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AICE PROGRAM OVERVIEW Video Belleview High School 10400 SE 36th Ave Belleview, FL 34420 (352) 671-6210

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1 AICE PROGRAM OVERVIEW Video Belleview High School 10400 SE 36th Ave Belleview, FL 34420 (352) 671-6210 Principal: Mike Kelly Assistant Principal: Sheila Gamoneda AICE Coordinator: Brandt King Guidance Counselor: Debra Greer

2 What is AICE? An international, pre-university program developed by the University of Cambridge in England Examinations have been offered for over 50 years in more than 150 countries and 9000 schools (including 40+ HS in Florida) AICE first offered in the US in 1995, and officially adopted in Florida in 2001 BHS became an official Centre in August of 2003 AICE Diploma is awarded based on competence in seven subjects; however, students can take and be awarded for individual subjects Curriculum designed as preparation for college and university programs

3 The worlds largest provider of 5-19 International Qualifications Over 9,000 schools in 150 countries Over 2 million entries per year

4 Focus of AICE High academic standards Flexibility to pursue areas of interest and strengths Students Build College Ready Skills –Subject Area Knowledge –Learning Skills –Critical Thinking Skills –Problem Solving Skills Recognition value (every public college and university in Florida, along with most major colleges and universities in the U.S. and worldwide) –CIE Recognition Page - – - –UF -

5 Uniqueness of AICE State of Florida has adopted AICE as a graduation option just like International Baccalaureate (IB) Students who opt for full time AICE enrollment do not have to follow traditional high school graduation plan Academically broad-based component of four units Additional flexibility to pursue areas of interest and strengths Flexibility to add additional units to further pursue interests, goals and strengths

6 Benefits of AICE Increased GPA Additional ways to qualify for Bright Futures Scholarships Possibility of earning college credit as early as your freshman year. College level preparation Exposure to different methods of assessment with emphasis on higher order thinking skills and writing Ability to direct student’s educational interests International perspective necessary for tomorrow’s leaders Ability to compete for admission to the most elite colleges and universities You get to keep all High School credits you earned in Middle School

7 3 Main Goals #1 – Prepare students to be successful in college #2 – Earn an AICE diploma (receive Florida Bright Future Scholarship) #3 – Pass AICE Exams (earn college credit)

8 Jacob Holloway National Merit Scholar recipient 2013 BHS Valedictorian Passed 15 AICE Exams (4 A levels) Received 45 credit hours from the University of Florida Played Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball while at BHS Current Florida Cicerone (official ambassador to the University of Florida) Treasurer of Sigma Chi fraternity Member of UF honor college Advisor for the college of engineering Currently has a 3.86 GPA at the University of Florida

9 Curriculum The Cambridge AICE Diploma is designed to deliver breadth across the curriculum and depth in selected subjects. Learners have to achieve a minimum of seven credits from at least three subject groupings and the core (Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives) to be awarded the diploma. Group 1: Mathematics and Science Group 2: Languages Group 3: Arts and Humanities Group 4: Interdisciplinary and skills based subjects (optional).

10 Group 1 - Mathematics and Sciences Biology Chemistry Environmental Management Marine Science Mathematics I & II Physics Psychology

11 Group 2 - Languages English Language Spanish Language

12 Group 3 - Arts and Humanities Classical Studies Divinity English Literature I & II European History Psychology Sociology I & II Spanish Literature U.S. History

13 Group 4 – Interdisciplinary and skills based subjects Thinking Skills I & II General Paper

14 Sample Course Schedules by Grade 9 th Grade –AICE General Paper –Pre-AICE Mathematics I, II or III (depending on Middle School Mathematics Course) –Pre-AICE Biology –Pre-AICE Global Perspectives –Foreign Language or Elective –Elective 10 th Grade –AICE English Language I –Pre-AICE Mathematics II or III or AICE Mathematics I w/ Statistics –Pre-AICE Chemistry or Pre-AICE Physics –AICE European History –Foreign Language or Elective –Elective (AICE Thinking Skills) –Elective

