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Florida College System Update Nancy Copa. 2008 Legislative Session SB1716 – Florida College System SB1908 – Remediation in High School, School Grades.

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1 Florida College System Update Nancy Copa

2 2008 Legislative Session SB1716 – Florida College System SB1908 – Remediation in High School, School Grades HB251 – ROTC Programs HB756 – Wrongfully Incarcerated

3 Florida College System (SB1716) Establishes – Florida College System – State College Task Force – State College Pilot Project

4 Florida College System (SB1716) Institutions: – Must maintain open-door admissions policy – Can grant 2-year and 4-year academic degrees – Cannot offer graduate degree programs – Can participate in 2-year athletic programs; not 4-year athletic programs

5 State College Task Force 1.Chaired by Commissioner of Education 2.Members include: a.Seven community college Presidents b.One ICUF President c.One SUS President d.One CIE President e.One member at large

6 State College Task Force Task Force Requirements: – Recommend program approval process for new baccalaureate programs; – Recommend a funding model for CC baccalaureate programs; – Identify long-range areas of need for baccalaureate degrees; – Monitor State College Pilot Project; – Recommend priorities & criteria for baccalaureate programs offered without approval by SBOE

7 State College Pilot Project No Chairman – Chancellor of Florida College System is moderator Members include: – Chipola College – Daytona State College – Edison College – Indian River State College – Miami Dade College – Okaloosa-Walton College – Polk College – Santa Fe College – St. Petersburg College

8 State College Pilot Project Pilot Project Requirements: – Develop program approval process for SBOE to approve baccalaureate programs. – Develop criteria for an institution to transition from community college to “state college.” – Develop funding model for state colleges.

9 Education Reform (SB1908) Sections Affecting Postsecondary: Requires college-readiness assessment before beginning of 12 th grade for each high school student who indicates an interest in postsecondary ed; H.S. students who demonstrate “college- readiness” by achieving minimum test scores on common placement test and who enroll in a CC within 2 years of achieving such score shall not be required to enroll in remediation;

10 Education Reform (SB1908) Sections Affecting Postsecondary: H.S. and CCs shall work collaboratively to provide access to remediation for 12 th grade students to the “extent practicable” School grades will now include performance on and participation in accelerated coursework (including D.E.) and also postsecondary readiness as measured on ACT/SAT or CPT

11 ROTC Programs (HB251) Prohibits community college or state university from banning Senior ROTC unit. Requires school district, community college, or state university to grant military recruiters same access to students, school facilities & grounds, & student information as to other employers. Requires community colleges and state universities to grant access to student contact and academic record information to military recruiters.

12 Wrongful Incarceration (HB756) Tuition waiver for up to 120 hours at district career center, community college or university Eligible student must: Meet admissions standards Make satisfactory academic progress Remain registered

13 DCC Update Switching Gears…

14 Division Projects Dual Enrollment Standards – Accountability Requirements in DE Standards (Office of Articulation) – DCC generating guidelines for complying with requirements SSN Request (Section 119.071, F.S.) – Auditor General reviewing SSN Request from Commercial Entities – Colleges have different interpretations of “request” – Are you an “agency”? – Will be seeking General Counsel opinion

15 Division Projects FTIC Data Element Review – Committee of 4 MISATFOR, 4 Registrars, CCTCMIS, and DCC – Reviewing possible situations of entering students – Will present recommendations at the November MISATFOR meeting FCAT Pilot Project – Six institutions implemented, one will implement Fall 2008 – Dual Enrollment students most affected – Extended through Spring 2009

16 Division Projects Community College Feedback Report – Feedback from the SUS on how your students are faring – Getting approval by BOG, DCC, and General Counsel for agreement each institution will sign – Begin with drill down aspect of Articulation Report – Will gain feedback from institutions to see what more can be provided – Rollout Goal: Summer 2009

17 Division Publications Publication name changes: – Fast Facts: Student Success Series (the really short ones) became fyi. – Fast Facts and Data Trends combined to become ZOOM. – Program Review stayed the same. – All found at under “Data & Reports” Program Reviews – Educator Preparation Institute Program Review published July 2008 – Beginning program review on services/policies for students with disabilities at the colleges.

18 Division Publications fyi – Next fyi due out in September at the COP meeting ZOOM – Traversing the Academic Pipeline, published July 2008 – Next Zoom Due out October/November Topic: HS to CC Transition

19 Questions/Comments Nancy Copa (850) 245-9456 Jo Conte (850) 245-9914

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