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Kaiser High school IB Diploma Program

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1 Kaiser High school IB Diploma Program
Student & PARENT Prospective INFORMATION

2 What is the IB diploma ProgramME?
Academically challenging and balanced year program that prepares students for success in college and life beyond IB courses are university level type classes Developed skills prepare students for college Leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading colleges and universities

3 What is the IB diploma ProgramME?
Prepares students to participate in a rapidly evolving global society by: Developing physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically Acquiring breadth and depth of knowledge by studying courses from 6 subject groups Developing a strong sense of their own identity and culture


5 IB Diploma programME components
One subject taken from each group 3 taken at Higher Level (240 hrs) 3 taken at Standard Level (150 hrs) All subject group courses are 2 years 3 core requirements Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Extended Essay (EE) Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

6 Kaiser IBDP Courses Offered
Group 1: Language & Literature English Literature HL Group 2: Language Acquisition Mandarin Ab Initio SL Chinese SL Japanese Ab Initio SL Japanese SL Spanish Ab Initio SL Spanish SL Group 3: Individuals & Societies History of the Americas HL Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) HL Geography HL Group 4: Sciences Biology HL Environmental Systems & Societies SL Physics SL (prerequisite: Algebra 2) Group 5: Mathematics Math Studies SL (prerequisite: Geom) Math SL (prerequisite: Algebra 2) Group 6: The Arts Film HL Music SL and HL Visual Arts SL and HL Ab initio - little to no experience in the language (0-1 year)

7 IB DIPLOMA PROGRAM Core requirements
Extended Essay (EE) – an independently researched and written paper of 4,000 words on a topic of the student’s choice Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – a 2-semester interdisciplinary course that allows students to explore the nature of knowledge across disciplines; encourages an appreciation of other perspectives Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Activities – 150 hours appreciation of life beyond the academic arena; encourages students to be involved in creative pursuits, physical fitness, and community service Detailed on page 4

8 SUBJECT ASSESSMENTS Internal Assessments (IA)
Internally graded by teachers and externally moderated by IB examiners External Assessments (EA) Externally graded by IB examiners Most typically referred to as the exams in May of senior year Certain subjects have an additional EA Detailed on page 5

9 Ib grades & award of the IB diploma
Assessment components for each of the 6 subjects, EE, CAS, TOK completed IB subject assessments scored on a 1-7 scale; total of 42 points possible for 6 subjects 3 additional points can be earned for exemplary work on EE and TOK, totaling 45 maximum points earned for the IB diploma 24 points minimum to earn IB Diploma, however students must also meet certain conditions Detailed on page 6

IBDP Student Registration Fee (IBO fee): $175 (per candidate) Subject Exam Fees (IBO fee): $720 ($120/subject; 6 subjects) Shipping Fees (KHS fee): $80 TOTAL COST: $975 (detailed on page 6)

11 Former KHS IBDP Graduates
59 Kaiser High School students have earned the IB Diploma thus far (Classes of 2012, 2013, 2014) Most KHS IB Diploma Candidates were accepted to one of their top choices of colleges/universities Many KHS IB Diploma Candidates were awarded college credits or course waivers

12 College/University Acceptance
Academy of Art University Arcadia Univ Arizona State University Azusa Pacific Univ Baylor University Berny College Cal Lutheran University California State University California College of the Arts Chaminade University Chapman Univeristy Colorado State University Concordia University Corban University Creighton University DePaul University Earlham College Eckerd College Emerson College Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Flagler College Florida Tech Georgia Southern University Georgia State University Georgia Tech Gonzaga University Guilford College Hawaii Pacific University Illinois Tech

13 College/University Acceptance
Johns Hopkins University Kenyon College La Verne Linfield College Loyola Marymount University Marist College Maryland Institute College of Art McDaniel College Menlo College Mills College Minnesotat State University New York University Newlands College Northern Arizona University Notre Dame de Namur Univ Oregon State University Pacific Lutheran University Pepperdine University Philadelphia University Portland State University Pratt Institute Purdue University Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech Saint Mary's College San Diego State University San Jose State Unviersity Santa Clara University Seattle Pacific University Seattle University St. John's University