15 Sample Schedule Continued… 11 th Grade –AICE English Language II –Pre-AICE Math III or AICE Mathematics I w/ Statistics or AICE Mathematics II w/ Mechanics –AICE Science (student choice) –AICE U.S. History –Global Perspectives –Foreign Language or Elective –Elective 12 th Grade –AICE English Literature –AICE Mathematics I w/ Statistics or AICE Mathematics II w/ Mechanics or Dual Enrollment Math –AICE Science (student choice) –AICE Economics –Foreign Language or Elective –Elective

16 James Cowan 2014 BHS Valedictorian Passed 16 AICE exams (4 A levels) Received 45 credit hours from the University of Florida President of the National Honors Society at BHS A current member of the mock trial team at UF A member of UF’s honors college 3.91 GPA at the University of Florida

17 Why AICE? Most importantly, BHS AICE students are prepared to enter college. Over the past 8 years BHS has been listed in Newsweek ‘s /Washington Post’s Top Public High Schools. Highest ranked in Marion County Due to the successes of AICE at BHS, BHS has been awarded the distinction of being an International Fellowship Centre for the University of Cambridge becoming just one of four schools in the US and a handful more globally to receive the honor. New Graduation Requirements for full time AICE students –Do not have to take Physical Education –Do not have to take Performing Arts Flexibility to pursue interests Ability and time to develop strengths State University System recognizes AICE (See Credit By Examination Info) Bright Futures Scholarship Program recognizes AICE

18 Why AICE? 2014 Testing Data 1139 Exams administered 607 Exams passed (58.6% overall pass rate) 1989 college credit hours earned (between AS and A level Exams) –That is nearly $500,000 worth of college credit. 87.6% (78 out of 89) of students earned an AICE diploma (receiving Florida Academic Scholars level of Florida Bright Futures Scholarship) –That is approximately $1,000,000 worth of college education. –Last year less than 5% would have earned this scholarship without an AICE diploma because of the extremely difficult test requirements.

19 Why AICE? (Continued) Colleges and universities look for students who take academically challenging courses throughout high school. Colleges and universities look for students who can demonstrate a directed pursuit of academic study. Colleges and universities look for students who show the kind of skills required to complete the AICE diploma. Bright Futures and other scholarship committees look for students who have taken academically challenging coursework in five different subject areas. Students rarely leave AICE at BHS to go to another local magnet program, we are continually having students leave other local programs to join AICE at BHS. (about 10 so far this year) –This shows that students and parents are satisfied with the education they are receiving through AICE at BHS, and other students want that level of preparation as well.

20 Katelin King Howard Middle School Vanguard High School I.B. Program 9 th & 10 th grade Transferred into the BHS AICE program Here to tell you why she prefers AICE

21 Luke Sylvia Redeemer Christian Middle school Trinity Catholic High School 9 th and 10 th grade Transferred to BHS AICE in 11 th grade Earned the AICE diploma in 1 year. Currently taking 2 AICE courses and 1 AP course at BHS as well as 2 dual enrollment courses at the college.

22 Common Parent Questions Will my student get college credit for the work they do? Yes. In Florida the DOE has established required minimums that ALL public schools in the State must abide by. Schools outside of the State of Florida are all by their discretion. For more specific information, you can use the CIE recognition data base to search schools you may be interested in: What about Florida Bright Futures? Earning the AICE Diploma and completing 100 Community Service hours guarantees your student will earn the highest award possible (Florida Academic Scholar). If the student does not earn the AICE Diploma, they still get credit for taking advanced coursework and can earn the scholarship by completing 100 Community Service Hours AND earning a qualifying score on the SAT or ACT. However, their grade point average is not used in the calculation.

23 2 common misconceptions about AICE 1.The AICE program is easier than the IB program. Compared class to class that is not true. State Universities have said they believe the AICE curriculum better prepares students for college than any other program (which is the goal of a college prep program). Our flexibility makes our program more manageable. 2.AICE credits are not accepted by Universities and Colleges. Section 1007.27, Florida Statutes, requires all public colleges and universities to award the minimum recommended credit for all AICE exams. You can check to see what universities world wide accept AICE credits at

24 What Universities are saying Bill Kolb (Former director of admissions at UF): The study found that AICE program graduates attending the University of Florida had an average end-of-freshman year GPA of 3.46 whereas students coming from other acceleration mechanisms such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) had an average GPA of 3.12 and 3.10 respectively.

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