,00075,563105,00064,600120,000 Total Compensation410110,006103,50190,000126,12577,586150,000

17 PMI Salary Survey Chart

18 Project Manager Skills Effective Skills –Lead by example –Are visionaries –Are technically competent –Are decisive –Are good communicators

19 Skills Leadership - inspiring others to create a vision and strive to achieve the goals Good communication - ability to provide valuable information related to the project status in a timely and effective manner Conflict resolution skills - assisting in resolution of any project conflicts so that the project team members all feel part of the process and want to remain involved in the project

20 Skills Negotiation skills - maintaining relationships with people who are involved in the project Team building - assists the team members in understanding their roles and responsibilities on the project and work collaboratively Listening skills - using good listening skills to truly hear and try to understand what others on the project are trying to say Relationship management - capable of working with all levels within the organization by building relationships with them.

21 Project Manager Skills Effective Skills –Good motivators –Stand up to top management when necessary –Support team members –Encourage new ideas –Interpersonal/Team Building –Microsoft Office

22 Project Manager Skills Ineffective Skills –Set Bad Examples –Are Not Self-Assured –Lack Technical Expertise –Are Poor Communicators –Are Poor Motivators

23 Sources 1. - History of PMI 2. – Internation Project Management 3. - Job Descriptions and Salary Survey

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