14 College/University Acceptance
Transylvania University University of California University of Texas University of Oregon University of Portland University of British Columbia University of Colorado University of Hawaii University of Illinois University of La Verne University of Miami University of Nevada University of North Dakota University of Northern Colorado University of Puget Sound University of San Franciso University of Southern California University of Tampa University of Washington University of West Florida United States Naval Academy Villanova University Wahington State University Wesleyan University Western Washington University Willamette University Xavier University Yavapai College

15 College/university credits (EXAMples from KHS IBDP Grads)
6 English credits 6 credits (3 English, 3 Biology) 9 credits (6 English, 3 Biology) 11 credits (4 Bio, 4 English, 3 Art) 15 credits (3 Writing, 6 Humanities, 3 ScI/Math, 3 Art) 16 credits (4 Chinese, 12 Biology) (6 Eng, 10 Bio) 30 credits (freshman year waived) 20 total credits 21 total credits 24 total credits (Art, Bio, Eng, Span, Geog, Math) 25.3 units (freshman year waived)

The IB Diploma is recognized for admissions, undergraduate credits, and/or course waivers by many colleges and universities worldwide. Candidates who do not achieve the full IB Diploma, but perform well in individual IB courses, may still receive undergraduate credits and/or course waivers depending on the college or university. Policies regarding credit and placement differ from institution to institution. Students should research IB recognition for specific colleges or universities A good central source of general information is:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization awards either a diploma or a certificate for individual IB exams. UC awards students who complete the IB diploma with a score of 30 or above with 30 quarter (20 semester) units toward their UC degree. Students who receive IB certificates with scores of 5, 6 or 7 on Higher Level exams will receive 8 quarter (5.3 semester) units. Designated examinations are awarded elective units which may be applied to UC graduation requirements for specific subjects and/or for general education/breadth requirements, as determined by each campus. Students or counselors should refer to individual campus catalogs/bulletins for more information on how subject credit may be granted. edu/counselors/exam-credit/ib-credits/index.html UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON The UW encourages and applauds students who have chosen International Baccalaureate (IB) courses as part of their high school curriculum. These courses are challenging and demanding, and we believe they provide excellent preparation for university study In most cases, five quarter credits (or more) are granted for Higher Level subjects in which a grade of 5 or higher is earned. Students who earn an IB diploma may be awarded up to 45 quarter credits for a combination of subject grades and 15 general education credits distributed equally among the three Areas of Knowledge (general education) areas: Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA), Individuals and Societies (I&S), and The Natural World (NW). No credit is awarded for Standard Level subject grades. International/AdvancedCredit/IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs provide preuniversity study. IB examinations, whether leading to a full IB diploma or to an IB certificate often qualify students for advanced standing at CU-Boulder. In general, credit is granted for approved IB examinations at the higher level with a score of 4 or better. Students admitted to the University of Colorado Boulder who have graduated from high school having successfully completed an International Baccalaureate Diploma program shall be granted 24 semester hours of college credit. Students should check with their college or school to determine if or how the earned college credit applies toward degree requirements. No CU-Boulder tuition shall be charged for these credits. These credits shall be granted, however, only if the student receives a score of 4 or better on an examination administered as part of the IB Diploma program. If the student scores less than 4 on any IB subject test, the credit hours granted shall be reduced accordingly.  15/ugradadmissions/freshman OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY Oregon State recognizes IB achievement by awarding credit to students who score 5 or above on standard and higher level IB exams. OSU also grants additional benefits for students who complete the full IB diploma with a score of 30 or higher, as follows: Sophomore Standing, and IB Scholarships are available. Students with a total score on IB exams of 30 or higher are eligible to receive a renewable scholarship of $3000. /credit-opportunities

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