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Ada Merritt K-8 Center Middle Years Programme. Ada Merritt K-8 Center Guiding Question How can the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) benefit my child?

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1 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Middle Years Programme

2 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Guiding Question How can the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) benefit my child?

3 Ada Merritt K-8 Center The International Baccalaureate Program offers a Continuum of International Education

4 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Learner Profile At the heart of the IB Programme Continuum is the Learner Profile. The IB programme aims to help students develop as lifelong learners in the context of the Learner Profile.Learner Profile

5 Ada Merritt K-8 Center

6 Fundamental Concepts of the Middle Years Programme Intercultural Awareness Communication Holistic Education with a Focus on Global Issues

7 Ada Merritt K-8 Center The Programme Model

8 Ada Merritt K-8 Center FIVE AREAS OF INTERACTION They provide a framework for learning within and across the subject groups. They allow connections among the subjects themselves, and between the subjects and real-life issues. Characteristics of the Middle Years Program

9 Ada Merritt K-8 Center The 5 Areas of Interaction: Approaches to Learning Community & Service Environments Health & Social Education Human Ingenuity MYP AREAS OF INTERACTION

10 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Approaches to Learning Develop effective study skills Develop critical, coherent, and independent thought Learn problem solving and decision making skills Become life-long learners Nurture academic honestyacademic honesty

11 Ada Merritt K-8 Center

12 Community and Service Expand focus beyond the classroom Develop responsibility & caring participation in the local & global community Have Community Service requirementsCommunity Service requirements

13 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Health & Social Education Become better informed about life issues Develop a sense of responsibility for their own well-being Make informed choices Become aware of related issues & their effects on communities

14 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Human Ingenuity Study impact of human inventions and creativity Use personal resources to improve quality of life

15 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Environments Become aware of interdependency with the environments Take positive responsible action for the future Accept responsibility for environmental maintenance Reflect on actions and their impact

16 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Apply Your Knowledge Write a sentence to talk about this bottle looking at it through the area of interaction assigned to your table

17 Ada Merritt K-8 Center The MYP provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills for middle school students. It engages them in a thorough study of eight disciplines viewed through the lenses of five areas of interaction All students: –take annual courses in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language A (Language Arts), Language B (Spanish or Portuguese), Humanities in language A and B –take semester courses in Approaches to Learning (ATL), Technology, Physical Education and Fine arts. –Follow a 4X4 block schedule alternating between even periods one day 2, 4, 6, 8 and odd periods 1, 3, 5, 7 the following day They will have the opportunity to earn High School credits in Mathematics, Science, and Language B.

18 Ada Merritt K-8 Center All Middle School students take advanced mathematics courses: –Advanced mathematics in grades 6 and 7 –Algebra 1 in grade 8 Students who excel in mathematics have the opportunity to participate in an accelerated mathematics program, taking Algebra 1 in grade 7 and Geometry in grade 8. Criteria for admission into the accelerated track: –FCAT scores of 5 in mathematics –Teacher recommendation –70% or higher on the placement or baseline test –Strong work ethics –Good grades in all subjects Mathematics

19 Ada Merritt K-8 Center In order to be successful in Algebra 1 in 8 th grade, students need to have mastered, by the end of grade 7, the foundations for this high school course All Algebra 1 and Earth/Space Science students will take a district end of the year test online All grades received on high school level courses will count towards a student’s GPA Mathematics (continued)

20 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Students with an advanced level of fluency in Spanish have the opportunity to participate in the International Studies Program in the MYP by taking advanced level Spanish classes: –Spanish, language B: Spanish Language & Literature for International Studies 1 and 2 in grades 6 and 7 Advanced Placement Spanish class in grade 8 –Spanish Humanities: Spanish Humanities for International Studies 1, 2, 3 in grades 6-8. International Studies Program

21 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Previous participation in the IS program at the elementary level Satisfactory grades in core courses Teacher recommendation A score of 80% or higher on the Spanish Placement Test International Studies Program Criteria for participating in the IS program in Middle School:

22 Ada Merritt K-8 Center School-wide Initiatives

23 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Technology Utilization of tools to solve problems, research and produce Subject Area in IB Three branches –Information –Materials –Systems

24 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Core of the Technology Program Investigate Create a Product/Solution Plan Evaluate Design Cycle

25 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Activities Invention Convention in grade 6 Science Fair in grade 7 Culminating Project in grade 8

26 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Portfolios Students: Collect samples of their work in each Area of Interaction Write a reflection form for each entry Accumulate work samples from 6 th –8 th grades Prepare for High School A complete Portfolio is a requirement to qualify for the Ada Merritt International Baccalaureate Certificate in eighth grade. Ada Merritt K-8 Center Student Portfolio

27 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Clubs Eligible students may participate in a variety of clubs: Student Council FFEA (Florida Future Educators of America) NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) Mentoring Music Art Environment Mathematics Geography Creative Writing Mathematics Odyssey of the Mind Science

28 Ada Merritt K-8 Center IB MYP Requirements Maintain grades of C or higher in all subjects and in conduct Maintain acceptable effort grades Follow the schools attendance, punctuality, uniform and behavior guidelines Complete home learning assignments regularly and use the student agenda Complete the required Community and Service hours: –10 hours in 6 th and 7 th grade –20 hours in 8 th grade Maintain a portfolio Complete the 8 th grade Culminating Project

29 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Transition Challenges Become independent and responsible Acquire and maintain good study habits More subjects Home learning in all subjects Mid term and year end exams Block schedule Age related challenges

30 Ada Merritt K-8 Center How can parents help? Making sure the child is attending school regularly and on time Monitoring the child’s progress through the student agenda, the Grade Book Parent Viewer and communication with the school Ensuring that students meet the expectations of the Parent/Student Honor Code Reading, watching or listening to national and international news and discussing their impact Asking students open-ended questions to allow them to define and express their opinions Encouraging and assisting your child in becoming more involved in community service and school activities Visit the school’s website for additional current information: MYP SectionMYP Section

31 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Fifth Grade Parent Orientation December 9, 2010 Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. Albert Einstein A COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS

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