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1 TDSB Specialized Programs A Summary of the Options Visit our

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1 1 TDSB Specialized Programs A Summary of the Options Visit our website @

2 2 Special Programs for Elementary Schools Gifted Programs French Immersion Arts Programs IB (international Baccalaureate) Programs Other Programs for students with some disabilities

3 3 Gifted Program From grade 4 IPRC process Curriculum Annual review and IEP

4 4 French Immersion Application deadline: Feb 15, Early French Immersion: senior kindergarden to grade 3, 100% French, total 41 schools Middle French Immersion: grade 4 and 5,100% French Immersion: Grade 6-8, half English and half French, total 23 schools Secondary Immersion Program: 10 schools, bilingual certificate

5 5 Arts Program From grade 3,4 Two schools: ▫Claude Watson School for the Arts ▫Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School Music, dance, drama, visual arts, figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics Important dates: Info night: October 23 or 25, Application deadline: Jan 11,2008 Audition: Feb. Mar. Apr.

6 6 IB Program Administrated by IBO International standard curriculum IB diploma accepted worldwide ▫Primary year program school: Harrison PS, at Yorkmills/Bayview ▫MYP school: Arlington MS, at Bathust/Eglinton ▫Diploma Program: Victoria Park CI & Vaughan Road Academy Application essay, letter and interview Deadline: Jan 12, 2007

7 7 Other programs for disabled (Ontario) Autism Behaviour, communication Developmental disability Physical disabled Deaf and blind, Speech Impairment and Language Impairment And…

8 8 Programs beginning from middle schools CyberARTS High Performance Athletes Program

9 9 CyberARTS Middle schools, Don Mills Middle School & Charles H Best M.S. Traditional arts, multimedia, Donmills CI &Northview Heights Admission: a. Application deadline: Jan 14 b. Two teachers reference form c. Portfolios d. Interview

10 10 High Performance Athletes Program Hollycrest MS & St. Andrew's JHS Recommended by qualified coaches or organizations Compete at regional, provincial or national levels

11 11 Secondary School Special Programs All special programs from Elementary and Middle Schools New programs a.Math, Science & Technology b.Entrepreneurship c.Media Arts d.Integrated Technology

12 12 Math, Science & Tech TOPS and MACS TOPS info night: Nov 6 th, 7pm MACS: Nov 15th Application a.Recent report card (average score 80 or over) b.Application form c.Two teachers’ reference letter d.Entrance exam, Math and Essay

13 13 Entrepreneurship Program Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy ▫Special program: 8-9 courses bundled, major in business ▫Focused on entrepreneurship and leadership ▫Uniform dress

14 14 Media Arts Entertainment Industry, TV production, multimedia Cedarbrae CI & Stephen Leacock CI Co-op students placements with CBC, TVO, Rogers Admission test

15 15 Integrated Technology Ursula Franklin Academy: Uniform, 4 days a week, 500 students Information and Communication Technology focused

16 16 Other Programs for Grade 11,12 Advanced Placement Co-op Programs a.Cisco/Nortel Systems b.Dental Assistant c.Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

17 Co-op Cisco/Nortel Systems – 5 schools offer this program, Marc Garneau CI, Computer networking technicians, students will be able to write the Cisco exam and achieve an internationally recognised Cisco Certified Network Certificate Dental assistant only one school offer which is Etobicoke CI

18 OYAP Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program: For students who enjoy working with hands, learn best by doing, going to work after finishing high school education, basically for students who will not go to university.

19 Other Choices Catholic schools Private schools Balance of cost and benefit

20 20 Best program for your child Talent & interest EQAO & Fraser Institute Report Future career direction Distance Peers Visit schools Your opinion?

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